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Fan fiction by gossip-girl999 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Missing Daddy C?
Episode 7: Empire of the Son

GG: The bass, besi is dead, Long live Junior Bass. Yes, Our condolances go out to wewe Chuck. We hope your doing fine. But look on the bright side C, Your about to become the richest teen in New York City...It's not all bad.

At the van der bass, besi Appartment.
Chuck is in his room, sitting on the window sil.
Blair enters.

B: Chuck? Sweetie
C: (doesn't reply)
B: How are you?
C: (No reply)
B: Okay, wewe just stay there, and I'll be here, When your ready to talk (Blair sits down)

(Silence for the inayofuata few minutes)

B: Are wewe talking...At the funeral?
C: What's there to say? (continues to stare out the window)
B: The good times
C: There were no good times, The siku I was born he hated me
B: That's not true
C: He'd Lost something he loved and gained something he hated
B: Your father didn't hate you
C: Tell wewe that did he?
B: No, But every parent loves their children
Fan fiction by GGirl_CB4BW posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Back Home for Bass!
Episode 12 - Some Like It Hot

Gossip Girl: # The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present and now that Chuck bass, besi is out of hospital, im guessing we're in for a ride! wewe Know wewe upendo me xoxo #

It has been a few days since Chuck was discharged from hospital, he is back to full health and he feels his memory has also returned although a lot of things he's remembered, he has kept to himself.
Serena has had the difficult job of trying to get Blair back on her feet. Blair has been missing a lot of school and is always feeling poorly, but refuses to see a Doctor. Serena has managed to help her with school work to make sure she remains on track but still finds it difficult to get her back to her normal self. Blair isn't over Chuck, she feels zaidi Lost than ever at the fact that he has rejected her, especially as she blames herself for their breakup and his accident. Her eating habits have worsened and her disorder is in full flow, but luckily no one has noticed the bulimia.
Fan fiction by gossip-girl999 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Not a Happy Blair...
The Chuck and Blair Cronicles

(I HATE this ep, But I'm not gonna re write it-cba. This one isn't really a C/B ep it's zaidi of a Blair episode, But they do have C/B scenes but the inayofuata episode is defo about them! So hope wewe enjoy it anyway.)

Episode 6: We Aren't Family

GG: Ohh parents, Everyone's gotta upendo their parents, Sweet parents. Right Blair? -No. Mom dating V'd Dad, Not the step family wewe had in mind B. Could V be working her way onto the A-list?

At the Waldorf Appartment.
Ross and Eleanor are sitting on the kitanda cuddling and laughing.
Vanessa and Blair are standing behind them looking very angry and unpleased.

B: I do not believe this?
V: wewe think I do?
B: I can't have my Mom dating your Dad
V: Wow, for the first time I'm actually agreeing with you
B: I'd of taken Cyrus anyday over this...
V: How are we going to do this?
B: I don't know, But I will do it, I don't want wewe as my step sister
Fan fiction by GGirl_CB4BW posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Blair, your killing yourself...!

sekunde part of the double bill, make sure wewe only read this after episode 10- The bass, besi Identity!

Epsiode 11- A Blair To Remember

Gossip Girl: # Rumour has it that Chuck has gone from losing his mind to losing his memory....and Queen B? Well she may have just Lost the upendo of her life...! wewe Know wewe upendo Me xoxo #

Blair is at home. she has been avoiding everyone and hasn't been in school for the past few days. Her mother is really worried about her and Serena has been regularly visiting her.

It's been two days since Chuck woke up and he has slowly been recalling the events he had forgotten from the accident. Nate and Vanessa have spent a lot of time with Chuck, inaonyesha him picha and making him read makala on Gossip Girl to try and jog his memory. It has helped a lot and he is able to recognise faces and names....he can also remember certain events in his life but nothing hivi karibuni has yet been remembered.
Fan fiction by GGirl_CB4BW posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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First of a double bill, Episode 11 has also been ilitumwa with this episode!

