So yeah.. After watching Serbian film.. I've had enough of those horrible fucking movies.. Deciding to do REAL reviews.. sinema I actually like.

Anyone who knows me, knows that of COARSE I would review Freddy-fucking-Krueger.. I use to drive WindWaker and DreamTime crazy with my obsesson of him.. But I'm actually over the phase now. I haven't actually watched one of the sinema in a while..

I never understood why Robert Englund didn't get nominated for this movie.. Took up to the sequels for him to get at least niminated.. But still never won.. Better then Chucky though, Brad Douiff wasn't even niominated.. He's so underrated for that role. Like Englund we both upendo AND fear him. The sadistic enjoyment he gets from all this.

Anyway.. In my opinion, the first half is way better.. The parts where we don't actually know Freddy's story. I like the whole mystery thing.. "Who is this creepy guy in my dreams trying to kill me?"

The parania thing is way scarier.. Espically cause Englund barely has any actual dialogue. He mostly just laughs.

I could review the remake.. But I made my thoughts of that movie very clear in this older article


Not having Robert Englund, basically means it was doomed from the beginning. The actor tried. But he had friggin Michael bay as the producer. I don't even really blame the actor.. I blame Bay.

Not sure what to say that I didn't say there. But what made Freddy funny in the sequels makes him just plain scary here.. It's that sadistic smile.. He's LOVING this. So wewe know your fucked.

So obiously I give this movie 10/10

Any other sinema wewe want me to review, leave it in comments.. Just plase, no zaidi of those... Other, movies.. Looking at "you" WindWaker430