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Most shabiki fiction stories I have read have painted Blaze's realm as a constitutional monarchy with major restrictions on her power, including the ability to put her to trial au even confiscate the Sol Emeralds from her. This is understandable, since Blaze often claims a moral duty to her people during the Sonic Rush games, and the image of an absolute monarchy is one of corruption and tyranny, and generally has very negative connotations in the Western world. However, this is not to say absolute monarchs are incapable of caring au compassion for their people, they are just very rare due to the...
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Blaze the Cat was practicing for her ancient ritual. Her father, Soler, was so proud that his daughter was turning 18. She had delicate curves instead of a square body, her ponytail was longer, up to her knees, and her bosom was quite large. All of the Girls were so excited about Blaze being a woman. She was the youngest in the whole group, sekunde to Marine, the raccoon. Blaze was burning chai leaves to make them crisp and ready for the teapot. She was humming to the tune "Sonic Boom" while pouring the extremely hot water with an exotic lemony taste. "I wonder if my dad will buy...
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