Canada24's club.. inayopendelewa character from my GTA series

Pick one:
Packie McReary: (Main Protagonist - Leader - Michael's main accomplish)
Dash Lucia: (Main protagonist - Packie&# 39; s main...
Dash Lucia: (Main protagonist - Packie's main accomplish)
Michael Townley/De Santa: (Main protagonist - Leader)
Niko Bellic: (Secondary protagonist)
Trevor Phillips: (Seconadary protagonist - Sometimes villain)
Franklin Clinton: (minor character - Sometimes protagonist)
Lamar Davis: (minor character - Sometimes...
Lamar Davis: (minor character - Sometimes protagonist)
Sally Lucia: (Dash&# 39; s sister - sometimes...
Sally Lucia: (Dash's sister - sometimes protagonist - Franklin's accomplish)
pink Jones: (Lazlow&# 39; s sister - Was assumed dead -...
pink Jones: (Lazlow's sister - Was assumed dead - Trevor's main accomplish)
Johnny: (Secondary protagonist)
Gordon: (minor protagonist - Packie's accomplish)
Carly Jade Townley: (secondary &# 34; sometimes main&# 34;...
Carly Jade Townley: (secondary "sometimes main" protagonist)
Lazlow Jones: (minor character - mostly the same...
Lazlow Jones: (minor character - mostly the same role)
Micahel Keane: (minor character - deceased -...
Micahel Keane: (minor character - deceased - Packie's accomplish)
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