Blair & Chuck B and C favorite/worst moments!!

tareva1451 posted on Jan 27, 2009 at 06:20AM
ok well I don't know if there has already been a fourm like this or sorry if there has... but I made this form for all of us major Blair and Chuck fans to talk about are alltime favorite and least fovorite B and C moments or scenes....I think it would be fun to see if a lot of agree or if we each have a different lets hear it...what moment just makes your heart melt and what moment makes you just wanna throw something at the tv... I'm listening what do you have to say......?

Blair & Chuck 14 majibu

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita gossip-girl999 said…
Fave Scene- It's a toss up between,
1x08- the scene on the balcony,
"you sound like a jealous boyfriend"
"yeah right, you wish"
"No you wish, Do you like me?"
"Define Like"
"Ohhh. You have got to be kidding I do not believe this"
"How do you think I feel, I haven't slept, I feel sick, Like there's something in my stomach, fluttering"

That scene is just so sweet! I loved it
and the other is, obviously
1x07- The Scene in Victrola and in the limo! :D

But the worst moment I would say was,
2x14- Where Chuck tells Blair "now was that it or did you want to tell me you loved me again" :(
2x13- "I love you", "Well that's too bad"

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mouraki said…
O.K, it was hard to pick just one of CB scenes as a favorite one because I love them all! Finally I just chosed one that came to my mind right now!
When Blair is on her way to school and Chuck`s limo stops and Chuck says: Wanna get in? I`d love to give you a ride.
B: Oh, I’m sure you would. Too bad you made the terms of that arrangement impossible.
C: About that... maybe I was a little too hasty. C’mon, get in.
B: Maybe I don’t want you anymore.
C: Don’t torture me, I’m dying... All you have to do is say those magic words.
B: I hate you. (2x08~Pret a poor Jenny)

And the scene that pissed me off the most was when Chuck let Blair to go to Tuscany alone while he was hitting on that blond b***h Amelia! (1x18~ Much I do about nothing)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita ChuckBlairLuvA said…
well....I'm not going to spell it out quite as obviously as the other two...but 1x18 Chuck's speech and the dance/kiss afterwards has STILL gotta be one of my favorite CB moments. =)

oh...and worst moments? 1x13--Chuck's whole bashing of Blair! *cries* I died for her!!! I honestly didn't think his response to her ily was so bad...I mean, it could've been way worse and I don't think we should've expected him to say it back at that point. But pretty much ALL 2x14 was awful! What he said to her! *cries* omg...the Victrola scene kills me! *sighs*...but then of course the rooftop scene was well as the whole hug scene/ily scene in 2x13. 2x15's wife comment was pretty bad...but I survived it way better than I did in 2x14....especially with Blair crying so much in that one. *sighs* The elevator scene at the end of 2x15 was really tragic. But it was so beautiful...and there weren't any real direct insults or was just kind of FACTS, and I was proud of Blair for standing for herself. so...yes. =)

Obvious other good moments:
-any makeout/sex scenes...XD (come on, you know you all love them! ;p)
-dance scenes. =) (except you Hi Society ended badly *gulp*)
-the 'have sex with me' scene! OMG! XD
-giving of the necklace, and the butterfly speech, and her strip at Victrola. XD haha. priceless.
-there are SO much more, obviously. ;p I may have just mentioned almost ALL of their scenes. XD
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita AreYouSure said…
fav: "You Sure"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita nataliaryanfan said…
Okay,let's see...WoW!!This is hard!!Oh,wait!I think I've got it!

Fave Scenes:

Definetly 1x07:The limo scene when Blair and Chuck have sex together for the very first time and also when she dances for him at Victrola.

1x08:When they're talking on the balcony and Blair discovers Chuck likes her and also the shoulder kiss after CHuck gives her the necklace.

1x18:Chuck's speech at the wedding,Chuck telling Blair he was inspired by the moment,and of course,their dancing and kissing.Also,after Blair wakes up and finds Chuck lying beside her.LOL!

2x03:When CHuck asks BLair to have sex with him and then when they do have the dark.

2x07:The bet and Chuck kissing Blair on the cheek.

