Book to Screen Adaptations What book, short story, graphic novel, au comic book, as of yet not a major motion picture, would wewe select for screen adaptation?

Pick one:
Wicked kwa Gregory Maguire
Sabriel kwa Garth Nix
Wild Magic kwa Tamora Pierce
Kindred kwa Octavia E. Butler
Quest for a Maid kwa Frances Mary Hendry
Charmed Life kwa Diana Wynne Jones
The Lives of Christopher Chant kwa Diana Wynne Jones
Walk Two Moons kwa Sharon Creech
The Belgariad Series kwa David & Leigh Eddings
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Enchanted, Inc. kwa Shanna Swendson
Enchanted, Inc. kwa Shanna Swendson
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hunger games
hunger games
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Gone kwa Micheal Grant
Gone kwa Micheal Grant
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The Mysterious Benedict Society kwa Trenton Lee Stewart
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