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posted by Kibahina96
Bill Wallace is my inayopendelewa author. Here are my inayopendelewa vitabu kwa him.

1.Pick Of the Litter
2.A Dog Called Kitty
3. The Dog Who Thought He Was Santa

1.It teaches an important lesson about doing what's right even when its not easy. Plus I upendo dogs.
2.Although the ending was kind of sad I loved kusoma about the relation between the boy and the dog bonding. It also made me laugh as well as cry which I believe is very important.
3.It shows wewe things from the mbwa point of view which I thought wqas very interesting.
posted by deedragongirl
 I upendo this book cover.
I love this book cover.
Hi everyone, I had finally read Paulo Cuelho's bestselling novel, The Alchemist and here is my review on the maarufu novel.

The Story

While kusoma the novel, I did not quite understand the story and it was not until the sekunde half of the story that I managed to understand. It telling us to follow our dreams if a person desires for it!

The Characters

Santiago (or the Boy in this story) is a very likable character because he manage to understand what the Alchemist is telling despite being relatively young, he is my favourite character out of the novel!
The other characters like the Englishman and just to name a few are very ambiguous, if wewe ask me.

Is It Worth Reading?

Yes, I highly recommend this book for those who have not read it yet!
 The Pyramids.
The Pyramids.
'Losing to Win' mwandishi Randy Jernigan has put rumors to rest, coming out as gay on a Christian talk radio program this week.

The celebrity biographer opened up to close friend and talk onyesha host Stephen Seares about his "life-long burden" in a very emotional interview on the early Sunday morning show.

Jernigan was asked to appear on the onyesha to talk about politics and his support of Hillary Clinton when Seares maswali turned personal.

"yes I'm gay..,and I've carried this secret with me all my life and I just can't do it anymore," Jernigan explained to the conservative radio audience. "It's...
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 The Vampire Game; Discovery
The Vampire Game; Discovery
As promised last year, mwandishi Les Bailey has released his initial literary offing, The Vampire Game: Discovery, in paperback.

First published solely through Kindle Books, the story hit the ground running, causing quite the stir in literary and social media circles. contributor, known only as Fanmaven2015, (our boss!) had this to say about Bailey's story:

“This debut novel is not only one of the finest tales of the undead in my hivi karibuni memory, it has brought me back to the vampire genre which was growing stale for me, sadly. Thank you, Mr. Bailey.”

Fanmaven goes on the say, “Passionate...
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 The Life and Career of Marie Osmond
The Life and Career of Marie Osmond
When celebrity biographer Randy Jernigan announced that he would be publishing a series of shabiki vitabu celebrating stars that had positive reputations, he had no inkling of the tidal wave of hateful, mean spirited maoni about to come his way.

Shortly after his publishing company's announcement, several online tabloids wrote negative pieces about Randy's book series. Even maarufu blogger Perez Hilton wrote a story, attributing nukuu to Randy that proved false and misleading. When these reports began to surface, online trolls began to flock to Randy's social media pages leaving maoni after...
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posted by deedragongirl
 I upendo to read!
I love to read!
Hi guys, I would like to write down some of my favourite vitabu that I had previously and currently reading.

The Harry Potter Series

I upendo Harry Potter series, because it's very intrigue and I upendo J.K Rowling's style of writing. She's one of the inspiration in writing! So salute to her and will read the latest Harry Potter book once it comes out.

The Chronicles of Narnia

I had always thought that this is even better than Harry Potter because it's zaidi extraordinary and has zaidi suspense.
However, one of the things that I was disappointed that Susan Pevensie did not jiunge the gang in 'The Last...
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Have wewe ever received any error message when wewe are trying to open an iBook ePub file on your Kindle au other non-Apple devices? If so, wewe must feel annoyed and would like to find a way to get rid of that situation, right? Don't worry. Now in this following article, we'll onyesha wewe the complete guide to remove DRM protection from iBooks step kwa step.

