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here is another one of my funny bleach storys here wewe go

while ichigo was fighting grimjow, grimjow stabbed ichigo's hand to the ground. then rukia comes

rukia:ichigo what happened to your hands
ichigo:well i was fighting grimjaw and he stabbed me
grimjow:for the last time its grimjow not grimjaw

then shinji comes and rukia ask why he is here

rukia:shinji why are wewe here
shinji:because this manga says im in this chapter and its in my contract
rukia:then when do i fight
shinji: wewe fight in two zaidi chapters
rukia:i cant wait that long im getting out of here

ichigo:no rukia if...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
Name - Bun Bun

Appearance - Bun Bun has the body of an eleven mwaka old when actually he is 18 years old. Bun Bun has light blonde hair that is quite long, but it flips at the ends. He always wears headbands, really long ones that go over your forehead and tie in the back. He has a gin, gini aura and Gin’s smile. Except wewe can see Bun Bun’s eyes, barely though. He has very very pale brown eyes, most people who don’t know Bun Bun thinks he has white eyes. He always wears boots with buckles and he always wears sun glasses on his head and he sometimes actually wears them.
Personality - Bun Bun...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
It was very sunny that day. I'd just gotten back from the real world and I was heading to go home. There was a slight breeze and birds were happily chirping in trees. Walking along that dirt path made me feel at peace, made me feel... happy.
Suddenly, I heard a commotion up ahead. I walked slowly, kicking small stones along the way. A young boy came into view, running along the dirt path about twenty feet ahead of me. He was clutching a small brown sack and some coins. Anger and sadness clouded his face. One clear tear ran along his cheek. His spiked silver hair bounced on his head as he ran....
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posted by tayandkris4evr
Name - Jet
Appearance - He has short clean cut black hair. Bright yellow eyes (somewhat cat-like). A small nose and a thin smiling mouth. He is very pale, almost bone white. He has a scar on his left cheek in the shape of an X. He is lean, yet muscular. He has very long fingers and a small wrist. He always wears a long sleeved white tee and rugged black jeans. He has a white chain mkufu that he always wears. He wears a black snake ring on his right hand middle finger.

Personality - Jet is a very confused person. He’s very kind and sweet. Yet he doesn’t onyesha very much emotion. He always...
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Before I got into Bleach, I used to think that anime was totally and completely stupid. Whenever I was brave enough to turn on the TV and taste a few minute's worth of whatever anime onyesha happened to be on, I found myself either laughing at the lousy uigizaji and cheesy uhuishaji au rolling my eyes at the melodrama and wooden dialog. To juu it all off, my geeky dad has this weird obsession with old, awful anime shows; namely Speed Racer and Yamato. He's constantly cuing up bila mpangilio episodes online and making my little sister watch them. (I protest loudly and flee to the refuge of the inayofuata room...
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one siku rukia was in the exicution room waiting and thinking of the past then she started crying and yachiru walked in.

yachiru:hi orihime.......
rukia:yachiru what are wewe doing can't wewe see im haveing a moment
yachiru well, i wanted to play with orihime but shes not here so i'll play with you
rukia:no im in the execution room!

yachiru:thats o.k well play make up time!
rukia:no im already pretty i don't need make up
yachiru:sure wewe do every girl needs make up
rukia:no it causes acne

then yachiru put makup on rukia but made it all ugly

yachiru:ha ha ha wewe look like a clown
rukia:thats why i dont...
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wewe are my beloved... Gin.
Always ever my beloved Gin. Many days have been spent without you, since we cannot meet, because wewe do not exist much...
Why do wewe run away from such a place as this?
You liked this place, didn't you?
I heard it from your own lips. wewe like and upendo this place...
You born here and lived in here. There were other things to like here, right?

I do not know Gin, explanation fails again.
How many times were spent so missing you...
The worst is... with the days, which increase and flow,
I have felt Lost without wewe and like I lose wewe more, repeatedly each day......
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Skoop On Somebody
Composed by: Skoop On Somebody

Credit: link


Everybody Stand Up!
Minna tatakattenda!
Naishin wa fuan da demo
Keep Your Head Right Up! To tha Sky!

