I watched this movie a few years ago.. But as I remember it's one of the few films that actually scared me..

I'm a big sucker for ghost stories. And they were marathoning these films, but only saw the 3rd.

I watch a lot of scary movies, but this one actually had me jumpy. So I considered that as meaning it's good.

I'm a big believer in the paranormal. So I upendo these kinds of films. As well as shows.

I may not believe in Jesus (well, I believe the part about him dying on the cross. People were fucked up back than, so it's not unheard of). But I do believe in God itself.. Mostly cause I believe is Satan/Lucifer is real. I hear all these stories about demons, possessions, and fucked up human beings (like Ed Gein au Albert Fish). So I believe there is a real devil and real hell. I do so cause I find dark shit interesting. I like to be aware of the true evils out there. And I have a theory that God started the whole evalution thing. Rather than Adam and Eve..

If I believe Satan is real. Why would God not be real, right? I mean, it's only logical, as Spock would say.

Anyway, as for the film itself..

I really just don't know what to say.. The ending death is too silly for most people. But for me, it just left me with seeing a man murdered kwa a ghost, and than we linger on the shot, before the camera breaks and we have silent credits, finaling the whole uncomfortableness of such a downer ending..

But other people just find it hilarious. I don't get it. But I also don't get why the whole fucking world hates Nickelback. So I just don't swali things anymore.. I mean, what's the point.

Anyway. 8/10

Another recommendable..

I seem to be doing that with "all" my reviews..

wewe know, except those god awful ones like Serbian film.. Unless your into that kind of shit..