Cartoon Network "Teletoon Cinema" (known in most parts of the world as "Hub Network Original Movie Toons", announced!)

DDD1988Redux posted on May 17, 2015 at 03:22AM
There are plans for multiple existing or new animation studios to go independent and produce 200 animated made-for-TV movies for Canada's Teletoon channel, and Cartoon Network in the United States around early 2015 (which would team up with DHX Media & Sony Pictures Television respectively), including 160 of them that are original animated made-for-TV movies, and another 40 of them that are under license from such media properties as Cartoon Network, DiC/DHX Media and Sherwood Schwartz, approx. 40 each year for 5 years, but takes 2 years to complete each. These include the ones that would later get their own full TV series spin-off each, such as these of the following: "The PowerPuff Girls" and "Dexter's Laboratory" under license from Cartoon Network and in the style of Butch Hartman's "Danny Phantom" and "T.U.F.F. Puppy", "Inspector Gadget" and "Heathcliff" under license from DiC/DHX Media and in the style of Bob Schooley & Mark McCorkle's "Kim Possible", "Gilligan's Island" and "The Brady Bunch" under license from Sherwood Schwartz in an all-new original style, Bob & His Big Bunch Gang and Sugar World in the style of Jim Jinkins' "Doug", Magic Rabbit and The Big Mac Daddy Show in one of the 7 all-new original styles, "Li'l Ms. Star, the Shooting Star" and "Black & White, the Alien Agents from Outer Space" in the style of Joe Murray's "Rocko's Modern Life" and "Camp Lazlo", "Witch Doctor" and "Rainbow Pegasus" in one of the 7 all-new original styles, among others.

Each of these will be in a variety of over 50 mixed-up styles that are each being used widely by different creators, and of course; the wraparound, background, character, and prop designs will be exactly the same (except that character designs have to consist of over five digits on each hand and on each foot, as well as their necks and their hair styles, hair colors, eye colors, and ear designs must be in a mixed-up action-packed style). These 200 made-for-TV motion pictures in animation are being produced by multiple animation studios, DHX Media, and Sony Pictures Television (with filmmaking taking almost 2 years each to complete for over 40 movies per year), and 40 of them are each being shown on Canada's Teletoon channel and on Cartoon Network in the United States, almost every year for 5 years - 2017 'thru 2021. These 40 movies each year for 5 years will be released on DVD & Blu-ray Disc and HD Digital Video - 2018 'thru 2022.

Approx. 40 of the 200 movies are each being spun-off to 8 full TV shows each year for 5 years, with either 3 or 5 seasons counting approx. 90 or 150 episodes in total per show; the following includes:

* "Tootles the Little Clock" (2017)
* "Happy & Lucky" (2017)
* "Sugar World" (2017)
* "The PowerPuff Girls" (2017)
* "Inspector Gadget" (2017)
* "Gilligan's Island" (2017)
* "Rainbow Pegasus" (2017)
* "Coolio of the Canines" (2017)
* "Cherry Pieface" (2018)
* "Mr. Nemo, the Magician of Good Luck Island" (2018)
* "Heather Hawk & Her Amazing Circus Crew" (2018)
* "The LIttlest Indian Giant" (2018)
* "The Epic Files" (2018)
* "Pirate Patrol" (2018)
* "Li'l Ms. Star, the Shooting Star" (2018)
* "The Big Mac Daddy Show" (2018)
* "Bob & His Big Bunch Gang" (2019)
* "The Brady Bunch" (2019)
* "Bird Brains" (2019)
* "Joe Borg" (2019)
* "Heathcliff" (2019)
* "Magic Rabbit" (2019)
* "Dexter's Laboratory" (2019)
* "Witch Doctor" (2019)
* "The Life and Times of Bruno the Kid" (2020)
* "The Jazzycats" (2020)
* "Black & White, the Alien Agents from Outer Space" (2020)
* "The Monkey King" (2020)
* "The Chant Twins" (2020)
* "Johnny Twister" (2020)
* "Life with Andy" (2020)
* "Tazho & The Kung-Fu Kids" (2020)
* "Where's Granny?" (2021)
* "Kitty the Zeroic Cat" (2021)
* "A Tail of Tall Tales" (2021)
* "Sponge Monkey" (2021)
* "Captain Planet" (2021)
* "Beary Scary" (2021)
* "The Skaters" (2021)
* "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" (2021)

It's finally happening this year, the next year, and the year after that, which is due to the revival of America's motion picture and television industry. Because of that, multiple animation studios that are going independent can either be new or existing, and that these will produce 200 animated made-for-TV movies for DHX Media & Sony Pictures Television, who would team up with Canada's Teletoon channel, and Cartoon Network in the United States.

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