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 Cal Finds a Kitty!
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This Cartoons picha contains anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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strawberry shortcake is a berry good franchise. The franchise is sweet, fun, and colorful. Also the franchise has some good characters. The following orodha is about the strawberry shortcake characters that I really like.

5. blueberry muffin, mkate ule ulikuwa mtamu

Blueberry muffin, mkate ule ulikuwa mtamu is 1 of strawberry Shortcake's friends. She's a good friend to Strawberry. Also she's a nice and cool character.

4. Angel Cake

Angel Cake is my inayopendelewa friend of strawberry Shortcake. She's a blonde baker. She has zaidi personality than Strawberry's other buddies. She is competitive, but still a berry good friend.

3. strawberry Shortcake...
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Is puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville a good show?

answer: 1 of the biggest yeses I've ever given. I upendo the show.

The onyesha is about Kate who's a human girl and her dog/best friend Magic. They are trying to rescue Princess Ava, the leader of Pocketville. Ava is a cat and her villainous sister Eva wants to take over Pocketville.

The onyesha is wholesome so people of all ages can see it. Although it can be too much for adults and teenagers I upendo the show. Even though I'm a young adult I have the time of my life while watching the show.

The onyesha is a wonderful blend of adorable heroes...
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Back in May (2016) I was attending th ndoto Basel, Switzerland's ComicCon, and learnt about this amazing web series.

The colorful and crazy aliens really caught my eye and it sounds really really good. Can't wait for this to be an actual thing.

The story (copied from website):
It's 2148. Planet earth teeters on the brink of collapse. Facing the obviously self-inflicted downfall, mankind has gathered in an unprecedented unity and built a gigantic mother ship to debark in tafuta for a new nyumbani in the galaxy. As Humanity as a whole is about to depart forever, the Galactic Senate steps in.

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The 2017 My Little gppony, pony animated film has a lot of characters. Some of the characters are from the onyesha and others are new characters. This ranking excludes background characters. The characters are ranked from least inayopendelewa to favorite.

18. Princess Celestia

Celestia is my least inayopendelewa character in the onyesha and my opinion on her in this film is pretty similar. She is a questionable mentor to Twilight and she easily gets defeated kwa Tempest Shadow. Considering that Twilight is way zaidi heroic, helpful, and saves Equestria frequently why is Celestia still in charge?

17. Princess Luna

My feelings...
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