Caroline Forbes [CLOSED] Caroline Picture Contest! (:

DelenaLover posted on Oct 25, 2010 at 10:09PM
So I've seen this game everywhere and thought why not try it out here? So here's how it works. I choose a topic and you just have to post a picture of Caroline that falls under that category. After 5 days a pick will go up followed by 3 days of voting to decide the winner. The winner will have their name posted below and recieve 3 props. Remember only one submission per round.

Round 1 ; Vampire Caroline [Winner : CullenSisters-X]
Round 2 ; Caroline & Damon [Winner : MsJeremyGilbert]
Round 3 ; Caroline & Matt [Winner : CullenSister-X]
Round 4 ; Candice Accola [Winner : Immortal_Kiss]
Round 5 ; Caroline & Stefan [Winner : MsJeremyGilbert]
Round 6 ; Kill Or Be Killed [OPEN]
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