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"I do what I do. And I like what I like and that's just who I am. "
"I know. That's what I upendo about you"

“All I really want to see is Lucas laugh again, hear him song off key, watch him roll his eyes when I steal French fries off his plate. All I’m trying to say is, I’m crazy about your son and I hope that’s enough for you”

"...Felix, we kind of stopped benifiting!
"I´m glad...I´m not about the windscreen, but about the rest of it."
"Why because wewe don´t like him?"
"no... because your better then that"

"This is all about courage, nobody is gonna believe this, coming...
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posted by justme1997
Why I dislike Leyton
The Leyton mashabiki keep saying Brucas mashabiki only dislike Leyton, because we are upset that Leyton ended up together and not Brucas.
Ok, I admit it I am upset about it and it made me dislike Leyton a little bit more, but there are so many reason, I will give wewe a few:

-First of all Peyton kissed Lucas thrice, and every time Lucas current girlfriend broke up with Lucas au at least they argued a lot. If she hadn´t done it, maybe he would still be with Brooke (or Lindsey.)
-Then Lucas first proposal, she alisema someday, but in the end of the third season she proposed to Jake. Every...
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posted by justme1997
5.The destiny shot

Alright, wewe say Brooke’s the one, your soulmate. Well, if that’s the case, call upon destiny au providence au whatever forces are gonna bring wewe two together and make the shot. Blindfolded.

It showed that Brucas were meant to be, before chophia broke up and Mark become to such an ass.
I mean he made the shot and chat isn´t even that good in basketball…
I loved the whole episode( well beside the last 30 seconds), the way Lucas told Rachel:,,Brooke is the one” ,,I do know the one and she sits in that apartment...and som much more"

4.The wedding scenes
Lucas: Look,...
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posted by justme1997
A german fanfic, for all the people who upendo brucas and understand the german language

***Als Peyton endlich pango Raum verlassen hatte mit pango Worten: „Lucas du kriegst die CD noch und vielen Dank für pango Sex“, sah Brooke Lucas ernst an.

„sie hat nur nen Witz gemacht“; sagte dieser schnell „ich habe dich angerufen.“

„Wenn du nicht gerade mit Peyton zusammen warst?“

„komm schon Brooke, du hast nicht mal zurück gerufen.“
„Jetzt weißt du mal wie ich mich fühle, hör zu ich weiß das es in letzer Zeit verdammt schwer für dich war, du hast Keith verloren...
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Okay, so...
1. Leyton mashabiki seem to forget, that Brooke broke up with Lucas, not Lucas with Brooke. I mean they talk about true upendo always, but if Lucas had always loved Peyton, he would broke up with Brooke to be with her, right? But we don´t know what would have happened if Brooke didn´t broke up with Lucas. Maybe they´d still be together.
2. okay then there quote "it´s you", well would be really romantic if he hadn´t alisema this a week before about Brooke. And who was there when all his dreams came true? And he wouldn´t went to Peyton if Brooke hadn´t told him to and earlier Skills.
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posted by justme1997
"Kinda feels like Dejavu"
"Not really, wewe told me to fight for me and I did, wewe never fought for me!"
"Why would I do that , Lucas? wewe cheated on me, with my former best friend...again! And even though wewe know how much this hurt me, wewe two are still together all the time and it kills me to see this. I asked wewe to stay away from her, but wewe don´t care. We broke up and it seems like wewe don´t really care, like wewe always wanted to be with her. So why would I fight for you, what should I do, run after wewe even though I know you´d rather to be with her? Even though I know my moyo would...
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posted by bdavis98
I know a lot of wewe upendo leyton for some reason but I never was a leyton fan, for so many reasons but the main/big reason is it’s FAKE don’t hate me because it’s a fact, here’s how it’s fake: Lucas had always had a “thing” for Peyton but it was from a distant he never actually talked to her au knew her interest au anything about her. Neither did she Peyton in a later season says the first time she saw him she fell for him (where that come from she has been seeing him her whole life they were in the same school since they were kids, so when exactly did she fell for him???).

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He made her love, fall in love, believe she is able to be loved. He upendo that she was independent, smart, caring and had the biggest heart. He saw for who she is, broke down her walls and brought out a person no one ever saw before. And like every relationship, the truth is he had a lot to learn, had a lot to understand, had a lot to give up, and we all know he was to late, to see what was right in front of him. To him I always thought that he thought he wasn't good enough for someone so un-perfect but so perfect, someone with a moyo likes hers.
And they weren't epic like a fairy-tail, or...
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Leyton cheating.

Every BL'er hates this obviously. It just seems so pathetic when wewe have to go around someones back to be with each other. People have the nerve to say Brooke was wrong for getting with Lucas! It's 100% PEYTON'S fought! She should've spoken up. It's not Brooke's place to not go out with a guy because she has a tiny suspicion that her bestfriend has feelings for him. Blah.

Lucas constantly being around Peyton when it's clear that it bothered Brooke.

I get Lucas wanting to talk to Peyton because that's his friend. But come on! Don't act all flirty with her when your girlfriend...
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So I'm not exactly sure what the time period for this one is. Mid-season 3 I guess. Hopefully there aren't any factual flaws. Hope wewe guys like it XD

Brooke Davis was spending a relaxing siku alone with her boyfriend, Lucas Scott, in his room, her making sketches of future Clothes Over Bros designs and him kusoma a new book he just picked up, when he excused himself. “Alright hurry back.” She alisema while giving him a good smack on his backside as he left the room. Brooke smiled to herself as she stretched out wide on Lucas’s kitanda and a mysterious small brown box on the nightstand caught...
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posted by Jessica4695
Brooke's POV
After the game I waited outside the gym for Lucas , but he didn't come out.As Nathan passed me with Haley he just gave me a sad look, as if I was supposed to know what that meant, so I went after them: "Hey guys.Do wewe know where Lucas is?" I look ad them as they gave each other a sceptical look. Nathan was the first to speak: "Ehm .. He didn't feel like playing tonight so I guess he went home."
"Okay, thanks." I knew that something was going on , but I was too scared to ask, so I went into my car & took of to Lucas.
As usual I just walked into his room, but there was no light...
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posted by alwaysforever
hujambo girls. This is my entry for the How it Should Have Been contest: Round 1. While I was uandishi this it was kind of a part two to another fic I'm uandishi but then it wasn't lol so it might not flow as well as I wanted. Hmmph well it takes place after season 5 but Lucas never goes to the airport.