Episode 10 - The bass, besi Identity

Gossip Girl: # The Latest on Chuck: still down and out.....apparently Queen B has spent night and siku kwa his bedside....The Upper East side is a morbid place to be right now....we're not expecting any rays of sunshine au any smiles right now....please leave your messages of condolences in our special bass, besi Blog xoxo #

In hospital.
Chuck has spent the past few days in surgery and is still unconscious. Doctors are optimistic that he will make a full recovery, but it is hoped that he will.
Blair has had sleepless nights, she only went nyumbani because she was forced otherwise she would never leave his side through this.
She couldn't bare to see him like this...the full of life Chuck she knew didn't suit being so lifeless in a hospital kitanda hooked up to all those machines. it wasn't fair. he didnt deserve this.
Fan fiction by nataliaryanfan posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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“How long have I been in this storm?

So overwhelmed kwa the ocean’s shapeless form

Water's getting harder to tread

With these waves crashing over my head”


When he wakes up he is alone. Barely conscious he reaches out for her, finding nothing zaidi than empty, cool satin inayofuata to him on the bed. He is suddenly wide awake and opens his eyes, only to realize something else; his head is killing him. A slow groan escaping his mouth he buries his head in the mto trying to shut out the light coming from the window. He feels as if he has been run over kwa truck and then fed to stray dogs.

The thought of never looking at a tumbler of scotch again crosses his mind but he pushes it away. He is still Chuck bass, besi and while he could say he will never drink again, he really doesn’t believe in lying when it comes to things that actually matter. Lying while scheming is one thing, lying about alcohol is a whole other story. But as the flashes of pain running through his head die off - only to settle in a dull ache - there is really only one thing on mind;
Fan fiction by nataliaryanfan posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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At first Serena stood where Chuck had left her in the middle of the room. Then with a deep sigh she looked away from where he had disappeared and instead looked over to her best friend still standing in the doorway.

“I am sorry B”, she alisema walking up to her, “I can’t believe he…listen… I am just gonna leave, there is no point talking to him when he is like this and despite everything I really need to tell my mom we found him. wewe coming with me?”

Blair slowly turned her head and met her friend’s eyes, a blank expression on her face. And then she shook her head, still not saying a word.

“Okay”, Serena said, gently squeezing her Marafiki arm, “call me in a while?” And then she walked out of the room and headed for the elevator.


She didn’t know how long she stood where Serena had left her, trying to sort through everything. She didn’t waste much energy on the fact that she had been looking for him at 1812 earlier that same siku without finding him there, about how worried she had been au about where he had been and whit whom.
Fan fiction by nataliaryanfan posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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He barely allowed himself to catch a glimpse of her before diverting his gaze, staring into the lush carpet covering the floor. Cursing himself au ever returning to the suite in the first place after spending nights away. She was so beautiful, he thought - his mind racing - so perfect. How did he ever, if only just for a sekunde au two, imagine that there would be a someday for the two of them? That he deserved a someday with anyone none the less with her? He wasn’t worthy of her, of anything, all he did was hurt the people around him. His insides raging he could feel the protective layers of the scotch evaporate.

He knew that she had to leave, right away. He had to get her to leave

“Chuck!” Serena shrieked, interrupting his thoughts kwa pushing the door open and sending him stumbling back, almost falling over. Without saying anything he shot her a dark look whilst trying to gain back his composure. “What the hell are wewe doing?” She continued, even zaidi furious at the sight of him. “Look at you! God, you’re a mess!”
Fan fiction by nataliaryanfan posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Serena made her way through the lobby of the hotel, the echo of her heels loud and clear against the marble floor. She was trying to prepare herself for facing her mother. Lily bass, besi would not handle the news of one zaidi siku spent without locating her stepson very well. Cursing at Chuck under her breath she pressed the button of the elevator, why did he have to make everyone so damn worried? Why couldn’t he just act like a normal person and be with his family? After all that is what they are right? His family; herself, her mother, Eric, Nate, BLAIR. Thinking of her best friend and her sad, worried expression in the cab Serena let out a sigh of frustration.

