“Josh Safran previews a new season that he says will be lighter, poppier, and a lot zaidi fun.”

kwa lighter, poppier, and a lot zaidi fun, in the writers room Josh Safran meant:

1. Josh: Begin this season with Chuck almost dying…again. Literally make him jump off that building this time guys.

2. Josh: Make sure and have mashabiki assume Blair is pregnant with Chucks baby (it keeps those viewers coming) then have her drop a bomb on chuck saying it’s not his. (and end the episode with chuck drinking alone, no.. not just for this episode, EVERY episode, duh.)

3. Josh’s to do list: Give interview telling mashabiki the paternity of Blairs baby is still in question.

4. Josh: Ok, ok, the ratings suck, put Chuck and Blair back together for thirty sekunde to shut the mashabiki up. Ok, that’s enough, MID SEASON CAR CRASH! boom. (and cut for a two mwezi hiatus) (PS guys make sure Chuck almost dies again)

5. Josh: wewe guys, she Lost a baby, it’s not like she Lost Dan her bff, stop making it such a big deal.

6. Josh: WHAT DO wewe MEAN THE RATINGS STILL SUCK?! Just steal Pretty Little Liars storyline! They have good ratings.. Send a text from A…I mean Gossip Girl to Nate from a blocked number! GOD, Do I have to do everything around here?!

7. Josh: Damn, I’m out of ideas, God please help me…. THAT’S IT. God won’t let her be with chuck, at least they will stop hatin on me. #hatazgonnahate

8. Safran: Interview time! All GG mashabiki will feel really rewarded with the 100th episode.

9. Josh: Have Blair marry a guest star, it’s great for character development. Everyone loves Louis accent anyway.

10. Josh: STFU WHAT DO wewe MEAN THEY DON’T LIKE MY EPISODE. In interview: I really just hate chair mashabiki tbh. I wanted to piss them off for the 100th episode.

11: Josh: I just really upendo Dan Humphreys character, he is what this onyesha is all about.

12. Josh: Make sure Chuck is still drinking alone at the end of every episode, don’t wewe dare slack off… Oh, we need another death… Cece, yep sounds good to me. How does she die? I don’t know..cancer, stroke, blood clot? wewe know what, screw it, just add in all three.

13. Josh: Dan and Blair have a really good connection that has been there since the pilot, actually wewe know what, let’s just forget all of that, he went and watched her receive an award in like 5th grade..don’t swali me. (cue chuck drinking alone)