"Numbing The Pain For Awhile Will Make It Worse When wewe Finally Feel It" - J.K Rowling

This quote reminds me of Buffy in Season 6 all the way. It explains about the word "Pain", that is what Buffy was going through in Season 6. Through her death experience that she woke up in a coffin,saw her name on the Tombstone. Buffy was broken in the beginning of the season. Until she was settling down her emotions to only one person out of the Scooby Gang "Spike". Only knows the truth behind Buffy's secret.


When Buffy feeling so hurt about her Marafiki took away her paradise in "Heaven". Buffy was so hurt and suffering that her Marafiki that they did that to her. She explaining to Spike that she was happy and now when she back on Reality things are harder for her songesha on.

Moments became Hate becomes Lust with only two characters in the Season.Buffy and Spike were getting wicked closer, like both of them forgot there calling as a Slayer and Vampire. Buffy was in fact became respondsible to cause of her unhealthy relationship with Spike. Like wants something to feel. Sexual Violence between Spike and Buffy, was so uncontrolable like Buffy couldn't stop thinking abou Spike, she felt punish from being back. SO she took it all in Spike.


On their last episode of them together an unexpected appearance of Buffy's ex came kwa Riley Finn, with a his wife! Riley came to Sunnydale to stop a demon with eggs. He told Buffy and the gang that there is a Doctor. Riley had Buffy and his wife Sam to go partol to find a Doctor. Buffy was feeling so hurt that she had Sam to wonder off to to find Riley, and Buffy would go to Spike for information on the Doctor. Buffy would had her last moment with Spike. Then Riley would come to the crypt and he was surprise that Buffy was with Spike.

Buffy was again upset and disgusted with Spike. She was making it seem that Spike was playing games, so didn't Spike think that. After that incident, Riley was trying to make Buffy see that she is greatest woman he met. That made Buffy see that she made bad choice with Spike. She ended her relationship with Spike.


From the awali episodes Buffy and Spike were deeply hurt from not seeing one another. Until Spike had sex with Anya and was video camera. Seen kwa the Gang and "Buffy", she was so hurt from Seeing Spike with Anya. Buffy was hurt and Dawn knew what was going with her and Spike. After the warning that Xander was going to kill Spike, Buffy was going to stop Xander, until Spike spill the beans that Buffy had relationship with Spike.

After moments fade away, Spike want to make things right for Buffy, kwa making feel again. Buffy didn't want that anymore, so he tried to rape, Buffy fought back. Spike ran off to get a soul for the woman he loves "Buffy"