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 Shirtless Ed!!!! <3
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sanaa ya shabiki
 Where is the Bass?
Where is the Bass?
Episode 1: Back to the Bass

GG: Yes. It's that time of mwaka again, When Gossip Girl goes crazy for gossip like she isn't always but yes it's Gossip Girl's birthday, but wewe know the only thing I want is a juicy story on one of our elite...Anyone wanna make Gossip Girl's dreams come true ?

At School.
Serena and Blair are sitting in the courtyard eating lunch.

S: So What happened the other night at Victrola
B: Nothing (looks down)
S: B?
B: Nothing I swear
S: (looks at Blair waiting for an answer)
B: If I give wewe Chuck Bass, A tone of booze and a Whore joint namly Victrola, draw your own conclusion S...
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 Party Time!
Party Time!
Chair Tales - S02E09- Groundhog Day

It's Serena and Dan's official Engagement Party.
Lily, Eric, Rufus, Jenny have been in New Haven for a couple of days.

At Serena's house the party preparations are in their final stages and it is early afternoon. Blair has been at the house helping out for almost an saa now. Serena had tried to get Blair to tell her the reason she came to her house a few nights zamani night but Blair keeps telling her it was nothing.

Chuck now arrives at the house, invited kwa Serena. Serena has told Chuck and Blair (separately) that she has a surprise for them.

B: So are wewe going...
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