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A Million upendo Songs Later

A/N: Right last chapter here it is! Well nearly, this is the final one then just the epilogue. So right I tried to finish this asap and it's been so sunny here the last few days so I just took my laptop down to the beach, pwani with me and finished it there. I've realized just how fast I write in the sun, I think I wrote like all of it without stopping so now I have sunburn but anyway it's worth it to get this final chapter up, I'll just put some aftersun on it'll be fine. Right so if wewe read please do maoni and let me know what wewe think like of the whole story and the ending. Thank you. Thank you. Thank wewe so much xoxo

Chapter 21: Sacrifice

        Blair's moyo had never been beating so fast in her whole life, she could feel it beating out of her chest, but she had no time to stop to feel anything she had to get down to LAX as fast as she could get a cab. It wasn't as easy in LA as it was in New York.
After a while of trying to hail a cab she gave up and just decided to call for one, which was totally pointless she spent an saa waiting for the stupid thing and it was hardly a luxury ride when it finally arrived but at least it got her to the airport.
So the plan was going fine so far until she set the first step into LAX.
“Hi, excuse me... Excuse me, sorry. MOVE!”
Blair found the queue to the checking in dawati and pushed past all the waiting passengers. “Hi. Do wewe have any tickets on the eight o'clock to JFK?”
“I'm afraid that flight it full”
She answered coldly, without even looking up from the computer screen.
“No wewe have to get me a flight. wewe have too!!”
Blair's voice grew louder.
“Not on this one”
She still didn't look up.
Blair got annoyed kwa her coldness and reached down and pressed the standby button on the screen forcing her to look up.
“YES THIS ONE!! wewe don't understand. I have money. I'll pay anything. First, Business, I'll even go coach! Anything!!”
Blair was obviously desperate she would not fly coach for just anyone.
“I'm sorry”
“Please there's got to be something. I have to stop Chuck before he leaves”
Blair started talking like she was talking to someone who understood her situation, someone who knew Chuck, someone who knew what they had been through together.
“I'm sorry but if wewe wait around if someone doesn't turn up I can get wewe onto the plane”
The woman took pity on Blair, she could tell how desperate she was.
“Okay. Whatever any chance!”
Blair was hopeless, she thought her chances where already gone. She should never spent so much time in Los Angeles she should have gone back to New York weeks ago, but hiding in LA suited her, but Los Angeles wasn't her home. New York City was home, with the people she loved.
        A few hours past and Blair must have fallen asleep because the inayofuata thing she knew the women who she had spoken too behind the checking in dawati was nudging her to wake up.
“Excuse me, miss”
Blair jumped up and yelled.
“A kiti, kiti cha has become available”
“Oh my God! Thank you”
She rubbed her eyes and gratefully thanked the woman as they made their way over to the checking in desk.
“It's a window seat”
“Yes whatever”
Blair didn't care where it was, just as long it was on the plane.
“In coach”
“Coach? Ah” Okay maybe she did care but then she heard Serena's voice and what she had told her on the phone coming into her mind and realized what had to be done. “Oh well it's gotta be done. I'll take it”
Blair paid for the ticket and got her boarding pass. If she was going to get to New York in time a sacrifice had to be made and that was travelling coach.
        When she finally boarded the plane she was all nervous and fidgety but seeing that the seats were arranged 2, 4, 2 so at least if she needed the bathroom she wouldn't have to hurl past two other people. It was going to be compact enough as it is, no leg room, those stupid folding trays falling over every ten minutes, luckily she got to her kiti, kiti cha before there was anyone else there, but then he arrived. He was a young man, probably just a bit older than Blair. He smiled at her as he sat down and Blair smiled back. She thanked God that she hadn't been left inayofuata to an screaming child au an annoying person who just fidgets with everything. No that was Blair's job.
Once they got in the air everything became so much zaidi real for Blair, she was leaving LA. She was going to tell Chuck the truth something she hadn't done for months, years even, but thinking about him and what she was going to say made her even zaidi nervous. She started fidgeting with all the appliances that were stuck on the back of the chair in front.
“Could wewe please stop doing that?”
The man turned to her while rolling his eyes.
“Sorry. See I'm going back to New York to tell someone something really important...”
She could not stop herself blurting half her story out to him, before he even got a chance to turn away and get back to his in-flight movie Blair had already told him her reasons for leaving LA, and eventually after an saa of story telling the young man finally got a chance to speak.
