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Ever since I was little I did watch some part of the episode's in Naruto but I never really got into it growing up. I remember it being so big and lots of my classmate's would grow picture's of Rock Lee for example was a character I remember seeing as a favorite. I knew about a lot of the main cast since I would see them but again I didn't really know much about them so when I watched it came to a surprise, I wasn't expecting. Anyway when I really got into anime Naruto wasn't one of the first I started really watching, it was Bleach but later I really wanted to actually get into all the big...
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1.Hello~Dzień dobry
2.Good evening ~Dobry wieczór
3.Goodbye~Do widzenia
4.See wewe later~Do zobaczenia
8Thanks a lot~Dziękuję bardzo!
9.Thank wewe for your help~Dziękuję za pomoc
10.Don't mention it~Proszę
12.How much is it?~Przepraszam, ile to kosztuje?
14.I don't understand~Nie rozumiem
15.I get it~Zrozumiałem
16.I don't know~Nie wiem
17.Forbidden~Wstęp wzbroniony
18Excuse me, where are the toilets?
~Przepraszam, gdzie są toalety?
19.Happy New Year!
Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!
20.Happy birthday!~
Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji...
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1. Rm (bias)
2. Suga (bias wrecker)
3.J-Hope (bias wrecker 2)
4. Jin
5. Jungkook
6. Jimin
7. V

...but I upendo all the guys.<3
I been starting to upendo Jin a lot zaidi since I been listening to his solo song a lot more. I need to listen to V's and Jimin a lot but for now this is the orodha of the member's. Also it has to do with how I don't really inayopendelewa the most maarufu member's because a lot people's inayopendelewa them. I don't know the zaidi someone talks about the more, I just don't inayopendelewa it. Though I admit Jimin has amazing vocals and V seems really sweet. Am really hoping to listen and get to know these two a lot more. Also Rm, J-Hope, and Jin need zaidi love, I think Suga, Jungkook, Jimin, and V have a lot of upendo lol.
England; to a lot of people he come off as a annoying stuck up asshole and yeah I don't blame people for thinking of England that way. He really can be an asshole and lots of times for no reason. I personally think it's very corwardly he picks on Italy well anyone who picks on Italy is such a coward in my opition lol. ...but yeah the reason I upendo England so much isn't because he my husbando but his character in general. I think he the most relatable character to me. He has a tsundere and stubborn personality like me. While I am a chai lover myself mostly freaking upendo matcha the most and Earl...
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"I say we hit Italy first because they can't drive and are usually drunk!"
-America, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Suck my balls, wewe damn potato eater."
-Romano (Southern Italy), Hetalia: Axis Powers

"By any chance, do wewe serve pasta?"
"No, we don't."
-Chibitalia and Mr. Austria, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"It seem simple enough. China take all. wewe can go nyumbani now."
-China, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"You are an ass!"
-Austria (to France), Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Unhand me, wewe fobbish twit!"
-Britain, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"When I look into all of your stupid faces, I think how fun it will be to pound them into dust."
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Okay I need to be honest lol.XD So before I actually got into BTS a lot zaidi I use to play a game called Mystic Messenger, maybe a lot of wewe guys are familar with that game. Though it was a pretty good game, I think what I didn't like about that game would be that it wouldn't let wewe sleep because wewe had to get up at a sort of time. Since it was a chat room type of game where wewe chat with the character's, kinda like real life they talk in the chat room at different times. wewe don't get the choice when to play it whenever wewe feel like cause the game has a sceducle of when to talk to the...
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wewe know I often wonder why they still use "oppa" in Korea lol. The reason I say I wonder is because that word can be so damn confusing from I been hearing about from this one Youtuber that goes their often. She telling stories of how she would be so confused when to use "oppa", I personally don't know how to feel about this word and do think it's unnesscary the zaidi I learn about it.XD The reason it's so confusing to her is because supposily their are three ways to say "oppa"? Like for example wewe use to your older brother, if wewe have an older brother. sekunde can be used with your older guy...
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Konnichiwa Hello

Sayonara goodbye Tip:Please only use this when for example: wewe were an English teacher and wewe were going back to your country and wewe weren't coming back for a while, also if wewe tarehe a Japanese man au female, if wewe say sayonara to them it's a way of breaking up.

Konbanwa Good evening

Please "do me this favor" onegai-shimasu Example: wewe say to someone when their going to do a favor for wewe au want them to do a favor for you.

Ohayoh Gozaimasu good morning (Formal)

Sumimasen can either be used as excuse au am sorry

Arigatou Gozaimasu Thank wewe very much (Formal)

Arigatou thank...
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So this just gonna be what I learned so far in Korean and I will be updating this along the way when I learn something new.^^

Hello annyeonghaseyo (Formal)
Hello annyeong (Informal)
Goodbye au bye? (annyeong)
Jal gal bye au goodbye? Example if one of your coworkers is going nyumbani au your saying bye when leaving work.
Jal ja goodnight Example: goodnight to family, mostly little silibings? (Informal)

Alax-ya My name is (Informal) Alax-eyo (Formal)

Bangwo It's nice to meet wewe (Informal)

Bangayo It's nice to meet wewe (Formal)

Ye Yes

Sillyehajiman Excuse me, but

Sillyehamnida Excuse me

Sillyhajiman yeongeo...
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So this actually my first inayopendelewa K-pop group but not my first I listen too and even before I would say I might have had a lot inayopendelewa lines from these's girls lol. I always listen to them time to time and never got tired of their catchy songs and great lines. When comes to bias I actually went back a couple things to see who my Girls Generation bias was so far Jessica and Tiffany really got my attention the most since they where two of the girls I always loved their lines even before. I got to say I upendo it when Hyoyeon and Seoohyun sing together, their two of my favorite's when it comes to two members imba together. Taeyeon and all the rest are great too so it can be hard to have a bias but so far I would say Jessica and Tiffany for me. Though am still deciding so might not be the final decision lol. I don't care if Girls Generation is one of the oldest groups, I still upendo them.