2x08:The 'wait until we're ready/goodbye until then' kiss

2x12:Chuck's speech on how he wouldn't change them if it meant losing what they did have and the dance...I just wish it ended with a happy ending *tearing up*

2x13:Blair declares her love for Chuck

Least Faves:

1x13:Chuck's whole "I don't want you anymore" speech *heart breaking just talking about it*

1x18:Chuck lets Blair go to Tuscany by herself and then has sex with the stupid,bitchy,slutty(sorry for language)interior designer.

2x01:Chuck not being able to say 'I love you' to Blair

2x07:Blair not being able to say 'I love you' to CHuck

2x08:Both not being able to say 'I love you'

2x13:Chuck saying "Well,that's too bad" after Blair said "I love you" to him

2x15:Blair being done with Chuck *heart breaking...AGAIN just talking about it*

And,yeah there's my list =)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita nataliaryanfan said…
Holy cow!I just realized how long my list is!!LOL!!

More least faves:

2x14:Chuck's "were you going to tell me you loved me again?"

2x15:Chuck calling Blair his wife
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 3liiiiin said…
I have a LOT of fav scenes. But here is some of them:
1x07 - Limo scene <3
1x08- The butterfly scene, and the end scene when he gives her the necklace
1x18- ALL OF THEM! Especially the one when they wakes up in bed together, the speach and the dance!
2x01 - the 2 "sad" moments, when Chuck can't say I love you, and the one at the brunch
2x03 - ALL OF THEM <3
2x08 - End scene!!!
2x13 - The end hug scene and the I love you
2x14 - The speach about that B will care if he die, and the "sorry" hug :)<3
That's what I can remember for now!!
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 3liiiiin said…
And least fav scenes: 2x14, the one where she founds him with the girls. And the school scene, when he's high!
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita alameda_ said…
my two favourites are:
1. 2.08 - "until we're ready" and the goodbye kiss! it killed me. they both looked so sad.
2. 2.13 (i think)- when blair goes up to he room and finds him there, and he just lays falls into her. also when it shows him sleeping with her just watching over him. <3

the worst has to be that whole weird subplot with chuck and elle. do not want.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita laurik2007 said…
MY FAVORITE SCENE: season 1-the limo scene.....EPIC
season 2-2x7(end scene)

THE WORTS SCENE: season 1-ending of ep 13 when Chuck insults her
season 2-the "now is that it or you are gonna tell me you love me again"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita crazychlo said…
ily/hug scene 2x13
rooftop scene 2x14
limo scene 1x07
balcony scene 1x08
chuck lets blair go 2x23
chuck saves blairs prom 2x24
and my no.1 fav (this and hug scene...)

least fav:
chuck instults blair 1x13
chuck finds blair with nate 1x10
chuck cant say it 2x01
is that it or were you going to tell me that you love me again? 2x14 (saddest ep ever!)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita xochuckandblair said…
Favorites :
1. Chuck's ILY- 2.25
2. The LIMO SCENE- 1.07
3. The hug on Blair's bed- 2.13
4. Blair's 2nd ILY- 2.25
5. Because I love her- 2.23
I have way more, but those are my top five

Least Favorites:
1. Rode hard and put away wet- 1.13
2. Have fun playing with yourself- 1.13
3. Chuck finds Nate and Blair- 1.10
4. Were you going to tell me you love me again?- 2.14
5. Blair finds Chuck w/ hookers- 2.15

zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita blairbass03 said…
Fave scene:
1. Hug scene 1.13
2. Chuckles says ily 2.25
3. Blair says ily 2.13 (I know it had a sad ending, but the speech she gave him was freaking amazing)
4. Hospital scene 3.12
5. LIMO SCENE 1.07
6. Chuck lets blair go 2.23

Least favourite:
1. Now was that it? Or were you going to tell me you loved me again :'(
2. Rode hard, put away wet.
3. Blairs ily scene 2.13 (again, its it weird its in my favs and my least favs lol. But its just sooo sad and epic at the same time - epicly sad)
4. Chuck leaves blair to go to tuscany alone :( 1.18
5. Chuck tells blair to stop trying to play his wife 2.15
6. Blair tells chuck she loves him AGAIN, and he doesnt say it back 2.25
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita blairbass03 said…
1. Hug scene 2.13 **