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This Canada24's club.. picha contains kijani beret, vikosi maalum, askari wasomi, askari wa wasomi wa green beret, vikosi maalumu, rifleman, vita mavazi, and mavazi ya vita. There might also be multiplex, mavazi kamili sare, full dress uniform, kamili mavazi sare, and bandsman.

Forgive the stupidly of the camera man.. I can PROUDLY say, I am not the one who ilitumwa this video..

So promised myself I would rewatch episode 1.
And I did.
I never givin it enough credit, it a fuckin AWESOME episode.
It even has that song I like so much, the one called "Million bullets", they play it joining the epic fight between Alucard and Anderson.

I realise now that Anderson is my inayopendelewa character of the series (so far at least).

For one thing.
Anderson fights for Christ, witch, being a Christian and all makes me not help but take his side for the most part.
Generally Anderson is the type of person that is usually the good guy.
Hellsing is the first onyesha I know, that has it the...
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