As some of wewe may have noticed, I always support Bangel instead of Spuffy.I mean I thought that Angel was the best lover for Buffy and not Spike.I watched all the BTVS episodes hundreds of times and nothing could make me change my mind.Until one week ago.
I decided to watch Angel.I didn't do it before because I was mad he left Sunnydale.I have watched only the first season but I liked it very much.
The most important thing is that I made up my mind.I saw how perfect the friendship between Angel and Cordelia is and as I was informed kwa a friend of mine they will make a very good couple.
After some episodes in Angel, Buffy went to LA.I was excited when I saw her.I thought; "OMG!They can be together even for an episode.That is super!".But later I realised that they just don't fit as much as I thought before.
So from a Bangel shabiki I turned to a Spuffy fan.I know it is weird but it is the truth.

Please tell me your opinion.
Do wewe think that Angel and Cordy are good together au Buffy was better for him?