From the awali storylines, Spike and Buffy were now reunited in Rome, from troubles of Buffy's addictive relationship with Spike in the past.

The couple is starting to get the back of swing of things. Buffy and Faith are still training the new potential slayers from all over the world. The have been finding new slayers with wicked bad attitude adjustments. Faith took take care of that it.

The inayofuata day, Buffy got a call from Angel that he needs her and Spike's help to defeat a dangerous demon called "Chaos Demon"that can only be killed kwa one slayer and her two vampire lovers. Angel figures that Buffy's upendo from her vampires, can somehow defeat this demon. Only "True Love" can break the demon's spell that has been cast all over LA, that is killing all the citizens.

Buffy was making hard decisions on herself which vampire is her true love. She was figuring Spike, and once so she kissed Spike with a hot passionate kiss. The kiss wasn't enough to break the spell, her last choice was Angel she kissed him with a little zaidi feeling.. HELLO BANGEL vs. SPUFFY competition...

Spike was furious with Buffy that she kissed Angel with hot feeling. Buffy was trying to explain to Spike that is was only to break the spell. Buffy was like hey did I explained wewe the last time I kissed Angel before Sunnydale was destoryed. Yeah but, never mind alright. The spell back fired.. it made all the people feel they need kill one another.

So, Buffy called Giles about the word on this demon he told her that is was the "Chaos Demon" a demon that can feel with that had the most darkest relationship.. Of course it would be Spike/Buffy, they both feel that would not be right and they feel some thing zaidi than cute.

Giles, told Buffy that it was only way. To make Buffy feel the same way she did when she with Spike two years ago, using Spike. The only way to kill a "Chaos Demon" is kwa "Sexual Violence", Buffy and Spike both discuss it in a fair matter that they both regret it. So they did it kwa the version they did when the building was collasping and falling cellings.. The spell broke... LA was saved kwa Spike and Buffy..

After the battles of the demon, Spike and Buffy were feeling very not too good about that moment. But Buffy alisema she will never go back there ever again.. Spike told her that he hopes things are still together.. Buffy alisema I upendo wewe zaidi than I upendo Angel now. Angel came kwa to talk to Buffy and her relationship with Spike. She told Angel that when was back from the dead she feeling punished when her Marafiki brought back from Heaven and feeling this hell for her. She told her whole to Spike, and she was feeling something deeper with Spike and hate herself that she ended with him, kwa Sexual Violence.. Then she told Angel that Riley came kwa and changed her kwa telling she was better than this. She brokeup with Spike, but Spike still wants her kwa rape and Buffy fought back and Spike got a soul.

So, Spike wasn't lying that he got a soul for you.. Angel said..

Angel was feeling left out that he wasn't there for Buffy back when she crawled out of her grave.. Angel still feels that he can do so zaidi than Spike has. Buffy was telling him, that he already has. If things were different back then like be there for me I will never feel that I was being punished for something.