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       That Special upendo Story
                Part 6

   Molly was rubbing her stomach in agony. The pain never stopped and gave her the feeling of being sick. She tried to twist her belly to make it stop, but it didn't work. The feeling just got worse.

"Aah," She moaned silently. 

   The pink hair girl tried to think of a reason why her stomach hurt so badly, but nothing came to mind. It was probably just menstrual cramps. 

    "No," The girl hissed as another shock of pain ran up her spine. "Cramps don't hurt this bad." 

   Molly had just gotten these pains a few days earlier....
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            That Special LoveStory
                Part 13

"I-I am?" Moly asked, as she was still struggling to breath.

 "That's right." Doctor Blain alisema as he adjusted his gloves. "I'll be right back, I have to get a few zaidi assistants and the plastic basinet."

   Just as the young doctor left, the expecting girl let out long breath. She  still couldn't believe that she was actually giving birth to a baby. Molly thought of it miraculous, but scary. Her naive mind still had no clue what type of pain that it was going up against.

     Several moments later, Dr.Blain came...
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