Back nyumbani for Bass!
Episode 12 - Some Like It Hot

Gossip Girl: # The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present and now that Chuck bass, besi is out of hospital, im guessing we're in for a ride! wewe Know wewe upendo me xoxo #

It has been a few days since Chuck was discharged from hospital, he is back to full health and he feels his memory has also returned although a lot of things he's remembered, he has kept to himself.
Serena has had the difficult job of trying to get Blair back on her feet. Blair has been missing a lot of school and is always feeling poorly, but refuses to see a Doctor. Serena has managed to help her with school work to make sure she remains on track but still finds it difficult to get her back to her normal self. Blair isn't over Chuck, she feels zaidi Lost than ever at the fact that he has rejected her, especially as she blames herself for their breakup and his accident. Her eating habits have worsened and her disorder is in full flow, but luckily no one has noticed the bulimia.

Serena has attempted to talk to Chuck numerous times to try and jog his memory and explain what Blair is going through, but he isn't the least bit interested. He thinks Blair is being immature and is uigizaji like a 13 mwaka old with a crush on someone she can never have.
When at school, Blair tries to avoid Chuck, she can barely look him in the eye, and he doesn't even want to look at her, he wouldn't mind being Marafiki with her, but her hivi karibuni behaviour has been freaking him out, so he tries to stay away from her.

Blair is good at hiding her feelings and when at school she doesn't onyesha the hurt that she feels when she's alone with Serena au when she's at home.
Serena keeps trying different things to try and make Blair feel better, but Blair is adamant that she doesn't want to songesha on, her upendo for Chuck is too strong and she's not going to give up on him, not ever.

S: B, we've had this conversation so much lately, please B, just try not to think about it.
B: But S, I cant just forget, i need a way of fixing this.
S: there are other important things in life, other than Yale for example...?
B: That can wait. wewe promised that you'd help me fix this.
S: B i cant think right now.......look....what made him fall in upendo with wewe the first time?
B: I dont know! (they both think for a while)
S: The teasing, flirting, him thinking wewe were impossible to get....he was always in your were hard to need to stop chasing hard to get....but dont avoid in his face.
B: He's the one avoiding me!
S: Well wewe have to stop uigizaji like a depressed teen! Be your old self, confident...beautiful, seductive and hard to get!
B: wewe have to help me...! I cant just go up to him and start talking!
S: dont worry B, but wewe have to promise me that you'll sort yourself out....come to school properly, see a doctor.
B: I do eat properly, and i dont need to see a doctor! im fine.
S: If wewe say so....

They continue to talk.
Meanwhile....Chuck and Nate are hanging out kwa the school gates. There are a few girls flirting with them.
Chuck invites them to his club for the night, they later on that night Chuck and Nate spend their evening at the club.

C: Now, Nate...isn't this the life?
N: If wewe say so...!
C: What do wewe mean! I've been stuck in a hospital for god knows how long and i finally get to come back here and your not going to encourage me to get wasted!! (they both laugh)
N: I guess wewe do deserve a good time after what you've been through....knock yourself out mate.
C: So you'll carry me nyumbani later...?
N: (they both laugh) Sure go ahead...enjoy. but im taking wewe out of here earlier than usual, before 3am.
C: 3.30 and wewe have a deal?

They both laugh as Chuck gets up taking a bottle of drink with him....he approaches two women who are standing around. Nate watches as one of the women immediately start touching Chuck....Nate feels a bit guilty in allowing Chuck to get wasted so soon after getting out of hospital, but knows that Chuck just needs to have a break, so he continues to watch as Chuck dances with the ladies who are beginning to strip for him as other women jiunge in and start making out with him. Nate knows that this is what Chuck enjoys, fast easy women and a good night out, some just like it hot and no one knows quite how to party like Chuck!
Chuck eventually leads a few of the women away to the private suite area, probably to have the night of his life?!

That night, Chuck has fallen asleep with the women in one of the private rooms at the club. He has another dream:

