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Chapter 1: Good news and bad news


Brooke stared in shock at the pregnancy test in front of her. She couldn’t believe it. She, Brooke Davis was pregnant. When she had realized that she was 2 weeks late, she had gone out and brought out 5 pregnancy tests, and each and every one of them had been positive.

As she stared at the last test in her hand, she felt the shock ebb away a little bit, letting a new feeling seep through her. A happy feeling. She had wanted kids for so long, as the reality sank in, she couldn’t help but feel a smile creep on her face.

She had Julian had been dating for a little over 2 months, and for the first time in her life, she felt as if she was truly happy, and despite trying to keep her walls up, she had fell for him. Hard. Neither had alisema I upendo wewe to each other yet, and Brooke wasn’t even sure that Julian loved her, but that didn’t stop her from falling for him deeper with each passing day. And now that she was pregnant with his baby, Brooke couldn’t help but close her eyes, and sigh at how perfect her life was at the moment.

And it was in that position that Sam found her.

“Um Brooke? What are wewe holding? And why the hell do wewe have such a dorky smile on your face?” Sam demanded as she walked up and snatched up the pregnancy test from her hand, before she could say a word.

“Samantha Walker give that back now,” Brooke said, grabbing for the test, but Sam was too fast for her.

“Not before—Holy crap is this a pregnancy test?” Sam asked stunned as she looked in horror at the stick in her hand.

“What do wewe think, Sherlock?” Brooke asked rolling her eyes.

“You’re pregnant?” Sam asked quietly, her eyes glued to the screen reflecting the results.

“Apparently,” Brooke alisema noncommittally, trying to gauge Sam’s reaction before she could express her emotions.

“Is it Julian’s?” Sam asked taking her glazed eyes off the test to look up at her foster mother.

“Of course it’s Julian’s,” Brooke alisema defensively, “Who do wewe take me as?”

“I am sorry. I don’t know why I asked that. I am just really surprised,” Sam alisema apologetically, handing the test back to Brooke.

“It’s okay. I could read the shock on your face,” Brooke alisema understandingly, placing a hand on Sam’s shoulder, “But now that the initial shock is over, what do wewe think?”

“What do wewe mean, what do I think?” Sam asked quietly, wondering if Brooke would want to get rid of her now that she was having a kid of her own.

“Well, me being pregnant greatly affects wewe too. So I want to know what think about all this,” Brooke clarified.

“I’ll be fine,” Sam alisema putting up a strong face, “I mean I have lived in a foster nyumbani before—”

“Wait, wait, foster families? What are wewe talking about?” Brooke asked confused.

“Well now that you’re going to have your own baby, aren’t wewe going to send me away? I mean who would want to deal with a teenager like me, when they’re having their own kid,” Sam alisema emotionlessly, looking away from Brooke’s face.

“Here we go with the uncertainty again,” Brooke alisema shaking her head, “Sam I told wewe before, and I am going to tell wewe once again, I have no intention of letting wewe go unless wewe want to leave. You’re a part of my life now, and just because I am having a baby doesn’t mean that I am going to care any less about you.”

“Why? I thought wewe only took me in because wewe wanted kids, but now that you’re having your own kid, why would wewe want to put up with me and my ng'ombe crap?” Sam asked softly.

“Because I upendo you,” Brooke alisema simply.

“You upendo me?” Sam asked surprised.

“Of course I do,” Brooke alisema as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, “I thought that was a given.”

“Nobody has ever told me that they loved me,” Sam alisema quietly and Brooke felt her moyo break for the girl in front of her.

“Oh honey, I upendo you. I upendo wewe so, so much. You’re like my daughter, and no matter how many kids I have, I’ll always consider wewe to be my first one,” Brooke alisema seriously.

“Wow,” Sam alisema softly.

“What?” Brooke asked confused.

“Julian alisema the exact same thing,” Sam alisema wonderingly.

“What do mean? Did wewe and Julian ever talk about kids,” Brooke asked eagerly.

