Here's a orodha of all the great musics that we heard everytime that Blair and Chuck were on tv. :)

Episode 1.01 - Pilot

"If It's Lovin' That wewe Want (Part 2)" kwa Rihanna Feat. Corey Gunz
Dinner Party, before Blair takes Nate into her room

"What Goes Around...Comes Around" kwa Justin Timberlake
Dinner Party, after Serena leaves

"Hard to Live in the City" kwa Albert Hammond Jr.
Limo ride to the "kiss of the lips" party

"The Gift" kwa Angels & Airwaves
Blair and Chuck watch Serena leave with Dan

Episode 1.02 - The Wild Brunch

"Tell Me 'Bout It" kwa Joss Stone
Blair, Chuck and the group having Brunch

"The Queen And I" kwa Gym Class Heroes
Chuck gives Blair the key to his suite

"Shut Up And Drive" kwa Rihanna
Blair reveals Serena's secret infront of Dan and the group

Episode 1.03 - Poison Ivy

"Glamorous" kwa The Constance Billard Choir
Everyone walking into school

Episode 1.06 - The Handmaiden's Tale

"Take it to the top" kwa 5 Alarm
Blair and Chuck at the ball

Episode 1.07 - Victor, Victrola

"So They Say" kwa Classic
Chuck asks Blair about his idea

"Stripper" kwa Soho Dolls
Chuck watching Blair at Victrola

"With Me" kwa Sum 41
Blair and Chuck in the limo!

Episode 1.08 - Seventeen Candles

"One Week Of Danger" kwa The Virgins
Blair flashback to the Limo.
Blair tells Chuck to leave her alone.
Serena sees Blair and Chuck kissing

"Love Is Colder Than Death" kwa The Virgins
Chuck arrives at Blair's party

"How Does It Feel?" kwa Eskimo Joe
Blair runs off from her birthday cake

"Radio Christiane" kwa The Virgins
Chuck brings Blair her gift

Episode 1.10 - Hi, Society

"You're a Wolf" kwa Sea Wolf
Blair and Chuck making out

"Secret" kwa The Pierces
Everyone dancing at the ball

"Three Wishes" kwa The Pierces
Chuck and Blair dance at the ball

Episode 1.12 - School Lies

"Ooh Yeah" kwa Moby
Blair and Chuck kwa the pool

"Come Flash All wewe Ladies" kwa The Filthy Youth
Blair takes the key from Chuck

"Orange" kwa The Filthy Youth
Chuck confronts Blair

Episode 1.13 - A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate

"You'll Change" kwa Machine Translations
Chuck watches Nate and Blair together

"The Air We Breathe" kwa The Figurines
Blair thinks back to the limo

Episode 1.17 - Woman on the Verge

"Fight Song" kwa The Republic Tigers
Serena, Blair & Chuck arrive at the rehearsal dinner

"Everytime" kwa lincoln Hawk
Nate, Blair & Chuck arrive at the concert

Episode 1.18 - Much 'I Do' About Nothing

"The Ice Is Getting Thinner" kwa Death Cab For Cutie
Chuck's speech and Blair/Chuck dancing

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