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Source: I drew this picture, but the characters belong to Craig McCracken.
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Mmm alisema Buttercup hoping down from her kitanda as she was getting ready to go a shine green paper was sitting on the widow she pick it up and alisema hi Buttercup I like wewe but wewe do not know who I am I will be at your school today see wewe soon from green B. Buttercup stuffed the note in her bag she thought who wore this and she she got in the car with her sisters . Buttercup are wewe ok Bubbles alisema oh I am fin Buttercup alisema went the girls were in school Ms Ken alisema hi kids we have three new kids come in boys alisema your names to the class Brick! Boomer! and Butch! the three boys alisema Butch winked...
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just as the girl were done getting driss for there dates with the boys blossom and bubbles could not seem fine buttercup. buttercup oh buttercup were are wewe they yelled all over there home. buttercup just sat there on the roof and was thinking about butch and cute he is. she looked down in a sad way but she was not sad she in fact happy. that he was in upendo with her she was thinking about went she kiss him and with kboom!! it was funny it was alot of funny figthing with him and his borthers. then she haerd a small nose it was the soud of butch landing on the roof inayofuata to her she looked up at him with a blank look on her face. he sat inayofuata to her " I can not tell how much I wanted to tell wewe I upendo wewe sitting up here looking at you" alisema butch she scocked at what he alisema "what wewe nere saw me" he alisema smiling at her now come on lets go

inayofuata part coiming soon thanks
posted by tuffRuffstuff
Buttercup was standing in a field then turn arount a was walking nyumbani but just after she turned butch was behind her all scrathed up and bleeeing

Butch:buttercup im back
Buttercup:back from wahhh what happen to wewe

Butch leans in to a kiss then kisses her
Butch:you look so butiful under the stars

She was dreaming so she got out of kitanda and got a glass of water

Buttercups thought:why would i have a dream about butch and me AND KISSING!!!!! And wht do i feel wired oh well

So she went back to kitanda and went to sleep but she coldnt not after that dream.but why was butch all scratch up and wahy did he kiss her

Buttercup thoughts: but why butch??????????

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