“So wewe and Chuck Bass, bass, besi industries?”
He was leaning over to Blair's side of the kiti, kiti cha to try to get the gist of the story.
“Yeah, so what do wewe think?”
“I think wewe need your heads banging together, especially you”
Nothing like a honest opinion from a total stranger.
Blair's eyebrows arched.
“Well planning on marrying this Nate when wewe and Chuck clearly in love”
“We weren't then”
Blair explained herself.
“If wewe say so, now can I please get back to my movie?”
“Oh I'm sorry of course, it's just I'm a little nervous and coach, really isn't helping”
Half way through her sentence the man had turned away and placed his headphones back on which didn't bother Blair in the slightest, she was to busy siku dreaming.
        Before she knew it the captain spoke, New York City, going in to land. Ten dakika to final destination, John F Kennedy International Airport. She was aching, butterflies where fluting in her stomach. She hoped she wasn't too late. It was one in the afternoon when they landed. As Blair got ready to make a quick run for the door to be the first out the man who sat inayofuata to her turned to her.
“Good Luck”
He alisema with a smile.
“Thank you”
Blair answered gracefully and then ungracefully pushed past anyone and got out the plane door. Not that it would make any difference she still had security to get through.
What a nightmare Blair thought finally getting out of security and having to explain why she had no luggage, they found that deeply unusual but she was finally let free but kwa the time she had it was two hours later, that could make all the difference she thought maybe she should wait at the airport for Chuck if he was going, but that would have been pointless, she had no idea where he was going, when he was going, what terminal he was at. So she asked the dawati to get her a yellow cab to take her back home.
        As she stepped through the door she had an insane realization of Deja vu. The wind blew in her hair and she finally got into her cab and though the last time she arrived in JFK was nine months zamani when she and Nate were going back to the Upper East Side to start their new lives together. Who could have known it was going to end up like this?
The cab drove past Victrola like it had before, it was being repaired after the fire. She was glad Chuck had seen to it, after all Victrola was his baby he couldn't let it die.
However this time she spotted the new places that she would remember forever. They drove past Belleview hospital, that made her mad. She knew Katie, Dan and the twins would be there. She really wanted to stop, go in and see them but she would get her chance to see them, seeing Chuck was not optional, it was now au never.
“We're here!”
The cab driver yelled about five times before Blair finally noticed they were pulled up outside the bass, besi Industries building. She paid the fare and slowly but surely stepped out of the cab, exhaled deeply a few times and finally stepped inside and went straight to the elevator that would lead her to Chuck's office. She wished so much that he was there.
“Is he here?”
Blair asked instantly as she stepped out of the elevator and marched up to Chuck's PA's table.
“Mr bass, besi is in a meeting right now”
She muttered.
“Well I'll go in then”
Blair walked towards the door and was about to turn the handle as the PA yelled at her.
“Mr bass, besi is in conference right now!”
“Oh screw you!”
Blair went to open the door again but before she had a chance, Chuck's PA was pulling her back knowing how much Chuck hated interruptions.
Meanwhile Chuck's meeting was going fine. He had gotten a little better, Serena had convinced him to go to the office that siku to take the meeting, he had missed so many. He could not miss any more.
“And kwa these figures we should be able too...”
Chuck stopped in the middle of his sentence as her head the commotion that was going on on the other side of the door.
“What's going on out there?”
One of the men asked.
Chuck shrugged.
Blair yelled as she tried to get the psycho PA to stop pulling her away from the door.
“Security! Get this 'lady' out of here”
She asked as the security officers arrived.
“Get your hands off me! Look I have to do something!”
Blair yelled even louder as both security officers tried to get her in the elevator.
“Please if wewe leave now it'll make it easier for everyone”
The PA pleaded with her.
“Okay just let me go”
She calmed down and spoke normally, tricking them as she made a quick dash for the conference room door and hurled it open.
Chuck's eyes widened and grew an immense amount not believing she was standing in front of him, well laying on the floor, whichever.
She got up and fixed her hair.
“What are wewe doing assaulting my staff?”
Chuck shook his head and muttered.
“You mean what are your staff doing assaulting me?”
Blair's eyes glued to Chuck's PA.
Chuck mumbled. They both stood silent for a few sekunde and then she remembered the reason she had come back, not to attack Chuck's staff but to tell him the truth.