Donna toki mo (Oh Yeah!)
Doko ni itemo (Oh Yeah!)
Call me anytime! (Oh Yeah!)
Chikara ni naru yo

Happypeople’s In Tha House!!!
Tafu na egao de
Happypeople’s In Tha House!!!
Ikite yuku no sa

Ki ni sunna My Brother!
Kimi rashikute iin da!
Nai tatte My Sister!
Mata waraeba iinda!

Shinkokyuu shite (Oh Yeah!)
Yorimichi shite (Oh Yeah!)
It’s All In Your Mind (Oh Yeah!)
Kaze ni fukarete

Happypeople’s In Tha House!!!
Rafu na yasashisa...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Shin
Composed by: IV
Arranged by: ViViD, Takumi Masanori

Credit: link


Nagaretsuita sono basho de hito wa nani o omou no darou
hirokute fukai unmei no naka shizumanai wewe ni

You cannot bust yourself, gimme a shout
To be yourself 'til death, assure yourself
You cannot bust yourself, gimme a shout
To be yourself 'til death, assure yourself

Asu o ushinatte shimau ka mo shirenai kakegae no nai ima ni se o mukenai
kono koe ga douka todoku wewe ni sakebitsuzukete'ta yo
oikakeru tabi ni dandan tooku natte nigedashita totan mata chikaku natte
sukitootte iru no ni mienai mukougawa te o nobashitsuzuketa...
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boku wa koko de utau darou
koko kara hibike
miminari ni kesareta seijaku no
katachi nai mirai o oikaketeta
sono te wa kuu o tsukande kita
Listen to it, listen to it.
deai ga tsumuideku melody
Listen to me, listen to me.
oto ni kawaru
ima wa mada konna ni chiisana
kono koe ga
itsuka wa tsuyoku hibiiteku kara
Listen to it, listen to it.
yasashiku yuriokoso melody
Listen to me, listen to me.
kimi ga omou kimi e
Even if my
voice dies
I will sing,even here,
And my song will be echoed here!
The troubled night is buzzing in
my ears
I will continue running after my
uncertain future...
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juuroku de
kimi to ai
Hyakunen no koi wo
shita ne
Hirahira to maiochiru
Sakura no hanabira no shita de
Aitakute kakenoketa
Hi no ataru kyuu na sakamichi ya
Kouen no sumi futari no kage wa
Ima mo kawaranu mama
Kimi to boku to sakurabiyori
Kaze ni yurete maimodoru
Mada minu mirai wo mune ni daite
Miageta saki wa ha momoiro no
I met you
at 16
And we shared a upendo a
hundred years old
Under the fluttering, dancing down
petals of the sakura tree
I wanted to meet you, so I ran
up the steep kilima road where
sunlight lands
In the corner of the park our two
shadows are
unchanging even now
You, and me, and the sakura
We sway in the wind and dance
back where we were
Holding to my chest a future I can't
yet see
I look up and see a pink sky
*Ulquiorra sits across the meza, jedwali from Orhime watching her eat the tacos that he (forcefully) lovinly gave to her*
*Orhime eats with sweat down her face and staring at the 12 other taco sitting on the plate in front of her*

Ulquiorra:......*staring intently*

Orhime: *talking with mouth full* Havnt I eaten anof

Ulquiorra: ..Chew with wewe mouth closed....and no

Orhime:*swallows her 5 taco still having to eat the other 12* do wewe want me to get fat?! allready are thats why those are low in fat...*seriuse face*

Orhime: *stares at him with mout open* i am not!!*goes to throw a taco at...
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Starrk looked around, his moyo beating rapidly - he couldn't hear Lilinette any more! 'Lilinette! Oy, Lilinette!!!'

Shunsui glanced at him, that cool, calm look still on his face, mixed with an expression that almost looked like ~pity~?

'You know... I didn't expect those Mbwa mwitu loups to come after my shadow. But, that same explosion helped me to understand your powers... Those Mbwa mwitu loups can only drag, what they bite, into the explosion. Finally, it's one on one!' Shunsui attacked, his blades clashing Starrk's and blue fragments of energy came glancing off, leaving an eerie glow before his face.

