Trevor Philips: (insulting bila mpangilio citizen) wewe look like wewe struggle with simple tasks.

Trevor Philips: [intentionally running into somebody] Oh, kwa the way, that's entirely your fault.

Trevor Philips: wewe make me want a lobotomy!

Trevor Philips: I know why they call'em handlers, 'cause they handle like a dream.
Floyd Herbert: This ain't a toy, sir. It's heavy machinery.
Trevor Philips: Thank fuck I'm high as a kite.
Floyd Herbert: wewe should not be operating this vehicle while under the influence.
Trevor Philips: I'll operate wewe under the influence if you're not careful.

Nervous Ron Jakowski: wewe see, my buddy, my friend, my mentor and my new life... We'll just call him Philip. Philip Trevors. Yes, his name's Philip. When my friend Trevor, uhh, my friend Philip... he's such a guy, a man. I really wanna get him on my onyesha but man, he doesn't want to. Even left his message.
Trevor Philips: Ron. Ron, wewe there? wewe better not put me on your onyesha wewe fucking prick au I will drink the blood from your still pumping veins!

Wade Herbert: That's cool. What was the troll's name?
Trevor Philips: Mike... Michele.
Wade Herbert: A lady troll?
Trevor Philips: He had TITS like one, but no, he was a boy.

Trevor Philips: I asked for a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. Well, he kinda got a little angry. So, I admit, I kinda got a little angry too.
Michael De Santa: Did wewe kill him?
Trevor Philips: What kinda fucking animal do wewe take me for? No, I didn't kill him!
[Michael sighs with relief]
Trevor Philips: But I DID kidnap his wife!

Trevor Philips: [hitting another car] wewe wanna end up in the shina of this thing?

Trevor Philips: [hitting another car] This car is going to be parked outside YOUR house.

Trevor Phillips: THE O'NEIL BROTHERS HUH!?... Are wewe shitting me!?... Cause a little birdy told me they have a bit of a problem... Cause one of them is gonna have to be surgically FROM THE SKULL OF THE OTHE! FUCK wewe GUYS! AND FUCK THEM!!

Wade Herbert: There's two Michael Townleys living in LS. One is 83 and the other is in kindergarten. I asked the teacher to put him on the phone just to be safe. She threatened to call the cops. I ain't no molester, Trevor.
Trevor Philips: Shut up before I molest you, alright.

Trevor Philips: Now go. I need to meditate. au masturbate. au both.

Trevor: I'll swing kwa and sign the contacts.. Just ignore the bodies.

Trevor: I can be myself out here. Bullying, reckless, totally selfish. Do the things that make me, me.

Michael: Yeah well… I got in a bit of an awkward situation
Trevor: You’re telling me, bro... One of those fake your own death to your best buddy, run off with the dough, and live in a big mansion awkward situation.

Lazlow: I didn’t mean anything kwa it, c’mon
Trevor: Yeah, well that little girl sat on my lap when she was two years old and I swore to god that I would rip the fucking skin off of anyone who FUCKIN WRONGED HER!!

Trevor: Why? Oh why? Do wewe exist!?

Trevor: (greets Ron) Your a creepy, paranoid, poor excuse for a man.

Trevor: (being chased kwa cops) Hey, it was an accident! His head just came off, i had nothing to do with it!

Trevor: (shooting army men) The MOOSE really IS loose, NOWW!!