“Well I'll just get straight to it then... I'm really sorry I hurt wewe and I...”
She tried to hold onto his hand, but he pulled away. It didn't seem to bother Blair at all that the room was full, but it obviously did Chuck.
“Blair please I'm in a meeting here”
“Oh okay well I'll just wait outside then”
That hurt her, that he didn't want to speak to her after what felt like a lifetime.
“You do that”
Chuck nodded, as Blair left... For two seconds.
“NO! I'm not waiting out there.” She barged back into the room. “Have wewe any idea what I've just done. I flew coach for you!”
Chuck could see some of the older business men wanting to laugh, it was like he was a teenager again.
“Get out there now”
Chuck grabbed her arm and pulled her out the door.
“I'm sorry about this. Excuse me for just five minutes” He apologized and closed the door behind him. “Beth can wewe give us a minute?” He asked her as she got up and left giving Blair the evil eyes as she left. Blair gazed at her, frowning and returning the evil glare.
“Blair what the hell was that?”
Chuck yelled at her.
“You just interrupted my meeting, a very important meeting”
“More important than me?”
“You made it quite clear you'd rather be in California than here”
He wasn't sparing her feelings, but she couldn't argue with him. He had every right to be mad.
“Why are wewe being like this? Just in a hurry to get the airport right?”
She wanted to know where he was planning on going.
Chuck stopped and looked all confused.
“Your flight, leaving soon?”
“I have no idea what you're talking about”
He was still clueless.
“You're leaving in a few hours to your mystery destination”
Blair explained again.
“What have wewe been smoking?”
“I got a call saying wewe were leaving today so I had to get on the first flight I could”
“I didn't call wewe Blair”
Chuck sighed.
“I know wewe didn't. Serena did”
“Serena what?”
He was back to being clueless.
“She called me saying wewe were leaving”
“I haven't seen Serena for days”
He protested.
“No because...” Penny dropped. It was a lie. Chuck wasn't going anywhere. He never was. So Serena had lied to get Blair to New York. “She knew I'd come back.”
“What did she say?”
“She alisema that wewe couldn't stay in New York anymore and that wewe were leaving and maybe never coming back”
“Going where?”
He was starting to understand what Serena had done and why.
“Someone unknown destination, wewe didn't want to be found. I couldn't bare not knowing where wewe were”
“Blair I...”
He began to speak rationally again.
“Stop. I need too know, do wewe still upendo me?”
“Please don't drag it out just tell me”
She pressed her finger up to his lips and begged him to tell her.
“I will always upendo you” Blair sighed and gazed to the floor. “I'm sorry I didn't tell wewe back then I should have...”
Chuck, this time grabbed onto her hand and pulled her closer to him and kissed her gently.
“I'm sorry for everything I've done to you, I've hurt wewe zaidi than wewe could ever hurt me”
Blair placed her arms around his neck and as the tears started to fall she apologized for everything she had done to him. Because it was true, she had hurt him over and over again, zaidi times than she could ever count.
“I don't care about any of that stuff anymore”
Chuck said, forgiving her for everything she had done. It didn't matter anymore.
“Neither do I because I wouldn't change anything not one sekunde of our lives together”
Blair kissed him back. He had waited so long for this moment. It had happened a few weeks earlier but that wasn't like this. Blair didn't want it then, this time she did. It was requited upendo this time. They both wanted it.
“I upendo wewe Blair Waldorf”
Chuck loved saying it. He had alisema it so many times, and he hadn't got the response he wanted but this time he knew he would hear it back.
“I upendo wewe Chuck Bass” He sighed a sigh of relief, and pulled her tighter holding onto her waist and they finally kissed. But Blair pulled away with a serious face, that left Chuck worried. But he was reassured when she giggled and asked. “Like zaidi than anything?”
He nodded.
“So you'll do anything for me?”
She asked biting her lip.
He knew she was after something, but whatever it was. It was done.
“Fire that bitch! She grabbed my hair”
Chuck laughed it off.
“I'm serious”
Blair giggled again as he kissed her again. All the most perfect words in the world could not describe how Chuck felt at that moment.
He felt everything.
Happy. Lucky. Grateful. Ecstatic. Overjoyed. Love.
Finally he had his Blair Waldorf back and he was never, ever going to let her go.
After two days of not ever leaving each other's sight au side Blair finally thought they would have to tell everyone about what had happened. First she had to find that devious best friend of hers.