Chuck finds himself curled up with Blair, again. This time it looks as if he is in her bedroom, he can tell she is awake so he whispers to her,
C: Hey, how was it?
B: (she giggles and looks at him) What do wewe think?! It was amazing of course! I upendo you.
C: (giggles too, and they smooch) It just gets better and better.
B: This is the best thing that's ever happened to me.....(they kiss) and i never want to lose you.
C: wewe never will (they kiss again)
Was this real? Was it another flashback au was it just fantasy...? was this really the Chuck of the past? these dreams were becoming zaidi frequent, he wished for a way of finding out if they were true events au not, but he couldn't tell anyone that he'd remembered, he watched himself, kissing Blair...telling her how much he loved her....he could see that he was in upendo with this woman...but why? He couldn't feel that way....not now....he was different then and he's different now. She was inaonyesha him a ring on her finger...he'd seen the ring before, in one of his other dreams....he'd aliyopewa her that ring....just moments before now...she was inaonyesha him the ring, he could hear what she was saying,
B: It's beautiful...the best gift ever and i'll never take it off! it'll always remind me of this night....the night wewe gave it to me....the first night we spent in my bed! (they smile at each other) It's our 2 siku anniversary!
They both laugh and kiss it was their sekunde siku as a couple...Blair was telling the truth they were in upendo and they were "together" why has he forgotten? why doesn't he remember his feelings for her! He remembers things that happened but just not the feelings he had! Why? Maybe he didn't want to.

The inayofuata siku in school, Serena is hanging out with Nate and Chuck. They are talking, when Blair comes up and joins them.

S: hujambo b! Your early!
B: Hey, ummm ye, i have a meeting with Headmistress Queller......(looks at the guys) Hi Nate....Chuck..
C & N: Hi
N: So, Blair, your not in trouble are you? Queller doesn't usually have meetings with students.
B: Ummm, no...ive just fallen behind on some stuff....she's probably gonna feed me nonsense on how a potential Yale candidate should keep on juu of her's nothing that serious.
S: Well, dont worry about it'll catch up, wewe the most clever person in school, Yale would take wewe on no matter how far behind wewe were!
N: Exactly!
B: (smiles and blushes at the compliment) Thanks.

There is a short silence.

B: So, Chuck...(he looks at her) whats it like finally being out of hospital?
C: I miss the nurses.
B: Really? I thought wewe went for the cheap type. (i.e. nurses aren't like the cheap hookers he usually goes for!)
C: Well judging kwa my dating history, i guess i probably did. (obviously making a reference to the fact that he dated her! Ouch!)

Serena and Nate look at each other but both stay quite.

B: (remembers that she has to be confident and hard to get) Well im sure everyone's glad to have wewe back, and kwa everyone i mean.....well only Nate really...(before Chuck has a chance to defend himself...) Anyway i have to go...Serena i'll catch wewe later (S and B hug and B walks away)

N: Ok what was that about?
S: What? is something wrong?
N: So wewe didn't notice the change in her attitude?
S: No....that's Blair, back to her normal self....we all are aren't we? It's better that way.
C: So what...who cares if she is, i dont....good for long as she's not begging me to (imitates her) "remember chuck wewe have to remember pleeeaassee!" (laughs) it was getting kind of disturbing!
S: Shut up Chuck, she is my friend wewe know, wewe dont have to make fun of guys were Marafiki once too! in fact we're all Marafiki so why cant we just make up and songesha on.
N: We have. End of. Lets go inside it's kind of windy out here.
C: And we wouldn't want Archibald's hair to come out of place! (nate shoves him and they all laugh as they walk inside).

Later on.

Serena Dan and Blair are having lunch.

S: Woah that was fast wewe want some of mine i can't finish it.( referring to food)
B: Sure (takes Serena's plate)
D: Nice to see someone is enthusiastic about this dumps cuisine!
B: i haven't....had breakfast. (looks at Serena) What is he doing here?
S: (laughs) So, had any run in with Chuck since this morning.
B: Well i did see him earlier. he looked at me and i walked right past with my head held high without speaking a word to him!
D: Lucky him.
B: (to Serena) can wewe tell your little beau to mind his business!
D: But your talking right in front of me
B: Then leave! wewe should be lucky your sitting on the same meza, jedwali as me!
S: Wow! now that's the B i upendo and miss! you've got your confidence back!
D: Ye practice on me any time
B: Really S! wewe think so! I do feel a bit better actually! (she smiles)
S: Well i hear chuck and nate are going to victrola later.
B: And...?
S: We should go!
D: We?
B: Not you!
D: Good because wewe wont see me in that place!
S: Comon Dan it'll be fun!
B & D: NO! (they look at each other)
S: Ok, fine, if Dan doesnt go then neither will I.
B: Fine i'll go kwa myself! I mean....i.....i cant! not alone!
S: Of course wewe can.....remember....confidence!

They continue to talk for a while....nate and chuck are close by, nate decides to go kwa Serena and Co. chuck follows.

N: hujambo guys, hows it going?
S: We're trying to convince Dan to go out partying with us tonight!
N: Well why dont wewe guys come with and Chuck are going to Victrola.
C: as usual (smirks)
S: Sounds great! But if Dan refuses to go then so do I! But Blair can go with you.
They all look at each other, short silence.