“No, well kinda, I mean one siku we were talking, and I told him how wewe would want to get rid of me once wewe have your own kids. And Julian looks at me and says ‘Samson, Brooke loves you. You’re like her daughter, so she can have eight kids, but she’ll always consider wewe to be her first one’, and wewe basically alisema the exact same thing,” Sam explained, “Oh and he also alisema that if wewe ever kick me out, I can always go crash at his place.”

“Jeez Sam, nice to know wewe have so much faith in me,” Sam alisema sarcastically.

“Sorry,” Sam said, “But with the kind of life I have, wewe can’t blame me for being uncertain can you?”

“Yeah, I guess not,” Brooke agreed, “But now that wewe know that wewe have a stable home, can wewe please tell me how wewe feel about this?”

“I think it’s awesome,” Sam alisema seriously, “I’ve always wanted a younger brother and sister, so this is great. I am going to have so much fun spoiling that kid rotten, and teaching him au her how to break rules without getting caught.”

“Sam Walker, you’re going to do no such thing,” Brooke alisema appalled, “I just found out I am pregnant and I am already dreading it.”

“Oh don’t worry,” Sam alisema rolling her eyes, “I’ll am pretty sure your husband will be on my side.”

“No, he is—Wait my husband?” Brooke asked quirking her eyebrows.

“Julian,” Sam alisema simply.

“He’s not going to be my husband,” Brooke alisema blushing, “We’ve only been dating for two months and—”

“And you’re already in upendo with him,” Sam finished, “And if the way wewe two act is any indication, then he is just as much in upendo with wewe as wewe are with him. So I will be surprised if wewe don’t have a ring on your finger before this kid is born.”

“Alright Sam, now that’s pushing it,” Brooke alisema lightly.

“No it isn’t,” Sam alisema stubbornly, “I know wewe upendo him, so don’t even try to deny it. And kwa the way Julian talks about you, I am pretty sure he loves wewe too.”

“Okay so maybe you’re right about me. But I don’t know about Julian. I know he likes me, but love?” Brooke asked uncertainly.

“Brooke he talks about wewe all the time. Whenever I meet him at the coffee shop, he always has this story about how wonderful wewe are. And the way he looks at you. It’s so cheesy that I have to look the other way so I don’t throw up. So trust me mom, he loves you. He just hasn’t gotten the guts to say it yet. In fact, Peyton and I have a wager going on as to when he’ll say those three forbidden words to you,” Sam alisema seriously.

“Wagers? I am not even going to ask,” Brooke alisema shaking her head, “Alright, so let’s say you’re right. That he might upendo me. But what if he’s not ready to be a dad? What if he freaks out and breaks up with me when he finds out about the pregnancy?”

“Brooke he would never do that. He’s not that kind of a guy,” Sam alisema comfortingly watching as he foster mother’s face went from happy to uncertain and even scared in a span of a couple of seconds.

“I know he’s not that kind of a guy Sam. But this is big. This wasn’t planned; and we’ve only been going out for two months. Not everyone is willing to take such a huge responsibility just two months into a relationship. We haven’t even thought about the possibility of having kids, and me just springing this on him, might kill this relationship for good,” Brooke alisema in a small voice, because now that she was starting to think about this situation, she was beginning to see how having a baby can have zaidi cons than pros.

“Brooke, Julian grew up with a horrible dad, and he knows how it feels to practically grow up without a father. I am pretty sure he would want to be there for his kid no matter how bad the timing is,” Sam alisema seriously.

“But what if he asks to have an abortion?” Brooke asked horrified as another possibility came to her, “I wouldn’t be able to do that. I wouldn’t be able to kill my own kid.”

“Julian will never ask wewe to do something that wewe wouldn’t want to do. He’s not Dan, Brooke,” Sam alisema firmly, hardly believing that Brooke thought Julian was going to force her into killing their kid.

“I know—Wait, how do wewe know about Dan?” Brooke asked side tracked.