She arrived at Serena's door and knocked with a devilish grin on her face.
“Serena can I have a word”
“Of course”
Serena seemed worried.
“You lied to me”
Blair grinned.
“Did I?”
Serena held back a smile knowing what Blair was on about.
“Yes. Yes wewe did.”
Blair nodded, still smiling.
“It paid off right?”
Blair didn't even have to tell Serena anything, the smile on her face was obvious enough what had happened.
“I upendo wewe Serena”
Blair smiled and hugged Serena.
“I upendo wewe too.” Serena kissed Blair's head and mumbled. “Do not mess this up”
“I promise I'll do my best”
They both giggled and closed the door, letting Blair to fill Serena on on everything that had happened and how she was now officially the happiest woman in the world.
Blair and Chuck had finished letting everyone know. Blair wanted to let Nate know but he wasn't there anymore, the apartment was up for sale and Serena let her know that Nate had moved to Chicago for his new job. She had also told Dan and Katie, they were over joyed but she hadn't yet seen the twins and now the Humphrey family were back at nyumbani Blair just couldn't resist stopping kwa to see them.
She banged on the door with full force before Dan finally answered.
“Dan! Where are they?”
“Calm down you're not even in the door yet”
“I'm sorry I'm just excited”
Blair's smile was growing zaidi kwa the second.
“Their in there with Katie”
“Can I go through?”
She was now nearly jumping on the spot.
“Go on I know you're dying too”
Dan pointed through to the living room as Blair rushed on kwa him and into the inayofuata room.
“Ahh!! Katie Hi, how are wewe doing? Eighteen hours huh?”
Blair gave Katie all of her sympathy.
“Hey Blair I swear he is not coming near me ever again”
“That bad huh?”
“Blair wewe have no idea. wewe want to see them?”
Katie asked seeing the excitement plastered all over Blair's face.
“Could I?”
She giggled.
“Dan's got Grace and this is Zac”
“Here Blair wewe hold her”
Dan had picked up Grace and handed her over to his best friend.
“She is so tiny and oh she's beautiful” Blair stroked her forehead and walked over to Katie and Zac. “He's gorgeous too”
“Um Blair did Dan tell wewe about what we wanted to ask you?”
Katie asked grinning over at Dan.
“Oh he mentioned something but not the full details”
Katie nudged Dan to ask her.
“Well we wanted to ask wewe if wewe would be their Godmother?”
Dan asked as Blair stood speechless, shocked.
She wondered why would they want her?
“Yes wewe Blair”
Katie nodded.
“I don't know what to say”
“Say yes”
“Of course! Yes, I'm so honoured wewe both want me to be Godmother”
“There was nobody else Blair”
Dan smiled as Blair walked over to him and carefully hugged him while holding Grace and did the same with Katie.
“Thank wewe and I'm so happy for you”
Blair grinned as she handed Grace back to her father.
They chatted for another saa about the twins and mostly about Chuck and Blair which reminded Dan of what Chuck had asked him.
“Oh shouldn't wewe be getting back nyumbani to Chuck Blair?”
Dan remembered.
“Oh yeah I guess I should, well I'll see wewe soon and my gorgeous godchildren”
Blair alisema goodbye and left.
“Is it tonight?”
Katie realized that Dan had remembered what Chuck had asked earlier in the week.
Dan nodded smiling back at his wife.
Tonight was the night.
        Blair finally arrived nyumbani an saa later than what she had said, and it wasn't exactly what she was expecting.
“Hey I'm home”
She walked through the door into an empty room and hearing loud yells from the kitchen.
“No. No! No!!!”
Blair asked puzzled.
“Blair you're early”
He coughed as he ran out of the kitchen.
“I'm an saa late, what's going on?”
Blair placed her mfuko wa fedha, mfuko on the meza, jedwali and walked over to Chuck.
“Nothing, it doesn't matter now”
He continued to cough.
“What's going on?”
She asked still clueless.
“I was...” He was embarrassed to admit what he was doing, but he couldn't lie. “I was cooking wewe dinner” Blair smiled in astonishment. “I'm sorry I think I broke the thing that cooks it and the chicken is burnt a little, but maybe we can save it”
Chuck tried to explain himself, and making himself out to be obviously not a whiz in the kitchen.
“Shut up”
Blair laughed and flung her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his while trying not to giggle.
“Did wewe hear the complete opposite of what I said?”
Chuck was confused.