N: Ye sure, but if wewe two change your mind just come along.....Blair.....will wewe need a ride?
S: Oh ye...Blair can hitch a ride with wewe guys right?
N: Sure.
B: Thanks.
C: Depends if there's space.
B: Well then i'll get a ride off someone else.
N: Dont be silly, of course there'll be space....dont worry Blair wewe can come with us.

Chuck gives Nate a slight dirty/pissed off look

S: great sorted..there wewe go B! so wewe dont need me to take wewe out tonight then! i can have Dan all to myself!
B: Grose..(gives them a disgusted look)
C: Too grose (he almost says that instinctively and then realises that him and Blair actually agreed on something, they make quick eye contact and then both look away)
S: Well anyway me and Dan will leave wewe guy to chat, we have plans!
D: We do?
S: we do now.
N: Ye me too, i've got to meet Vanessa for a bit..see wewe guys later...Chuck i'll call wewe later.
Serena Dan and Nate walk away, leaving Blair and Chuck. Blair who is sitting down and chuck standing in front of her, they are looking at each other.
Chuck has a flashback of his dream. He sees that Blair isn't wearing his ring. He wonders if she is maybe over him.
He feels like walking away but instead he stays, his memories of them together force him to try and speak to her, to be friendly.

C: So, I didnt think wewe liked Victrola.
B: I've never alisema anything like that.
C: wewe called it a whore joint, saying it wasn't your thing.
B: Funny how wewe remember that.
C: (gulps, he cant slip up) Well i remember some things.
B: Only the irrelevant stuff?........and Victrola is a whore joint....only sometimes wewe have hot guys there too.
C: So your after a hot guy (sarcastic tone to his voice)?
B: Actually, yes i am.
C: Really? (doubting her)
B: (her confidence is managing to convince him) Well i know Victrola is all about having a great time, and thats what im after.
C: Well it's not your scene.
B: I'd like to make it my scene. People change. wewe should know. and usually it's for the better.
C: (remembering the sweet words she whispered to him in bed, in his dreams, this was a different Blair to the one in his dreams) And it usually ends badly.
B: I dont care. why are wewe trying to convince me otherwise? wewe not one to preach hypocrisy. wewe are dedicated to living the fast life....dont wewe want your Marafiki to have the kind of fun wewe have?
C: So you're my friend now?
B: A friend of a friend.
C: I would never encourage a woman to get involved in the kind of stuff i get involved in.
B: I've heard wewe encouraging Serena to get drunk, take drugs and sleep around plenty of times!
C: (she was right! he always did... he didn't care about anyone, so why is he unwilling to encourage her? he couldn't think why he wouldn't want to see her uigizaji like the women he would see in places like victrola) Thats not true....
B: You're a hypocrite.
C: And your too modest.
B: Thats what wewe think. But like wewe said. wewe dont really remember me. so what would wewe know. (she gets up after giving him a dirty look)
C: Well actually...(interrupted kwa blair...)
B: See wewe around.

Blair walks off, leaving Chuck feeling confused.
How dare she! Who does she think she is cutting him off like that! No one cuts off Chuck Bass! And does she really think he's going to let her get away with it!
Chuck is wondering why he has such mixed feelings about the situation. He isn't sure of what just happened. Was she over him? Why didnt she care any more, she wasn't chasing him....he never expected her to give up that easy! What if she was just playing games with him? He couldn't let her get away with it!

That night. Blair has just gotten ready for her night out. chucks limo arrives, she gets in. Nate, Chuck and a few other strange girls are sitting with Chuck. Blair sits down kwa Nate with a smile on her face. she has to remember to be confident!

B: hujambo Nate....Chuck. Typical accessories (referring to the women sitting with Chuck, Her and Nate both laugh)
C: Dont get jealous (grins)
B: Ugghh, jealous.....your a washed up crack pot...what's there to be jealous about?
Chuck gives a dirty yet shocked look at her, but Blair isnt looking at him. It took her a sekunde and just one sentence to turn his plan of flirting with other women to make her jealous, turn into something that in fact made him look a fool, and she was right...he might not be a crack pot but he was getting there!
Chuck began to feel very uncomfortable, he even became rather ashamed to be sitting with the two "sluts" he was with, he manoeuvred himself from out of the women's arms and sat forward.
Whilst Nate and Blair were having a drink and laughing, having a good time just talking, Chuck on the other hand, felt out of place.