“Excuse me, miss van der Woodsen?” It was the hotel manager walking up to her with an apologetic expression on his face. Serena stopped and turned around to face him


“I know it is not my place miss, but…” His voice trailed off and he shifted his weight looking utterly uncomfortable with the situation
Fan fiction by nataliaryanfan posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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It had been three days since the funeral of the late Bart bass, besi and the UES was still trying to come to grips with what had happened. Blair Waldorf on the other hand had another bass, besi on her mind. She was worried. Worried sick about the one person that she hadn’t seen since the siku of the funeral. Chuck bass, besi was nowhere to be seen; he seemed to have fallen of the face of the earth. Not even Gossip Girl seemed to have any leads on his whereabouts these days.

“If only he could answer his phone!” Blair slammed her phone shut with a frown after calling Chuck for the millionth time that day, and turned to her best friend. “Where is he?”

“I wish I knew B”, Serena answered her squeezing her best Marafiki arm. “Maybe we should give up looking for today? My mom really needs me back home”

They had spent most of the siku going from bar to bar all over the city trying to locate Chuck. He was not at the Palace bar, not at Victrola, not even at the old bar in Brooklyn where not many people would know to look. They had looked everywhere for him to no avail and now it was getting late. Blair understood Serena’s concern. Lily bass, besi was...
Fan fiction by nataliaryanfan posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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A/N:Follows right after the bar scene in 1x13. Chuck and Blair meet in an alley. "He witnessed his own personal hell right in those russet irises. He refused to let himself become a shell. He refused to let her ruin him. And she would; she would consume him." Part one of a two-shot, the sekunde part will take place post 2x14.

He shattered something else.

Hands wringing in front of him, head bent, he took a deep breath and shoved the barstool backwards violently, propelling off of it and heading for the door. He hit the cool glass with a brutal pop and all of the bitterness and deadness of winter hit his face.

“Blair!” he yelled.

She turned to face him. “What?!” she cried out harshly, her voice cracking at its peak.

He was standing in front of her and had nothing to say.

I don’t want wewe anymore.

He had alisema it all. Meant none of it. Felt all of it.
Fan fiction by gossip-girl999 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Hot Property....
Episode 5: Natural born lovers

GG: hujambo Upper East Siders, Yes we're back, Our trip is over. It's sad to leave, Rome had it's scandals but There's no place like nyumbani for scandals and I'll choose Manhattan everytime...

(On the plane journey home)

Chuck and Blair and laughing, joking, chatting and just having fun on the plane.
They are playing a game with playing cards.
Blair has just won the game.

B: Yes! I win...again!
C: No. wewe cheated
B: No, I'm just better than you
C: Oh really? (Chuck reaches over to Blair and begins to tickle her, Blair laughs histerically)
B: Stop, Chuck...Stop...Your killing me
C: (Stops and holds her, then they both kiss)

Serena is looking back at them and smiles.

S: Oh, they're such a cute couple
D: Yeah Chuck bass, besi and Blair Waldorf now that truly is a match made in heaven...or hell
S: hujambo that's my best friend your talking about
Fan fiction by GGirl_CB4BW posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Weddings are where people get together right?
Episode 09- Four Break-Up's and a Wedding

Gossip Girl:# Flowers are blooming and bells are ringing....a spring wedding is on the horizon....and Gossip Girl will have front row seats...after all I am your one an only...for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health...You know wewe upendo me. I do! xoxo Gossip Girl #

At the wedding reception Serena and Blair are having something to eat. Well Serena is.

S: Are wewe gonna eat that (pointing to Blairs plate)
B: Umm can have it...
S: (takes something from Blairs plate) Hey...dont wewe think the bit where Harry messed up on his vows was really funny! it was sooo cute!
B: Ye...sure whatever.
S: And Ellie looked amazing....she makes a beautiful bride.
B: Ye.

Serena notices Blair has her eye on Chuck, who is standing on the other side of the banquetting suite talking to a few girls.

S: B! Hey....are wewe listening to me?
Fan fiction by GGirl_CB4BW posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Silence: A Virtue or a Vice?

