Pick a Quote from Season 7:

So much talking about quotes, made me want to watch season 7 again and find at least one quote from each episode, that to me describes my feelings about that episode for Brooke & Julian.

So here it goes.

7x01: "There's this girl I'm kinda in upendo with, and I couldn't be away from her for another day."

7x02: "I upendo you, wewe know that. I upendo who wewe are, I don't know how wewe got there but I'm glad wewe did.
"I'm glad I did too, because you're here with me."

7x04: "*kiss Still nervous?"
"about what? where am I?"

7x05: "Hey...the only kids I'll be telling stories to, will be ours."
"That's a Good answer."

7x06: "Well I am here now, and I am all about taking my clothes off for wewe in the back room. So wewe can send your little boy toy packing."
"...Don't worry baby, were all business."

7x07: "We're us Brooke, You're the girl I upendo with all my heart, and I'm the boy who's gonna be with wewe forever."

7x08: Haley: "Brooke, that boy loves you. He would songesha mountains for wewe if wewe asked him to."

7x09: "Why can't wewe be the one who gets the boy and the baby Brooke Davis?"

7x10: "I upendo wewe so much."
"But I wanna have babies with you, I wanna have a family."
"Then we'll get a sekunde opinion and a third, ok? we'll find the best doctors out there."
"But what if?"
"Hey hey, I upendo you. That's all that matters, I upendo you."
"I upendo wewe too."

7x11: "No, What's even worse than wewe telling her is, wewe told her wewe want kids! wewe told her the truth and wewe lied to me."

7x12: "I came here to tell wewe two things, The first is that I upendo you, and I miss wewe and I want to be with you..."

7x13: "Brooke's moyo was already broken when I met her, but wewe know that since you're the one who broke it, I've been the one trying to mend it."

7x14: "So wewe really think I am the best?"
"Of course wewe are"

7x15: "But going back to high school just makes me feel like a geek, not really a confidence booster."
"Well I've seen my share of 80's sinema and if I've learned anything, it's that nothing boosts the geek's confidence like a kiss from the cheerleader." *kiss
"See wewe at work tomorrow, you're gonna do great."

Alex: "Some advice from one Alex to another, don't fall in upendo with Brooke Davis. Those two are gonna end up together, even if they don't know it yet."

7x16: "But she's gotta know that he loved her, but even if she doesn't he's gotta find the words to convince her."
"And what are those words?"

"Well for what it's worth, I think wewe are doing great."
"Thanks, coming from wewe that means everything."
"Hey Brooke, I miss you."
"Coming from wewe that means everything too."

7x17: "You need to start dressing warmer, because if wewe don't you're gonna get sick, then you'll get all sluggish like wewe do. Then you'll grouch and you'll whine and nobody wants that."
"I don't grouch"
"Yes wewe do, and whine."
"I do whine."
"A little"

7x18: "No, basically I got jealous, because I am in upendo with wewe Julian and I always will be. And that's gonna make me do stupid things sometimes, because upendo is crazy, and I've been crazy I know. First I thought wewe were falling for Alex, then last night I went to your hotel and I thought wewe fell for Alex, I'm sorry."
"You think too much Brooke Davis"