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This Blair & Chuck sanaa ya shabiki contains suti biashara and biashara suti. There might also be picha, headshot, and closeup.

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It was beautiful. I can’t think of a zaidi solid endgame. If wewe think about it the flashforward scene cemented so much stuff:

Chuck is a ‘father in a way Bart never was’ (3.12):
He is affectionate- picks Henry up and swings him around
He compliments his son- “look how smart wewe are”
He makes his son feel secure and loved- can wewe picture baby Chuck shouting “Daddy!” and happily running into Bart’s arms? Pfft. Never.
Blair has finally found some success and power independent from any sort of romantic relationship with Waldorf Designs.
Blair has clearly grown in a major way since...
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 'So the inayofuata time wewe forget, you're Blair Waldorf, remember I'm Chuck bass, besi and i upendo you.'
'So the next time you forget, you're Blair Waldorf, remember I'm Chuck Bass and i love you.'
Chuck and Blair are perfection. Though I know and want Chuck and Blair to be endgame, the series needed something to please and surprise all the viewers. They chose to give us some Blair and Dan action. I am going to write my thoughts on Dan and Blair, the new baby daddy revealed, and why Chuck and Blair are the ultimate end couple.

The shows viewers all need what they want. This might make wewe think “Yes, Chair has the most fans’. That is completely true, but the producers did want something to spice up the onyesha with something we thought would never happen; Dan & Blair. Pleasing everyone...
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here it goes it is the finale i hope wewe enjoyed kusoma it as much fun as i enjoyed uandishi it. please review. there will be a epiloge

Bass apartment:

chuck woke up with fluttering in his stomach. the same fluttering he felt the first time he slept with blair. he knew this was because this was the siku that he got blair back. after making the worst decision of his life leaving blair 4 years zamani to look after their daughter on her own. he finally got the upendo of his life back. plus the most beautiful little girl he could ever imagine. they were...
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 serena's present
serena's present
GG: wow who would have thought 4 months would have passed so soon. wewe upper east siders havent give me any gossip for them past 4 months. when did wewe all get so boring, but today is graduation and i plan to have my cake and eat it au gossip and post it. come on i know you're hiding something.

St. judes and constance high school:
(Chuck, blair, nate and serena all sitting in the courtyard and ready for graduation)

B: can wewe belive it finally high school is over and i get to find some new people to terrorise.
S:(laughs) B wewe never change. although i dont think im going to go to brown.
B: what?...
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Hey hujambo readers! Guess what…..It's AN EPILOGUE!

WOW I know….it's been ages…I usually never take so long to update a story but I had trouble thinking of an appropriate way to end the story!

I know since I've taken so long, I kind of forgot how to write this story….so sorry if the uandishi style au the mood doesn't fit in with the rest of the fic!

It's in two parts…because it was so long, the inayofuata part will be ilitumwa tomorrow au the siku after…


"Do wewe think she'll get angry with me daddy?" asked 5 mwaka old Eliza Waldorf-Bass, pulling her father down kwa the collar, alama to whisper...
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Hey guys, Thank wewe sooooooo much for all the lovely reviews! This fic is so hard to write because I'm not sure which direction it's headed in, I have a plot line in mind but I'm still struggling a bit, so I do warn wewe that sasisho may become irregular and I totally apologise for that. I know it's really crappy but I hardly get the time to write!

Here's the inayofuata chapter, it is kinda rated M, im not sure what the distinction is really but there is sex in this chapter so i'll give it an M to be on the salama side!

Hope wewe enjoy it because after this chapter things start to get a bit shaky as...
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A Million upendo Songs Later

A/N: Right last chapter here it is! Well nearly, this is the final one then just the epilogue. So right I tried to finish this asap and it's been so sunny here the last few days so I just took my laptop down to the beach, pwani with me and finished it there. I've realized just how fast I write in the sun, I think I wrote like all of it without stopping so now I have sunburn but anyway it's worth it to get this final chapter up, I'll just put some aftersun on it'll be fine. Right so if wewe read please do maoni and let me know what wewe think like of the whole story and the...
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A Million upendo Songs Later

A/N: Ahhh. Wow so I am totally calm now. We've had loads of exams and the worst ones are over now, welsh, maths paper 1 (still got another one to do =/), biology, Religious studies, ubunifu & Technology. Glad I've got them out of the way. Anyway I took some time off from revising English literature to write this. So please please leave me a comment. I really appreciate it. Thank wewe xoxo

Chapter 12: Goodbye Again

        It had been a week. Serena had temporary moved in with Blair and to play messenger between Nate and Blair....
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 nyumbani Sweet Home...
Home Sweet Home...
Chair Tales S02E16- Made in Manhattan

The following is set a week later.

Blair has been depressed since Chuck left. Serena and Dan are on their honeymoon but have been in regular contact with Blair.

Zane has also been in touch with Blair over the phone, he told her about his encounter with Chuck but Blair hasn't aliyopewa him any details on what happened between her and Chuck.

Ever since the break up Blair has aliyopewa up on trying to be happy, she is miserable, she has tried to ignore the fact that she was pregnant, there was a voice in the back of her mind telling her that everything was the baby's...
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