While looking at some new muziki from eps 7-13 to 7-17 I realized zaidi than ever, Mark tells the real story through the muziki he picks for each scene. And every scene with Brulian tells their story.

From titles such as:
"Don't Forget about me"
"We belong together"
"If wewe were here"
"Bizarre upendo Triangle"
"Hold onto Hope Love"

So here is the list:

Kinda broke,

Will order them soon, but great songs add them to your collection.

Thanks to
oth-music.com for all the great info. Notice how all their songs work together as one moving title of I want you, don't forget me, surrender! mark is big in music, the muziki really tells the story. The true storyline if wewe will.


"Flying Machine" - Everly

Scene: Julian looks at a picture of him and Brooke.

"Out Of The Day" - Blue Judy

Scene: Brooke and Alexander run into Julian and Alex at the airport.

"Something To Hope For" - The Undeserving

Scene: Haley tells Brooke that Julian isn't Lucas and maybe she should hear him out. Victoria tells Julian to fight for Brooke.

"The Rain" - Vedera

Scene: Victoria tells Brooke to try and make her relationship work with Julian if she loves him.

"We Belong" - Everly

Scene: Brooke and Julian fight backstage before Julian tells her that maybe they should take time to work on their own issues separately.;

"From Where wewe Are" - Lifehouse

Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.


"If You're Gone" - Pleasure Bridge

Scene: Julian tells Brooke he doesn't like the fact that Alexander delivered his stuff.

"Off Track" - The Features

Scene: Brooke yells at Victoria about Alexander delivering Julian's things.

"Bad Dream" - Zaac Pick

Scene: Julian asks Brooke to be the costume designer for the movie.

"Rewind" - Diane Birch

Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes. Julian makes a deal with Brooke.


"(Don't You) Forget About Me" - Simple Minds

Scene: Brooke watches as the set designers paint Lucas' room door brown.; Brooke asks Julian if he's going to the alumni '80s-themed dance at mti kilima High.

"If wewe Were Here" - Cary Brothers

Scene: Brooke designs her outfit.; Julian practices his 'first-day-of-shooting' speech.

"Surrender" - Cheap Trick

Scene: Julian arrives at the dance and sees Brooke.

"Everybody Knows" - Cheap Trick

Scene: Brooke and Haley open Brooke's old locker and talk about Julian and Alex. Julian threatens Alexander.

"Bizarre upendo Triangle" - Sennen

Scene: Brooke finds Julian in the duka classroom - they talk about their "dates" and share a kiss.

"Smile" - Cheap Trick

Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes, Julian smiles at Brooke.


"Brooklyn Blurs" - The Paper Raincoat

Scene: Julian and Brooke talk about the movie.

"Lost and Found" - Kim Taylor

Scene: Brooke and Grubbs open up about their relationships.

"Far End of the Black" - JR Richards
Scene: Jamie shows Julian the footage he captured of Brooke.;

"Hold Onto Hope Love" - Amy Stroup

Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes, Julian says "I Miss you."


"The Candle Burned Out" - Shout Out Louds

Scene: Brooke tells Julian to take better care of himself au else he'll be grouchy and whiney.

"Everything Went Down" - Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden

Scene: Brooke and Julian talk about their parents relationship in the wardrobe department.

"Look Back On" - Trent Dabbs

Scene: Brooke and Mouth at TRIC, they rant about Julian and Millie before Haley tells them that life is too short so they need to put themselves out there before they run out of time.

"November" - Gemma Hayes

Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes, Brooke walks into the hotel room :(.