“Hey Brooke.” Lucas Scott says to the brunette standing in her front door, a little startled seeing as he didn’t even get a chance to knock before she appeared.
“Lucas…”, Brooke says with a glance back into the house (Peyton’s not here… She thought to herself), “What’s up?”
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posted by xoheartinohioxo
"Hey, it's me. Look, I'm at the airport. I've got two tickets to Las Vegas. Do wewe wanna get married tonight?"

Brooke laughs at him, thinking this is some kind of joke, but when he says nothing in return she panics a bit.

"You ARE joking, right?"
"No, Brooke, I'm not joking. I know this seems crazy, but I upendo wewe and i regret ever letting wewe go. These past few months... spending time with wewe & Angie, being reminded of how amazing wewe are, it sparked something in me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want us to have our two boys and a girl!"

She says nothing, slowly digesting...
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posted by NicLovesBrucas
My scene for BL to finally be together is season 5.

Brooke looked at the small pink gemmed envelope kusoma the invitation. Her eyes where burning with the tears she held back. What had she done?? Her whole life seemed an uncertainty as she starred wildly at the paper that invited her to watch the boy she loved marry somebody else.

“Alright. wewe remember when I started Clothes over Bros? It was right after we broke up and I was trying to mend my broken moyo kwa focusing on my work and wewe need to do the same right now. wewe need to go out there and become the best person and the best writer...
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posted by Dean-girlx
Letters. Speeches. Selflessness. Red doors. Build-up. Eye sex. Pretty girl & Boyfriend. Broody & Cheery. Brooke Davis & Lucas Scott. They’re both going to change the world someday. Their hearts are the same, they both want a family and consider mti kilima home. He does upendo her. She loves him and wants him to know it. She told him not to come to the airport and hospital/appointment .. yet he did anyway. upendo really doesn’t need words. He never meant to hurt her. He’d never let her go again. They miss(ed) each other. He’s the guy for her. He meant everything to her. He asked her to stay. Twice.

^ I mean that’s all gotta mean something, right?

& If wewe need to hear why I upendo them .. I can go on all night.

I got asked why I like Brucas so much kwa someone and ilitumwa this on tumblr. I thought wewe guys might like it!
 Mine ;)
Mine ;)
posted by bdavisrocks
Refuting some BL negativity :)

False Theory #1 = Season 1 Brucas were all fun and shallow:

Brooke: What I mean is..I do what I do, and I like what I like, and that's just who I am.
Lucas: I know, and that's what I love about you.
Brooke: Ok, but the muziki that wewe listen to and the vitabu that wewe read..I'm not into any of that stuff.
Lucas: And I never asked wewe to be, ok? wewe know, I kinda enjoy the fact that we're different.
Brooke: Ok. I'm sorry. It's just that, you're the first really great guy I've ever dated, and that really scares me because I never gave a rat's punda before, ok?...
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posted by Brucas_Chophia
Okay, I didn't do this, I found it in Fanforum, and I upendo it! It's about 3x18, episode that I think is underrated, and analyzes the BL scenes of course <33
I think you're gonna upendo it!!

ok, sorry it took so long, my internet wasn't working & then ff wasn't working. Ok, the ep I've chosen as my fave BL episode, I wasn't sure about simply bc it's an episode where BL don't even have a storyline, in fact the whole episode itself is pretty filler, there's no important storyline. It's 3.18

What I upendo about this episode is how wewe just get to see Brooke & Lucas being a couple, they're...
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posted by xPrettyGirl_82x
Okay so Me and Brucas_Chophia were bored so we made a orodha of 101 Its an BL thing :) some are silly but Its BL we are allowed to be fun and silly sooo feel free to add if we missed anything au whatever au if wewe want to know why one is on the orodha just ask one of is lololol:

*Red door
*Mine Forever
*Anything for wewe
*Always (always there for eachother)
*Hair&Face touches
*Pool (the game lol)
*Eyebrow Kinks
*Purple Monkey
*Rats punda
*"It means everything"
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I am going to say this once and hopefully it will be good enough to knock some sense into whoever it is who doesn't get the picture that the lp spot is for lp mashabiki not anyone else.

I'm not one hundred percent sure it is a bler, for all i know lpers have made some other type of enemy. But seeing this topic is constantly being brought to the bl spot and causing trouble, on the chance it is bler from this spot I am uandishi this article.

so if the person who is reporting picks on the lp spot reads this, its for you. Everyone else please ignore it, stop kusoma and go watch some bl au something.

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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
So the pick about 502, keep the hug au have it that Lucas was under the sheets, got me thinking, what if Lucas was under the sheets. It might have gone a little like this...

Anticipation. Trepidation. Excitement. Foreboding. The butterflies danced deep in Brooke’s stomach, circling around between nerves, joy and fear. Had time healed the wounds au would the years just make everything just that much zaidi complicated. Awkward?

Her imagination had replayed this scene over and over again and each time it was different. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes it was hard and other times it was everything...
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