Best iBooks DRM Remover - Tutorial to Remove DRM from iBooks

link is a smart and easy-to-use iBooks DRM removal software developed to help iBooks users easily bypass DRM lock from iBook ePub files at 30x faster speed. It's able to make the copy...
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 The Kardashian Ladies
The Kardashian Ladies
Elizabeth Wilson's Gut Feminism is a must read for all my readers out there. The work has been called an intersection of science studies and feminist theories. I loved this book, but then I would--anyone that knows me knows that I'm a sign waver at heart. Gotta get this book!

I'm hearing rumors that my uandishi buddy Randy Jernigan will publish a new celebrity bio on the Kardashian ladies--including Caitlan, this Fall. Randy admitted to me late last mwaka that he was a shabiki of KUWTK onyesha and never missed an episode. Now, all the TV watching will pay off for you!

Also, it's about time for Randy's...
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Losing to Win! mwandishi Randy Jernigan tells me that he hopes to resurrect his Writers Studio and begin teaching again.

The school, which boasts alum Les Bailey of The Vampire Game fame, was located in picturesque Utah and had a reputation for graduating several published novelists, a couple of maarufu poets, and even two produced screenwriters.

"I miss teaching," Randy recently told me in a phone interview from his Utah home. "There's nothing like the experience of being in a room of inspired, hungry, creative writers. The synergy is absolutely amazing!"

Randy tells me he hopes to begin teaching classes as early as mid-June 2016.

This Summer may prove to be a bit busy for Randy. According to Randy will go back into the studio and host 30 new radio talk shows and he's also launched a new line of active wear that bears his motto: "Making the Rest of My Life, the Best of My Life!"

Wishing my friend Randy the best of luck in his creative ventures!
 Randy's active wear line, hoodie
Randy's active wear line, hoodie
 Losing to Win! mwandishi Randy Jernigan
Losing to Win! author Randy Jernigan
According to sales records from amazon Inc. and Kindle Inc. Randy Jernigan's 2013 release Losing to Win! is once again climbing the charts in paperback and electronic device sales.

The book contains the account of Jernigan's shedding 179 pounds and beating a perilous case of diabetes/hypertension that nearly took the writers life, as well as the recipes he used to help him lose the weight.

According to, a zaidi detailed account of Jernigan's story will be covered in a soon to be published book (and TV show) kwa film producer and writer Arianna Eisenberg titled 'Heaven, Angels and...
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 mwandishi Randy Jernigan and Jackson
Author Randy Jernigan and Jackson
When I sat down to chajio, chakula cha jioni at a small Asian bistro with my old friend and writer Randy Jernigan, he quickly scanned the menu, searching for the healthiest foods. Today would not be one of his famous “cheat days” he shares on his social media pages–usually Mondays when he and best friend, Jackson Fackrell, indulge in what he terms a “free meal.” Today he opts for several veggie heavy dishes with less calories, and of course, minus the fried mchele and noodles. Later, as the waitress cleared the table, I notice that she cleared away his half eaten meal.

At the time I remembered our last...
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 British Royal Family
British Royal Family
Celebrity biographer Randy Jernigan has signed an agreement with his American publisher to write a biography on the British Royal family which he's tentatively titled, "Family Secrets."

Jernigan, who recently published a best selling biographical sketch on entertainer Marie Osmond, says he's always been an admirer of Queen Elizabeth and the rest of her family, and has always wanted to take a serious look at the British Monarch in a book.

"I think Queen Elizabeth is a great lady with a huge heart, especially when it comes to her family and her people," says Jernigan. "I've been collecting information...
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The Creative Partners Media Network has launched its annual short story uandishi contest with cash prizes and publication in its new anthology book for the contest winners.

This mwaka Creative Partners mwandishi Randy Jernigan will oversee the competition and stand in as a judge kusoma the last 20 entries and making the final decision on the first, sekunde and third place winners.

