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Theory behind Ichigo's "New Bankai"

While Bleach has been over for quite sometime and this seems club has been abandoned... I have been keeping Bleach alive for myself kwa talking about it with Marafiki and coming up with theories as to what Kubo had originally planned for the series before it was cut short. This post I want to know what wewe guys think of this theory behind what Ichigo' suppose Bankai.

Back in Chapter 667 Byakuya alisema that their assumption of constantly release form is wrong, so with that we can also say that Ichigo's dual swords are a sealed state just like Kyoraku's Katen Kyokotsu dual sealed. Now I'll comeback to this in a later note.

In Chapter 445 when Ichigo's Fullbring evolved to the clad form where he looked like a Shinigami, Sado came to the conclusion that Ichigo's true form is one where he is cloaked in his power, which is something we see with both his Bankai (In every form) and Fullbring.

Now to the theory. In chapter 678 Ichigo activated his Bankai where only his swords merged and changed to a giant cleaver, which is the complete opposite of all his awali Bankai forms and zaidi similar to his Shikai. So my theory is that this was originally going to be Ichigo' Shikai not his Bankai. All forms of Tensa Zangetsu both Ichigo's sword and clothing change, into a compressed cloaked form.

If this is the case it also explains what happened in Chapter 684, where Ichigo's "Bankai" broke into his Original Shikai. In Chapter 680 Yhwach aliiba both his Hollow and Quincy powers, leaving behind only the Shinigami. His swords took on a Dual Wield form to balance his Shinigami/Hollow Powers & his Quincy powers. Since Yhwach aliiba 2/3 powers the sword had no way au reason to remain in that form and reverted to the Original Pure Shinigami powered version, the version which his Shikai took on cause of Old Man Zangetsu was suppressing the Hollow powers. But if Ichigo was in his Bankai why did the sword shatter from a Bankai form to a Shikai form?

I find that the zaidi plausible
 DarkJules posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Raitha24 said:
Maybe if Ywach aliiba ichigo' s hollow and Quincy powers and leaving only his shinigami powers and that explains it.
Perhaps the old man zangetsu and his hollow were using the real zangetsu.You know that his shinigami and hollow powers mixed together.The first shikai was his hollow pPowers because the old man was suppresing his hollow and ichigo was forced to use the shinigami power. This is how in The last arc the bankai breaks and form into real shinigami zangetsu because Ywach aliiba ichigo' S hollow and Quincy powers and leaving only his shinigami powers
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
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