“I guess I’ve been spending a lot of time with Peyton and Lucas,” Sam alisema shrugging, “But the point is that Julian would never force wewe into anything.”

“I know. I know he wouldn’t do that,” Brooke sighed.

“Then what’s the real problem?” Sam asked confused.

“I am happy Sam. I am really happy. This is the first time in my life that things are going the way I want them to be. For the first time, I am actually satisfied. And now finding out that I am having Julian’s baby, the scenario just seems too perfect. I can’t help but feel that this is the calm before the storm. Feeling this happy and at ease with life is a foreign feeling to me, and I am afraid that something is going to happen that will end up knocking me back to the ground. I don’t want to go through that again, not after finding out what true happiness is like,” Brooke alisema vulnerably.

“You know that’s exactly how I felt. When wewe took me in and started caring for me, it was all new to me. In all my life, I have never been taken care of. But I loved it, and that’s why I was being so rebellious. Because I wanted to see how much wewe could take. I wanted to test your limits and see if wewe would throw me out like all of my other foster families. I didn’t want to get too comfortable to just being miserable again. But then wewe proved to me again and again that wewe weren’t going to get rid of me. wewe made me realize that feeling happy isn’t a forbidden feeling. And a person like that deserves their happy ending no matter how sappy it is. I think life has shown wewe enough hardships, it’s time to feel happy again,” Sam alisema wisely.

“Thank you,” Brooke alisema softly after a couple of seconds, a smile slowly appearing on her face.

“You’re welcome,” Sam alisema grinning, “I can’t believe I alisema all that stuff. That’s so out of character for me.”

“You think?” Brooke asked quirking her eyebrows, “I was thinking that wewe had traded bodies with Haley au something.”

“Well don’t expect it anytime soon again. This wiseness streak just comes once in a blue moon,” Sam alisema rolling her eyes.

“You do realize that you’re the best right?” Brooke asked pulling her foster daughter into a hug.

“And wewe do realize that you’re in upendo with Julian right?” Sam asked pulling back.

“Yes, yes, I think I am,” Brooke alisema smiling lightly as she acknowledged her feelings out loud for the first time.

“Great, now would wewe mind repeating that one zaidi time so I can record it?” Sam asked pulling out her cell phone.

“Wait what?” Brooke asked confused.

“Repeat what wewe just said, I need proof to onyesha to Peyton so I can get my 15 dollars,” Sam explained.

“Do I even want to know?” Brooke asked tiredly.

“Not really, just say it will you? I really need those 15 dollars,” Sam alisema urgently, hitting the record button on her phone.

And as Brooke repeated the words to the phone, she couldn’t help but feel that this just might be her happy ending. And honestly, she wouldn’t want it any other way.



“Dad what the hell is the big emergency? And why won’t Lucas say anything?” Julian demanded as he barged in his dad’s suite at mti Hill’s Hilton.

“Julian, about time wewe got here,” Paul alisema as he appeared holding a glass of champagne, “I have something very important to discuss with wewe and I am pretty sure it’s going to be distressing, so I would advice wewe to take a seat.”

“Okay enough with the suspense already. Will wewe just tell me what the hell is going on?” Julian asked impatiently.

“Alright, ‘The Ravens’ have been cancelled,” Paul alisema simply.

“What? What are wewe talking about? How can the Ravens be cancelled? We just had our last meeting two days ago, everything seemed fine then. What happened?” Julian asked stunned.

“Dixon quit. He alisema wewe guys were being ridiculously uncooperative and that he’s had enough, so he left,” Paul explained.

“We were being uncooperative? He was the one who wanted to twist everything in the book. And what does Lucas have to say about this?” Julian asked appalled.

“I called him after Dixon left, and he alisema that he would rather not have the movie made than have a director who doesn’t understand the material. I made it very clear to him that if Dixon leaves, the movie will be cancelled, and he alisema he was fine with that,” Paul alisema shrugging.