"I was thrilled that my publishing partners asked me to serve in this capacity for the competition this year! My own uandishi career was started kwa winning a uandishi contest sponsored kwa our local newspaper zaidi than 25 years...
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 Randy with mwandishi Les Bailey
Randy with author Les Bailey
According to several media reports mwandishi Randy Jernigan will write and publish a memoir about his twenty two years as a freelance tabloid journalist for such weeklies as Globe and Star, but the busy writer says the book won't be about spilling a lot of celebrity secrets, but coming to terms with his own past and, in some cases, making amends and changing career paths.

Scoop. An intimate memoir of sorts, was taken from Randy's personal diaries and interviews of his zaidi than twenty years in the celebrity magazine industry.

“It’s important for a writer, as well as other creative people that...
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Veteran writer Randy Jernigan took to his Facebook page to share his exuberance in his former student, Les Bailey, and his new book, The Vampire Game: Discovery. which debuted in Kindle vitabu November 19, 2015.

"I knew when I first met Les several years back in one of my creative uandishi classes, that he was going to write the great American novel--and he did! Even then Les was a master storyteller. I remember vividly the feelings of excitement I experienced when he read aloud from one of his class assignments. The prose within the story was downright delicious. I recognized almost immediately...
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I decided after kusoma The Vampire Game: Discovery the first time, that I would re-read it once more. My reasoning? I simply enjoyed the book so much that I wanted to slow down a bit and savor the experience.

I'm told that Les Bailey is a first time mwandishi and that his new Kindle release is his first foray into the world of fiction. Well, I'm not so sure that I believe that. I've read quite a few first-time authors and none can compare with Les Bailey's new offering to the literary world. In my opinion, very few writers have successfully deconstructed the vampire genre with the passion and...
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"Das Goldene Herz" gibt es jetzt auf deutsch zu kaufen

Paperback: link

Hardcover: link

E-Book: link

Man kann das Buch gleich dort kaufen, in allen großen Online-Stores oder im Buchhandel vor Ort bestellen.

Außerdem ist es hier in Verbindung mit Preisen vergünstigt zu kaufen

posted by leytonfanlove
Here is a orodha some of my favotite books.

Scibbler of dreams mary .e pearson

Beautiful disaster
walking disaster kwa jamie mcguire

Easy kwa tammara webber

Grave mercy kwa R.L LAfevers

Anna and the french kiss
LoLa and the boy inayofuata door kwa stephanie perkins

The selection
Elite kwa kiera cass

Pushing the limits kwa katie mcgarry

The pledge
The essance kwa kimberly derting

Unearthly kwa cynthia hand

Bar code tatto
Bar code rebellion kwa suzanne weyn

Vampire academy series
Bloodlines series kwa richelle mead

Goddess test series kwa aime carter

Perfect wewe kwa elizabeth scott

Hex hall series kwa rachel hawkins
posted by leytonfanlove
The Mortal Instruments

.city of bones
.city of ashes

The Selection

.The Selection
. The Elite

The Fifth Wave

.The 5th Wave

The Bar Code Tattoo

.Bar Code#1

Beautiful Disaster

.Beautiful Disaster
.Walking Disaster


. Goliath

Nicholas Sparks books

.A Bend in the Road
.the last song
.safe Haven
.The Guardian

Vampire Academy

.vampire Academy
.Vampire Academy: A Graphic Novel
.Shadow Kiss
.Blood Promise
.Spirit Bound
.Last Sacrifice


.The Golden Lily
.The Indigo Spell


.new moon
.Breaking Dawn

The Carrie Diaries

.The Carrie Diaries
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kwa Edward Fairfax:

I was lucky enough to be able to sit down with Jenni Frendswith, the mwandishi of the new novel Stonecraft, now available on Her book is a part of a web-hosting program at the homesite of mwandishi Fletcher Rhoden ( where there is contact information and a discount code and link. In the interests of full disclosure, my own book maoni of a Progressive Christian is also on the site.

Q: This is your first book, Jenni. What made wewe want to write, and why this story?
A: Well, I’ve always been a reader, read just about anything I could find. I guess...
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