“No I heard I just can't believe... wewe were making me dinner?”
There's a sentence she thought she'd never say.
“Yes. So hard to believe?”
He laughed along with her.
“Ha! Chuck bass, besi cooking? There's a sight I thought I'd never see”
She laughed as well.
“Yeah and wewe never will again”
He reassured her.
“Why were wewe doing it anyway?”
Chuck walked over to the meza, jedwali he had prepared all lovely as Blair hung her kanzu, koti up.
“It doesn't matter now”
He mumbled.
“Now I know there was a reason, what is it?”
She knew Chuck wouldn't go to that much effort for no reason.
“I just wanted to cook wewe dinner”
He tried to convince her.
“Yeah right...” She laughed and then spotted the glass of already poured champagne. “Oh champagne too!” She spotted the sparking glass on the table.
“No Blair give me that!”
As she picked up the glass that glistened in the light it wasn't the champagne bubbles it was something else in the glass. Blair saw it. It was beautiful and rather large. Chuck muttered something under his breath as Blair pulled it out.
She gazed at the sparking, beautiful ring.
“I know wewe wanted it to be perfect and I've ruined it”
He tried his very best and he felt so angry for ruining everything. He just wanted to make Blair happy.
“Were wewe going to ask me to...”
Blair was still staring at the ring.
“Yes I was, I'm sorry. I've ruined for you, we can change it. Forget this, do it over again”
He tried to make it better, he knew Blair would be upset. It was hardly perfect.
Blair whispered.
“Okay where ever wewe want”
He nodded and agreed with anything she said.
“No I mean yes”
She corrected him and gave an answer to a swali that didn't need to be asked.
“Anywhere wewe want Blair” He continued with his muttering. Until he paused and realized what she had said. “Yes?”
Blair jumped into his arms.
“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!! Million times yes!!” Every time she alisema yes she stopped to kiss him. “Put it on my finger” She stepped back and handed her the ring.
“Wait I need to do it right” He held onto the ring and dried it on his shati while bending down on one knee. Blair smiled so hard and squeezed her eyes shut in disbelief, thinking that Chuck bass, besi she knew in high school, the kiss on the lips party Chuck Bass, the jerk Chuck bass, besi would never do this, but now she had to believe it. It was happening. “Blair Cornelia Waldorf will wewe make my life hell and be my wife?”
He laughed as Blair rolled her eyes and giggled.
“Really? This is so unexpected”
She laughed so much she was nearly in tears.
“Just answer the swali Blair”
Chuck muttered.
“Yes! YES! YES!!”
Every time she alisema yes it got louder.
Chuck placed the ring on her finger and picked her hand up and pulled her into his arms.
“I upendo wewe Blair”
She was crying, she had never been so happy in her entire life.
“I upendo wewe too so much. I'm sorry for everything” She felt she needed to apologize again.
“Stop apologizing. I forgive wewe and anything else you'll do in the future. I'll always forgive you. wewe are the most important thing in my life, in the world. I'd rather die than be without you”
These words he was saying were making Blair melt in his arms. All she could do now was sequel one last time and screaming out,
“Oh my God! I'm going to be Mrs. Bass!!”

TO BE CONTINUED... (With epilogue)

A/N: Oh my Gosh! 10 pages in Office Writer that took, woah never written that much before. I can not believe I've finished well nearly the epilogue will be up in quick succession of this chapter and I'm thinking au just hoping that the ending makes wewe all happy, and I know I had that Dan/Katie/Blair scene but I just had too, I wanted Blair to be their Godmother so I had to make it happen. I hope everyone is okay with that, but anyway I hope you've all enjoyed this story and please do let me know what wewe thought of the ending and the story overall. I'd really appreciate your opinions and what wewe think I could do to improve my uandishi for my inayofuata fiction because I will defiantly be uandishi more.
Thank wewe so much I'll leave a zaidi detailed thank wewe on the epilogue.
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At School.
Serena and Blair are sitting in the courtyard eating lunch.

S: So What happened the other night at Victrola
B: Nothing (looks down)
S: B?
B: Nothing I swear
S: (looks at Blair waiting for an answer)
B: If I give wewe Chuck Bass, A tone of booze and a Whore joint namly Victrola, draw your own conclusion S...
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Chuck now arrives at the house, invited kwa Serena. Serena has told Chuck and Blair (separately) that she has a surprise for them.

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