Dont forget to read episode 7 "I know What wewe did Last Sundown" first because i've ilitumwa two episodes today, episode 7 and 8, so read 7 before kusoma this one!

Episode 08- The Silence and the Lamb

Gossip Girl: # Ssshhh! Quiet....Haven't wewe heard? All's not well on the Upper East side....tempers are running high so Gossip Girl is on the alert...any developments and you'll be the first to hear about them! xoxo #

It's been a week since the East Siders clashed with each other.
Chuck and Blair are still over, Serena and Dan are not talking, Neither are Dan and Vanessa.
Chuck hates Nate and Serena and Blair are also not talking to Nate.
Serena is avoiding Chuck because of the whole Blair-Chuck situation,
Well atleast Vanessa and Nate are still talking...oh and Serena and Blair are going strong too!

Humphrey Residence.
Dan majibu door, Vanessa is there.
Fan fiction by GGirl_CB4BW posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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We thought you'd be the unfaithful half of Chair!

I have decided to do a double bill today and post two episodes on the same day! So read this episode first and then read episode 8 which should also be ilitumwa and ready to be read straight after this one! Enjoy!

Episode 07- I Know What wewe Did Last Sundown

Gossip Girl: # It's been a long eventful night....our editors have been busy and the tip off's have been
coming through like keep them coming boy's and girls, we have secrets to expose and lives
to ruin! wewe Know wewe upendo Me! xoxo #

Chuck is at home.
He wonders how Blair found out that he'd been hanging out with Vanessa, he feels deflated as he recalls
Blair slapping him. Its as if his whole world has collapsed over one misunderstanding. The only person he's ever
truly loved is angry with him for something he hasn't even done. Gossip Girl suddenly comes 2 his mind. He quickly gets on to the gossip girl website and searches for makala with his name, there he finds the makala
Fan fiction by gossip-girl999 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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L or C, B decision time...
Episode 4: As wewe liked it

GG: Buon Giorno, That's Good Morning to you. Rise and Shine Upper East Siders, We're in Rome and the fun's just beginning. With Lucas and Chuck on the same trip, in the same hotel, on the same floor and after the same girl...Somethings gotta give, and I'll be watching...

At Breakfast the inayofuata morning.
The bottom of Chuck's nose is swallen after Lucas's punch.
Nate and Chuck are sitting at one table. Serena and Dan jiunge them.

S: (Sees his nose) God Chuck. What happened to you?
C: I had a breif enounter with Blair's boy toy
S: Lucas did that?
N: (Chewing breakfast) wewe should hear why?
S: Why?
C: He thinks that Blair and I are not over
S: That's stupid, Why would he think that?
C:(knowing why) I have no idea

Blair and Lucas enter and are flirting then go to sit on their own table.

L: So are we planning on anywhere special today?
B: Well Serena and I were planning on going shopping, wewe know when in rome. But we can do something later,
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ooooh Chanessa.....? Ouch Queen B!!!
Episode 06- A Series of Unfortunate Events

Gossip Girl: # What do wewe get when when wewe kuvuka, msalaba secrets with jealousy....i know
I want to find out...xoxo #

S: hujambo b.
B: (smiles) hey.
S: urmm...have wewe seen gossip girl lately?
B: S, im happy...having a great time...why would i want to poison my mind with gossip girl?
S: Well i think wewe need to check it out...(points to her computer)
B: Why? Whats on there..(she runs to the computer and logs on to gossip girl, there she sees and makala and pictures of hivi karibuni sighting of chuck and Vanessa together)... Its probably nothing...
S: ye...maybe...or maybe not?
B: He would never...not he wouldn't! Never! (she runs out of Serena's room)
Serena assumes she's going to see chuck so decides not to go after Blair. She looks at what is written on the Gossip Girl Post:

Looks like Chuck isn't as faithful as we thought he'd be.... it's only been a few days since C & B got together but C is already getting cozy with new girl Vanessa Abrahms! OMFG!
Fan fiction by gossip-girl999 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Why can't we be friends?
Episode 3: The Italian Joy

GG: Oh that siku is here! All our Upper East Siders are leaving us, but don't worry not for good just for a field trip, And i know what your thinking, how will Gossip Girl get the Gossip? Oh didn't I mention, I'm going too...

