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Theory (This will only make sense if wewe have read 530)

This is what I think will happen:

Isshin (Bankai Form) vs. V.L. Hollow
Masaki Arrives and scares hollow away (With Quincy Bow/Arrow)
Masaki heals Isshin and they start forming a relationship
Years later (Masaki is pregnant with Ichigo) hollow returns attacks both Isshin and Masaki (Explains Fullbring + Hollow Similarity)
Isshin uses Final Getsuga to Kill Hollow and loses all his powers

Ichigo inherits mostly Shinigami & Hollow powers (Very little Quincy)
Karin inherits Shinigami powers but no Hollow
Yuzu inherits Quincy Power
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gabbalee said:
I think that is possible but since yuzu can't see ghosts au hollows I doubt that she inherited the Quincy powers
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
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