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 Turns out.. Anything I ask for, is anything I get
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This Canada24's club.. picha might contain jezi, t shirt, shati tee, jersey, tee shirt, shati ya tee, and sweatshirt.

posted by Canada24
#10: LUCY:
I haven't actually seen this movie, but somebody told me how stupid the ending is.
Lucy reaches 100% of her cerebral capacity and disappears within the spacetime continuum, where she explains that everything is connected and existence is only proven through time. Only her clothes and the black supercomputer are left behind.
And she herself suddenly disappears into thin air.
leaving only a text, saying, "I AM EVERYWHERE!".
It's bad enough Hellsing Ultmate pulled that line..

I upendo this show, but it become less and less maarufu after Charlie left. And the producers...
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posted by Canada24

We're finally done this show.

All in all.
I give it 8/10..

* Satisfying battles
* Often unpredictable
* Has lots of "deep" means behind it..

* Bizzare Japenesse comedy scenes, that makes them look like some sort of comic book..
* strange Oprah muziki at times
* Alexander betrayed his own humanity, and Lost my respect
* It's downright confusing sometimes
* It often feels longer than it is..


I don't really have anything to say about the episodes themselves.

Thir defiantly intense.

Though, I guess I have something to say about Major's death.

I have to admit.
I actually...
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posted by Canada24
Hoyt: (standing inayofuata to furnace, that has prisoner held inside it as he talks to a crowd) Ahhh.. My rosy cheek new employees... I'm not gonna lie. Were all here to make a buck.. But it's the happiness of my people that gets me up, each morning.. My father.. Rest his sole.. Was a diamond minor.. Got up at sunset, smoked a cigarette, and down into the earth he went... For that wonderfu- (interrupted kwa the prisoner screaming and trying to get out of he furnace).. Wonderful man.. The company, was, God!... I gave that same presence, to my grand business "here"... And I expect all of wewe to do...
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I f***in upendo everything about this guy.. I worship your humor Farrell! Hope wewe never die..
will farrell
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Source: EQD, joyreactor
posted by Canada24
Pagan Min: I distinctly remember saying, "Stop the bus." Not "shoot the bus." "*Stop* the bus." I'm very particular with my words. "Stop." "Shoot." "Stop." "Shoot." Do those words sound the same?
Officer: But it got out of control...
Pagan Min: I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. What did wewe say?
Officer: It got out of control.
Pagan Min: "Got out of control." I hate when things get out of control.
[stabs the soldier with a pen, throws him to the ground and continues stabbing him]
Pagan Min: (while stabbing him) wewe had one fucking job and wewe couldn't fucking do that!
Pagan Min: And I got blood...
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posted by Canada24
Vaas: (shoots Grant in the throat).
Jason: (desperately tries to save him).
Vaas: (his voice is barely heard over Jason trying to save Grant) What, wewe want to run? Huh? wewe want to run, wewe want to disrespect me? wewe want to fuck with me? I mean, wewe come here, with your... with your pretty-boy face, right, and your pretty-boy phone, your dimwit brother, and wewe want to fuck with me. *You want to fuck with me.* I like that - no, I *respect* that. I'm gonna give wewe thirty seconds, and if the jungle doesn't eat wewe up alive... I will.
Jason: (realizes Grant is dead and looks at Vaas).
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I am a large supporter of gay rights, so here's a makala to prove it in my own way..


Luis Lopez's homosexual boss in GTA 4.
But what I upendo about Tony. Is he's just as tough as anyone else. He isn't a gay stereotype, dancing around with high toned voice, and a low intelligence.
The closest Tony gets to being like this, is in CHINESSE TAKEOUT, cause he was isn't use to gunfights, and is cowering in the corner.
But then the golf court mission is directly actor, and "new Tony" is shooting at the enemies, just like...
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posted by Canada24

Packie is spending some time with Kate.

But as often stated kwa Kate in the game itself, Packie has uncontrollable behavior when he's with her in public and will attack anyone who he thinks is looking at her "wrong".

This fact is currently being proven, as a guy tried hitting on Kate, and is now shown with both of his legs broken, despite the harmless intent.

"Take that wewe little fucking shit!" Packie cried angrily.

"Jeeze, Packie, he was only trying to be nice" alisema a reasonably frightened Kate.

"Yeah.. Well.. I didn't like the look in his...
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I'm posting this video on this club mainly for the guest voice
#1: Metallica - Leper Messiah..
Intrutmental au not instrumental. This song still fits the title of the most badass song the history of badass songs!

#2: kondoo, mwana-kondoo of God - Omertà..
We all know my feels towards screamo bands such as kondoo, mwana-kondoo of God.
I have little to NO tolerance towards it.
But, have wewe heard this song as an instrumental.
It's friggin awesome!

#3: Korn - Daddy..
Well.. I finally found it.
A BAD Korn song.
But at least the instrumental is still epic.
They should use it in Walking Dead..
I sure as hell am using it in MY verison of Walking Dead.

#4: Korn - Did my time..
I upendo both versions of the...
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