“But what if we get another—”

“Director? Yeah that’s what Lucas asked in the beginning too. But it’s too late for that now. We would never be able to make the movie within our deadline with a new director. So, that’s out of the question. It’s either Dixon au nothing. Lucas chose the latter, and since he’s the writer, he gets the last word,” Paul alisema firmly.

“This is unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. I worked so hard to get this movie started, and it’s all for nothing?” Julian asked aghast.

“That’s showbiz Julian. wewe make some and wewe break some. That’s life,” Paul alisema unaffected kwa his son’s distress.


“Wait, I am not done yet,” Paul alisema interrupting his son, “I also have some good news for you.”

“Good news? I don’t think anything you’ll say inayofuata will be good news,” Julian alisema rolling his eyes.

“Oh no, this is really good news,” Paul alisema smiling for the first time, “I have just gotten an offer from the mwandishi of the teen series ‘Gossip Girl’ and she wants wewe to make her series into a movie.”

“The mwandishi of Gossip girl wants to make her series into a movie?” Julian asked stunned.

“Yeah, I was surprised too. I mean off all the talented producers in the world, she went off and picked you. But who was I to refuse to such an amazing deal. So, I signed wewe up. Gossip girl is your inayofuata official project,” Paul alisema proudly.

“You signed me up? wewe signed me up without asking me about it?” Julian asked angrily.

“You should be thanking me son. kwa this time inayofuata year, you’ll be one of the biggest producers of Hollywood. Your career is made from this film. wewe should be jumping up and down from joy,” Paul said, not understanding why Julian looked so angry.

“You signed me up, without even asking for my opinion? I don’t believe this. How the hell could wewe do that?” Julian raged.

“Excuse me for wanting wewe to become the best. Producers would give anything to be in your position right now. I did wewe a huge favor, I don’t know why you’re being such an punda about it,” Paul alisema aggravated.

“Where do we make this film?” Julian asked, ignoring his dad’s comments.

“Hollywood of course. wewe leave for LA in a week,” Paul alisema shrugging.

“I am not going back,” Julian blurted out.

“What do wewe mean you’re not going back? You’re not going to spend your entire life in mti kilima are you? wewe can’t succeed in onyesha biz sitting in this remote town. And anyways, wewe have a meeting with the crew of the film in a week, so wewe better start packing,” Paul alisema turning away.

“I am not 15 years old again Paul. I don’t have to do anything wewe tell me to do. I don’t want to leave mti Hill, and wewe should have talked to me before signing me up for a film like that,” Julian alisema firmly.

“Well it’s too late for that now isn’t it? I have assigned wewe to be on that film, and unless wewe get your act together, I will have to moto you, and I can promise wewe that if I moto wewe from my firm, wewe are not getting a job anywhere,” Paul alisema sternly.

“You can’t do that. I am your son,” Julian alisema appalled.

“Like wewe alisema Julian, wewe walked out of me 8 years ago, to me you’re just another head trying its luck in Hollywood, and I am going to treat wewe like that,” Paul said.


“It’s because of that girl isn’t it? Peyton’s friend, the one you’re dating. She’s the reason wewe don’t want to leave?” Paul asked quirking his eyebrows.

“Maybe, but that’s not the point—”

“Then what is the point Julian? I never thought I’d see the siku where wewe would put a girl over your career,” Paul alisema contemplatively.

“She’s not just a girl. She means a lot to me,” Julian alisema quietly.

“Peyton meant a lot to wewe too, but wewe moved on didn’t you. I am sure you’ll songesha on from this one too,” Paul said, waving his hand as if it was no big deal.

“Yeah but—”

“No buts Julian. This is it. This is the movie of your career, the movie that will make my firm the most maarufu in Hollywood. So it’s either the girl, au the end of your career,” Paul alisema firmly as he walked towards him, “You have one week to make your decision. These are your plane tickets. I hope to see wewe au your resignation letter in my office in LA inayofuata Monday.”
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