"It's one if wewe want to drop a plastic cup.. 'sorry man, I'll clean that up'. But if wewe drop a glass bia bottle.. wewe pretty much just fucked up the whole party!"

"Don't be that guy... Example one.. Your at the library, probably studying.. All of a sudden... Here comes that loud phone guy.. Guy literary, enters the room like, "HAWHAWHAWHAW!!.. YEAH BRO!.. RAGING FACE!.. ME AND DALE!!"

"There are always a way to know people are on steroids.. For instance if front body is like the Hulk but the legs are like friggin SpongeBob.. Their probably on steroids!... au there's also the fact their screaming from across the room in roid rage... Normal guys aren't the hype to work out!"

Christian: What wewe mean your pants are wet!?"
Jimmy: I just jizzed 30 sekunde ago.
Christian: WHAT THE FUCK!!"

Jimmy: wewe should lay off the acid inayofuata time.
Christian: wewe GAVE me the acid.
Jimmy: In my defence... I thought they were gummy bears.
Christians: They were black!
Jimmy: Sorry I don't judge kwa colors, Christian!

Jimmy: Look... We only hooked up once.. Sense then wewe showed up to my house four times, uninvited.. wewe got my address from my school.. Witch wewe broke into, to get it!
Crazy girl: I just like serprising you.
Jimmy:Yeah.. I was REAL surprised when I saw wewe at my window at 3 in the morning.

"And inayofuata time I see a guy.. Across the gym.. Taking a picture of himself.. Posting it to instant gram with the caption "#teamgetsore", I'm gonna go over there and break your fuckin phone in half!"

"You take your phone... and basically.. Try NOT to break it... wewe dumb shits!"

"Is everything chill because it's cool! Isn everything cool because it's chill!? That's funny! Because I feel like things just got heated.. In an non temperature type of way"

Jimmy: That reminds me.. (long pause)
Christian: Remind wewe of what?
Jimmy: Dude... I totally forgot.


Jimmy: I recently saw 22 jump street.. Rooster was hilarious. (Rooster is Jimmy's character).
Christian: He was like the worst character.. He's like that stupid fuckin frat guy on youtube.
Jimmy: (he WAS the frat guy) Ohh, yeah.. I HATE that guy!"

"Good bye Barbara... Her names not Barbara... It was a guy actually"

"Yeah christian SHUT THE FUCK UP!!"

"She said.. Dude your an alcoholic.. I alisema no... No... I'm a frat!"

"You can go both fuck yourselves! Because were watching this!"

"Let's go do some drugs.. Oh it's the cops... Howdy officers"

"Sorry I've been away so long... I been depressed after kusoma maoni of my videos.. And saw a 20 dakika argument about about woman's rights"

"Hate is a strong word. I don't hate many people.. But I fuckin hate Kilian dude!"

"At mean time. I suggest wewe subscribe kwa clicking me on the face.. Click me on the face.. CLICK ME ON THE FACE!!"