Candy Which Gummy Candy Do wewe Like The Best?

Pick one:
Gummy Frogs
Gummy Worms
sour, wamekula Gummy Worms
peach, pichi Rings
apple Rings
Gummy Bears
sour, wamekula Gummy Bears
Gummy Snakes
Gummy Sharks
Gummy koki Bottles
All Gummy Candy
None I'm A chokoleti Person
None I'm A Hard Candy Person
sour, wamekula Patch Kids!
sour, wamekula Patch Kids!
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chokoleti covered cinnamon bears!!!
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I don&# 39; t know what that means
I don't know what that means
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chokoleti Covered sour, wamekula Gummy Worms
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Swedish samaki
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 SeanKingston13 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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