Once at the club, Nate told Chuck he was going to hang out for a bit and then leave to meet Vanessa, but until then he would keep Blair company while chuck had a good time.
Chuck went to hang out with the ladies, doing his usual thing, but he was reluctant to get drunk au do anything serious with the women, he didnt know why but with Blair around he didnt think it would be a good idea.
Blair however was thinking the opposite. get as drunk as ever and flirt with as many guys possible, with Chuck around she thought it would be the perfect idea!

Soon Nate left. Chuck wanted to go home, just so that he could get Blair out of there...she was uigizaji out of character and he knew she was probably doing it just to get to him, and he didn't want a stupid reason like that to make her do something she would regret the inayofuata day, and for some reason he just didnt like seeing her with....other men.

Chuck sees her getting too close to one guy, who seems to be all over her....he doesn't feel comfortable watching and decides to intervene, surely she cant be enjoying it?
He approaches the guy and attempts to pull him off her.

B: Chuck! what are wewe doing!
The guy pushes Chuck's arm away from him.
C: Getting wewe out of here, you've had enough.
B: I haven't! and who the hell are wewe to tell me what to do! leave me alone once and for all!
C: (taken aback) Look i know why your doing this...
B: wewe dont know anything about me! leave me alone!
C: Its not right...this isn't you...just stop playing games! stop being so immature!
B: im not being immature! in fact ive grown up a lot! and ive moved on too.

She walks off with the guy. chuck watches them go. He sees them walking towards the private suit area where the guy opens one of the private room's door, but Blair pulls him away from that particular room and chooses another instead...Chuck notices the room she has chosen is the same private room she Lost herself to chuck in....

Chuck finds himself walking towards them, he wonders if he's getting jealous.....but he doesn't care!
He runs to the control room where there are secret cameras installed in the private rooms for security purposes.
He watches the room Blair is less flirty than when chuck was there....he can tell the guy is being forceful.

Blair seems to be struggling, chuck assumes that she was only flirting with the guy to make him jealous, this worries him and so he runs back out of the control room and barges into the private room, there he finds Blair struggling to get the guy off... the guy turns around to chuck and says jokingly;

Guy: (smirking) this chick is tough!

Chuck gives him one hook (punch) in the face....

C: that "chick" is a friend of mine!

He kicks the guy who is now lying on the floor....he grabs the guy up and drags him outside throwing him towards a security guard..

C: (to the security guard) he's barred...for life.

Meanwhile Blair is in a little shock....she is fixing her clothes as chuck turns to her and picks her koti, jacket from the floor....he puts it on for her and then sits down with her....she sobs lightly....

B: (whispers) Thanks
C: (looks at her) wewe shouldn't have come here....its not the place for you.
B: But it is the place for you?
C: I own it.
B: (she looks right at him) Kati's father owns a gentleman's club but wewe don't see him there every night with the hookers.
C: Kati's father has a wife at home....and kids....
B: And what's stopping you....from having the same?
C: (laughs) Because that's just not me....i dont do wife and kids....Its not the bass, besi way..
B: (looks at him) wewe once told me wewe would....
C: what! i would never say goes against everything i believe in....
B: NO! wewe told me wewe liked the idea of having a wife and a family...! wewe did!
C: I dont believe that.....ok even if i did i was obviously delusional!
B: I thought it was because wewe love..
C: Ok dont start that again!
B: What happened Chuck.....why did wewe have to change....?
C: I should take wewe home....get up...
B: Im guessing you've forgotten the significance of this room...?
C: (gets a flashback of his dream....) Lets go.
B: This was where we.....
C: can we just go...
B: Dont wewe wanna know?
C: No...(he turns to walk away)
B: wewe made me a there (points to the furniture)....
C: (turns around) So what.
B: This is where it all must remember something....
C: I told wewe i dont....
B: Why (begins to cry) why do wewe remember everything else, but not me.....not us....? Why?
C: (feels guilty because he does remember....he just doesn't feel the way he did....but the memories were still there) i....think we should go.....
B: I don't know what i did to deserve all of this.....i thought i paid for my mistakes when wewe had that accident....i thought that was my punishment.....
C: What mistakes...? (reading gossip girl, he knows what Blair did to him....with nate....but because he doesn't have any feelings for her, it didn't bother him, he didn't care)
B: ...nothing..(looks away, the last thing she needs is to give him a reason to hate her, so she doesn't mention the fact that she cheated)
C: Lets go. i'll take wewe home.

Blair follows him out and they get in his limo....on the way to Blair's house.....chuck closes his eyes and tries to think about that night, when he took her virginity....he then thinks back to when they first got together and the first night they spent together as a couple....he remembers telling her at the time that it was the best night of his life.......was it? he tried to make himself feel it again....but he couldn't....he remembers the things he was saying..."this is amazing...your beautiful, i've never felt like this before, wewe make me feel worthy, wewe make me feel human, wewe make me so happy, no one accepts me au understands me the way wewe do, i never want this to end, i upendo you..." would he really say those things? Did he really feel that way? Why cant he remember those feelings?

