Buffy Summers Buffy/Angel fans: Which Buffy quote do wewe like the best?

Pick one:
"Angel, when I look into the future all I see is you. All I want is you." (S2)
"Don't. Just kiss me." (S2- Surprise)
"I upendo you." (S2- Becoming, Part 2)
"And what about me? I upendo wewe so much...." (S3- Amends)
"I think horrible is still coming. Right now, it's worse...." (S3- Prom)
"I'm talking about watching my lover die...." (S3- Grad siku 1)
"Drink me." (S3- Graduation Day, Part 2)
"How's forever? Does forever work for you?" (S5- Forever)
"...I would have aliyopewa up everything I had to be with [Angel]...." (S7- Selfless)
"Angel! I do sometimes think that far ahead...." (S7- Chosen)
 BuffyAngel101 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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