Dorota is packing Blair's suitcases.
Blair is on the phone with Lucas.

B: I know, but it's only a week, I'll miss wewe too, don't go having to much fun without me, Okay, Bye (Hangs up). Ohhhh. I just upendo him.
D: I am happy for wewe miss Blair
B: Are you? Ohh he is just wonderful
D: I am done Miss Blair
B: Oh good, wewe can take those down to the car, I'll be there in a sec...

Dorota exits.
Blair puts her hairband in and smiles in the mirror then exits after Dorota.
(Outside kwa the car)
Serena approches the car.

S: hujambo B
B: hujambo S
S: wewe excited
B: How could I not 7 days in Rome? Who wouldn't
S: Is Lucas coming?
Fan fiction by GGirl_CB4BW posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Hot New Couple!
Dont get bored with the building up a storyline....and also trying to get zaidi of the characters involved!

Episode 05- East Side Story

Gossip Girl: # Rumour has it that Chuck bass, besi and Blair Waldorf are going steady? Is there such thing as a happy ending? We surely hope not...otherwise there would be nothing to gossip about! wewe know wewe upendo me xoxo #

Nate and Chuck are hanging out.
It's the siku after Blair and Chuck got together. They had spent the awali night together, their first time as a couple, so this is their official sekunde siku as a couple and they haven't really had the chance to "announce" it! but don't worry Gossip Girl Kinda has!!

C: There's something i need to tell you.
N: Ye? What is it?
C: It's about me...and.....Blair.
N: What about you?
C: We've kind of....well...we're dont mind do you?
Fan fiction by gossip-girl999 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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A Rose for his Queen?
Episode 2: East Side Story

GG: Good Morning Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here, Maybe you've noticed Gossip Girl hasn't been to bed, Well why sleep when we're still waiting on news about our resident king, Any news on the bass, besi be sure to let Gossip Girl know...

At the Palace Hotel.
Chuck is drinking coffee, Blair is holding the cup up for him.

B: Drink it
C: I'm not thirsty
B: Coffee's good for wewe drink it

Chuck takes a sip and then again.

B: Better?
C: Yeah

Blair puts the coffee down.

B: Tell me what happened?
C: (laughs) Same old
B: Serena told me something about wewe and your Dad?
C: Yeah so...
B: Do wewe want to tell me about it?
C: Not really
B: Chuck come on tell me...
C: He wishes I was never born, That I wasn't his son, Just because he was born poor and I was born loaded
B: I'm sure he didn't mean it
C: but he did (Blair goes to hold Chuck's hand, but Chuck gets up) I need to go
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Where is the Bass?
Episode 1: Back to the Bass

GG: Yes. It's that time of mwaka again, When Gossip Girl goes crazy for gossip like she isn't always but yes it's Gossip Girl's birthday, but wewe know the only thing I want is a juicy story on one of our elite...Anyone wanna make Gossip Girl's dreams come true ?

At School.
Serena and Blair are sitting in the courtyard eating lunch.

S: So What happened the other night at Victrola
B: Nothing (looks down)
S: B?
B: Nothing I swear
S: (looks at Blair waiting for an answer)
B: If I give wewe Chuck Bass, A tone of booze and a Whore joint namly Victrola, draw your own conclusion S but you'll come up with the same thing I did
S: (surprised voice) Blair...
B: What?!
S: Okay, Three words. Pot. Kettle. Black
B: What? S. I went on one tarehe with that guy it's not the same
S: But wewe did do it to make Chuck jealous
B: Yes, Anyway it wasn't all that, Actually I could have zaidi fun watching Dorota polish, Just boring. But it didn't work though did it?
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NYC Confidential...!
Episode 04 - Art is a Healer

Gossip Girl: # Gossip Girl here, your one and only chanzo into the scandalous lives of the Upper East Side...what do i have in store for you? A upendo story even Shakespeare would be proud of...All's Well That End's Well...You Know wewe upendo Me xoxo Gossip Girl #

In School.
Serena and Chuck.