I'm alone......
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Warning! This is a Yaoi fanfic! If wewe do NOT approve of the guyxguy relationships, DONOT READ!
This is an attempt to recreate the actual life of a soul reaper before they entered the soul society. This is also my first Bleach fanfic so; please do not be too critical….
Also, while the setting was realistic 1920’s I added the technology of today!

Forward-The life and death of Yumichika Aiyasagawa

The clouds rolled in and covered the sky with their ominous forms. Cold rain fell from the heavens and met the lifeless masses on the ground as the last man fell. This was it. He was sure of...
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posted by unohana
The Gotei 13 Reborn
What happened during those
missing 17 months!!?
Captain of the First Division –
Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni
A softer Captain Commander
Commander of the entire Gotei 13.
Lost his arm due to a sacrificial
kido… But did he also change
Tite Interview
Q: What about Genryuusai’s left
Kubo: He only has his right arm now.
Q: Is that all that’s changed?
Kubo: I think Genryuusai wouldn’t
change much from his current state
if he trained. Wouldn’t it be
strange for someone who’s lived
for over two thousand years to
change over a period of 17 months?
However, he does...
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Yamamoto has become softer
He is still without his left arm
Though he has not changed physically, he does have some inner changes.


Her hair is shorter and straight now
Her arm was restored due to new technology in the Gotei 13.


His look is modeled after an English gentleman
Kubo chose to re-add Rose to the Third Division because he and Kira are well suited for each other


Kubo says he feels his bankai would be a little nauseating


Unohana will fight in the upcoming arc
The true form of her Zanpakuto will be seen
When she fights, she unravels her braid...
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A little after ten years
and BLEACH is nearing
the end of its story.
According to Kubo
Tite–creator of the
much beloved manga
series–the inayofuata arc,
presumably dubbed the
“Ice Palace Arc” is
the last arc in the
bleach manga series.
Fans are pretty miffed
about it. After all,
BLEACH is one of the
“Big Three” manga
series featured in
Shounen Jump.
Rumors are already
flying abound in the
world wide web
concerning this final
arc. Some are saying
that the arc is going to
last ten years (after all,
the Arrancar Arc lasted
a total of four years),
some are saying it
would be around four
years as well. If it does
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here is another one of my funny bleach storys.

ichigo was fighting hollows when a princess came and asked for chakula

lurichiyo: i want chakula
ichigo: have wewe ever heard of a resturant theres one right around the corner
lurichiyo:i want chakula now! i dont have time to go walk around the corner to go to some silly resturant

then rukia comes and sees the princess

rukia: hujambo ichigo... hahahaha!!! is that a princess?
ichigo: i gues if thats what wewe want to call her
lurichiyo:i want chakula now
rukia:whats the magic word?
lurichiyo:give me some chakula au else i'll kill you

rukia:gosh... theres no need to be mean...
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Everyone wewe meet appears to have tentacles growing out of places that wewe wouldn't expect tentacles to be growing from.

You start out each morning with a 30-minute jog around the bathroom to practise your shunpo power.

You write to your mother in Karakura, Japan every week, even though she sends wewe mail from Iowa asking why wewe never write.

Every time wewe see a mitaani, mtaa sign, wewe have a tremendous urge to relieve yourself on it.

You put oranges on your head because wewe heard it will ward of evil dandruff spirits.

You're always having to apologize to your inayofuata door neighbour for setting moto to his...
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upendo is just like a beautiful Rose, wewe can’t enjoy its fragrance without being pricked and wounded… yet nothing compares to its ethereal fading beauty.

“Thank wewe so much for letting me stay at your house Toshiro.” wewe told the handsome turquoise eyed white haired man as he saved wewe from a hollow the awali night and asked wewe for a sleepover at his place as it was not salama to be around at such a time of night. wewe walked down and sat with him on the couch.

“You’re welcome.” Was your savior’s silent reply.

You have been a very close friend of Orihime & now have become good...
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