He began feeling guilty that he'd taken something away from Blair, if he had those feelings and if he had loved her, then it meant he'd taken that upendo away from wonder she was so hurt, so desperate to make him remember.....he opened his eyes and found his hand on her leg, he could feel her eyes on him so he turned his head towards her....he couldn't help himself....there was something that was taking control of him, something that felt good.

He leaned towards her, closer, he could smell her, it was such a familiar smell, and he liked it. He kissed her gently on her lips, his hand found it's way up her thigh and around her waist, they both knew what was coming, neither of them was going to let this opportunity pass...Blair couldn't even smile, she didn't want to risk feeling happy again just in case she Lost him....she felt so salama with him, even though he wasn't himself, not the chuck she was in upendo with, but he was still chuck and somewhere deep inside she believed that he cared about her.....he kissed her again, but this time it didn't end....she had never felt so satisfied in her life, this was everything she was looking mbele to.....the excitement in her Bones sent shock-waves through her body as she felt his hands dig in to her, his kisses felt like burning moto and she felt as though she would explode, the feelings they both felt were so intense, he had never had anything like this before. Why it was so good, he had no idea....he'd had good sex before, he'd had it all....but this was different....he could feel something different but he had no idea what it was....had his body longed for this without his mind and moyo keeping up pace...? What did his body miss so much that his mind could not remember and his moyo wasn't ready to feel? He could barely control what he was doing....he didn't upendo this woman so why was his body taking control over his senses....he'd never felt so desperate to have sex with anyone before....usually he would just enjoy the moment and look mbele to the climax but for some reason he wanted this time to last forever, the kissing had never felt so good before....he didn't care if it lasted all night he knew he could never get tired of this, he might not have known why, but that didn't matter to him....when it was over they noticed that the limo was parked outside Blair's house, they had no idea how long they'd been felt like so long, yet not long enough....Blair didn't want to songesha away from him, she was afraid to let go...she didn't want to lose him again, ever. He allowed her to remain huddled onto him...he never cared for anyone's feelings but for some reason he didn't want to hurt her's. she kissed his chest and his neck, she knew how much he liked that. For a few dakika he felt uncomfortable, he wanted her to go but didn't know how to say it...but soon he kind of felt that it was nice, he felt comfortable just sitting there with her in his arms and his legs wrapped around her's. It was something different. he'd never felt so close and comfortable with any other woman, except her of course. Nevertheless, was this what he really wanted? Did he really want to take the risk that he'd taken in his past of settling down? He was young...he had freedom while he was alone...he could be a young guy, have fun. He wasn't ready for having a girlfriend. it just wasn't him, Chuck Bass.

C: wewe should go now.(manoeuvres away from her)
B: (whispers) what?
C: wewe can go.
B: But......what about....
C: Just put those on (passes her clothes to her) and go nyumbani it's getting late.
B: But i dont understand....i thought..
C: There is nothing to understand....just get dressed and go. (looks away from her)
B: (tears begin to run down her face as she gets dressed) Does this mean...
C: means nothing.

Blair gets out of the limo and walks away to her house.
The limo drives off.

Inside, Chuck is also a bit upset....he feels zaidi Lost than ever...and confused...what just happened? He was confused about his feelings, he didn't know what to do....he'd never felt like this before. so lost. so torn between two lives, the life he was living as the play-maker Chuck Bass, au the life he almost walked into before the accident, the committed boyfriend.
He reflected on what he'd just experienced with Blair...was it zaidi than just sex...? was it just the same as if it were any other girl, au was Blair something different? well he would try and find out....the Chuck bass, besi way...

C: Driver...back to Victrola.

Meanwhile, Blair, on her return home, orders Dorota to fix her something to eat....comfort eating was her way of dealing with her was what she knew would make her feel better and after all it was just habit was unfortunate because she was aware of the dangers of over eating and then throwing up, but she didn't think it was a problem for was normal..

Gossip Girl: # What happens in Victrola stays in Victrola....actually let me rephrase that...What Happens in Victrola sometimes carries on after leaving Victrola and then usually ends up back in Victrola! Shame on wewe Chuck, we thought wewe had class! wewe Know wewe upendo Me xoxo Gossip Girl #

Hope wewe liked it, this was one of my most favourite hivi karibuni episodes! but obviously i like them all! The inayofuata one will be ilitumwa in two days time!