Xander in season 7
Alexander Lavelle Harris was born to Anthony and Jessica Harris in Sunnydale, California. According to Xander, his dad once tried to sell him to some Armenians. Tony is a self-pitying drunk who first appeared in a nightmare sequence in Season Four's "Restless"; he tore out his son's heart. Jessica is a fragile mess without a stove; her culinary repertoire includes a "famous phone call to the Chinese place." She's known to neglect her son and appear cheerful in front of strangers as an attempt to cover the true nature of her miserable life. Xander's uncle, Rory, is an alcoholic taxidermist. Every Christmas, Xander sleeps outside to avoid his family's drunken arguments. Neither parent is happy with their marriage, but they have stayed together for decades. When he was thirteen, Xander attended Willow's bat mitzvah, where his parents drank to excess. Throughout the series, Xander's family was alisema to be unreliable and even abusive, and the main chanzo of his insecurities. They finally appeared at Xander and Anya's aborted wedding in Season Six's "Hell's Bells."
Xander briefly dated his best friend Willow Rosenberg, but they broke up over a stolen Barbie when they were five. At his sixth birthday party, which Willow attended, his parents hired a clown who chased him, resulting in his coulrophobia; a fear of clowns. He overcame this phobia in Season One's "Nightmares."Xander and Willow developed a mutual hatred of their snobby classmate Cordelia Chase, which led them to form the "We Hate Cordelia Chase" club, of which Xander was the treasurer.
Scooby Gang In Season One, Xander meets Buffy Summers on her first siku at Sunnydale High. He overhears her bizarre conversation with Rupert Giles in the school maktaba and loses his male best friend Jesse McNally to Wanyonya damu in "The Harvest." Xander takes the stand that "vampires are bad," and is forced to reluctantly stake his former friend. Following Jesse's death, Xander becomes a wisecracking sidekick of the Scooby Gang, often annoying those around him, including Angel and the zaidi uptight Giles. Xander soon develops a crush on Buffy, but it is not reciprocated. However, in the Season One finale, "Prophecy Girl," he saves her life kwa administering CPR after she is drowned kwa the Master.
In the sekunde season, Xander gradually begins a turbulent and ambiguous relationship with Cordelia after they are thrown together in several life-or-death situations. The military knowledge Xander acquires - thanks to a spell - enables Buffy to defeat the Judge, a supposedly invulnerable demon, in the episode "Innocence." When being seen with Xander costs Cordelia her position among Sunnydale High's fashionable clique, she dumps him on Valentine's Day. Xander retaliates kwa coercing Amy Madison to cast a upendo spell, which misfires: for a few hours, until the spell is broken, Xander finds himself irresistible to every girl, woman, and female vampire in sight; except Cordelia, who, realizing how much Xander cares for her, reunites with him in defiance of her former friends.
Season Three sees Xander revive an interest in Willow, and a kiss that leads to Cordelia's near-fatal injury in the episode "Lovers Walk" and Anyanka's arrival in the episode "The Wish." Cordelia labels Xander "The Zeppo", mocking him for being useless compared to his friends, who are Slayers, witches, werewolves, and vampires. In an attempt to prove her wrong, Xander embarks on an adventure with a group of zombies led kwa tough guy Jack O'Toole, losing his virginity to Faith Lehane in the process. However, when O'Toole and his Marafiki try to blow up Sunnydale High, Xander single-handedly puts an end to their plan. Later, he is asked to the Prom kwa Anya Jenkins, formerly the vengeance demon Anyanka. In the Season Three finale, "Graduation Day, Part Two," he leads Sunnydale High's students against Mayor Wilkins and his vampires.
In Season Four, Xander's inferiority complex and feelings of isolation increase when he chooses not to enroll in college with his friends. After graduating from high school, he sets upon a cross-country trip inspired kwa Jack Kerouac's On the Road that ends when his car breaks down. Returning to Sunnydale, he moves into his parents' basement, for which he has to pay rent, and takes a series of odd jobs as a chakula vendor, a bartender, a phone-sex operator, and a deliveryman. After much persuasion, he has sex with Anya and they begin dating. Initially, his interest in Anya is purely sexual, but as the season progesses, he develops genuine feelings for her, eventually falling in love. In the Season Four finale "Primeval," Xander gives Buffy his "heart" in the spell that defeats Adam.
Season Five sees Xander mature significantly, pursuing a zaidi stable career in carpentry and construction work, and moving into his own apartment with Anya. When famous vampire Dracula comes to Sunnydale in tafuta of the Slayer, he hypnotises Xander into briefly becoming his willing manservant. After being hit kwa the demon Toth's Ferula Gemini, Xander is mgawanyiko, baidisha into two separate beings; one displaying his strengths and one displaying his weaknesses. In "Triangle", he defends Willow and Anya equally from Anya's ex-boyfriend, Olaf the Troll, despite being forced to choose between them. Shortly before going into battle with the hell-goddess Glory, Xander asks Anya to marry him should they survive.
kwa the sixth season, Xander is beginning to have doubts about his future with Anya. Hoping for a happy ending, he summons the demon Sweet to turn Sunnydale into a living musical, which goes horribly wrong when people start bursting into flames as well as song.Xander's fears over marrying Anya are made worse kwa a visit from a demon pretending to be his future self, inaonyesha him a uchungu, chungu future trapped in a marriage similar to his parents'.Although the vision is later revealed to be false, Xander admits to having doubts beforehand and leaves a heartbroken Anya at the altar. When Willow turns evil after her girlfriend Tara Maclay is killed, Xander's upendo for his childhood friend turns her around and saves the world.
In Season Seven, Xander struggles over his feelings with Anya and suffers a devastating injury. When Buffy's sister Dawn mistakenly believes herself to be a Potential Slayer, Xander empathises with her disappointment at not being the one in the spotlight.Despite admitting that they still upendo each other, he and Anya finally break up for good, but continue to have the odd fling in times of crisis. In the episode "Dirty Girls," Xander has his left eye gouged out kwa the evil preacher Caleb, and begins wearing an eyepatch. In the final battle against the First Evil, Anya is killed kwa a Bringer's sword, and her body remains in the new Sunnydale High's ruins as the empty town is swallowed kwa the earth. Andrew Wells, whom she had fought alongside, comforts Xander kwa saying that Anya had died saving his life. Xander majibu kwa saying, "That's my girl. Always doing the stupid thing."