“I upendo you”

In the face of true love, wewe don’t just give up. 1.18

I was in upendo with Blair and I’m sorry. 1.18

I upendo wewe so much it consumes me. 2.25

I upendo wewe too. 2.25

I followed my moyo because I upendo you. 3.22

I will always upendo you. 4.22

Blair chooses Chuck

1.18 She decides to be with him when she hears his speech.

2.25 After breaking up with Nate, she spends the whole episode trying to get him to say I upendo wewe and in the end gets together with him.

3.22 Throughout the whole episode she’s struggling with the choice, but in the end she goes to the Empire State Building, therefore choosing Chuck.

4.22 In the awali episode, Louis had questioned Blair about their relationship, and when Chuck saves her and they have sex she decides she wants to leave Louis for him.

Chuck letting Blair go

1.18 He doesn’t know if he’s ready for a relationship so he let’s Blair go and instead chooses his womanizing ways again.

2.25 At first, when Blair tells him she loves him, he lets her go kwa telling her that it’s over now.

3.22 When Blair didn’t onyesha up, he made himself believe that Blair didn’t upendo him anymore and in some sense “let her go” kwa sleeping with Jenny, an unforgivable deed.

4.22 This one’s obvious. He let’s her go because he believes the fairytale prince is what she’s always wanted.

Multiple twists and turns per episode

1.18 They finally got together, then he left her to go to Europe kwa herself.

2.25 He tells her he doesn’t upendo her, and Blair finally accepts that it’s over, but in the last scene he comes back and tells her I upendo you.

3.22 This one has the most: For part of the episode wewe don’t know whether au not she’s going to go to the Empire State Building. When she finally decides to, Chuck is already gone and he’s slept with Jenny. She comes to the Empire and they get back together, he begins to propose, then Blair figures out about Jenny and ends things.

4.22 At first she’s just going to have drinks with him, then she sleeps with him and decides she’s going to go back to him. But then, Chuck decides to let her go and she goes back to Louis.

A trip to Europe

1.18 Blair and Chuck are planning to go to Europe together for the summer.

2.25 Chuck goes to Europe to buy presents for her.

3.22 Blair goes to Paris with Serena, and Chuck goes to Prague.

4.22 Blair goes to Monaco for the summer with Louis

The finale is ours!

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