Caroline Forbes Turn Screencap Into an ikoni Contest

tikika posted on May 30, 2012 at 10:07PM

I saw this kind of contest on other spots on Fanpop and I thought that it would be fun to have it here.

I made a pick asking if you would be interested in this contest and most of you said yes.

1.I post a screencap for each round and you turn it into an icon.
2.You can do anything you want,but you must use the screencap I posted.
3.Icons must be made by you and they have to be squared.
4.You will have 4-5 days to make and post icon and then I will make a pick.
5.Don't vote for yourself!

Participation->1 prop(for each round)
3rd place->3
2nd place->5
1st place-.7

Hope you like it and have fun!

Round 1:Caroline in 2x18 The Last dance(CLOSED)
Winner: katherine1731

Round 2:Caroline in 2x08 Rose(CLOSED)

Round 3:Caroline and Klaus in 3x21 Before Sunset(CLOSED)

Round 4:Caroline in 1x19 Miss Mystic Falls(CLOSED)

Round 5:Caroline in 2x11 By the Light of the Moon(CLOSED)

Round 6:Caroline and Tyler in 3x20 Do Not Go Gentle(CLOSED)

Round 7:Caroline and Matt in 1x22 Founder's Day(CLOSED)

Round 8:Caroline in 1x08 History Repeating(OPEN)
 Hey,everyone! I saw this kind of contest on other spots on fanpop and I thought that it would be f
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