S: Had a blast last night?
C: What?
S: I saw wewe managed to return to your old ways...
C: I dont know what you're talking about...
S: that wasn't wewe i saw at the bar covered with women?
C: Calm down ok....i was...passing time.
S: one dakika your asking me to help wewe out with Blair...and the inayofuata minute...just because of one minor set just give up and go back to being your old self!
C: I can do whatever i like's none of your business!
S: Oh great! So inayofuata time dont bloody ask me to help wewe out ok! if wewe want to play around then go ahead....Blair can do better than wewe anyway...i dont know why i keep trying! I should be protecting kwa best friend from someone like you! She probably wouldn't be satisfied by...
Fan fiction by gossip-girl999 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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This is just a shabiki fiction on Chuck and Blair.
It's set in 2x15- Gone with the Will.
After Chuck goes to Blair's appartment and she tells hims she's done.
Chuck as he is leaving

She alisema she was done...Blair Waldorf was done with Chuck Bass. It couldn't be true. But It wasn't his fault, ofcourse it wasn't. Chuck kept telling himself it was Jack. Jack was to blame if he hadn't of talked him out of going to chajio, chakula cha jioni with Blair, things would be okay. Blair would still be there for him.
It's Jack's fault. Jack was to blame.
But was he though?
He kept trying to convince himself, It was Jack and not him. But there was that little voice at the back of his head. Kept bugging him.
"It's wewe Chuck".
The voice seemed to say.
And Chuck knew it was him. It wasn't Jack. There was a reason why he brought those whores and the drugs to him,
That's what Chuck bass, besi was to him, a womanizing, drug user, But he didn't want to be that person for Blair.
Fan fiction by GGirl_CB4BW posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Spotted: Bass Bouquet???
Episode 03- A tarehe With the Devil

Gossip Girl: # Spotted, bass, besi at Flower's Inc. Is that rose for a Waldorf au are wewe treating know what they say...players only upendo wewe when they're playing...careful B, don't go getting pricked kwa a thorn! wewe know wewe upendo me xoxo Gossip Girl! #

School Corridor
Chuck approaches Serena....

S: Hey....Chuck...
C: Did wewe talk to her?
S: Ummm ....yeh...but if wewe wanna know how she's feeling wewe should ask her not gonna be a messenger au anything.
C: I doubt she'll even look at me let alone talk.
S: Maybe wewe should atleast try Chuck!
C: Leave it. it doesn't matter.
S: Maybe it does.
C: Well it doesn't bother me.
S: (disappointed) Fine know sometimes, i see a side of wewe that makes me think...maybe he's not that bad afterall...but then wewe always do...or say something to change my mind again! I feel like after all these years i still don't really know you...and maybe what everyone says about wewe is true wewe why do i bother? you're the last person i should trust with my best friend! just...
Fan fiction by emmie-emmi posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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“Nate! How could you?” she cried, “How could you!?... Y-You cheated on me, w-with h-her of all people!” tears started to fall from her eyes and they started cascading down her face. Nate stood in the middle of the Archibald library, shati and tie missing, bending down to pick up his discarded items of clothing he alisema carefully and slowly. “I’m sorry Blair, wewe alisema wewe wanted to wait, and there has been so many things going on lately at home. And after things ended last night I thought we had broken up” Nate looked over at an uncomfortable Vanessa who is frantically trying to restore her clothing and hair to its former state. Blair was taken back kwa the maoni he made. Blair turned at stalked out the still open maktaba door.

‘Why?’ the swali that was gnawing at her brain as she ran through the Archibald’s town house, which was difficult to do as they where throwing a cocktail party. Blair was frantic; she was trying to recompose her self, whiles trying to flee the house. She wasn’t watching where she was going until she ran straight into the open arms of Chuck Bass.