Castiel Supernatural DESTIEL (Special Edition) ….

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(Fear the wrath- Not. Embrace into this newly profound heavenly bromance, oops! or *_* preferably romance~destiel.. )

'With the explosion of Cass’s vessel beneath the lake and his trenchcoat left behind, apparently it is the end of line to the feathery friend of Winchesters. But little they know the worst has yet to come.

The course of the explosion is led to build up something, the dispersal of Leviathans’ juice for building up an army that is set to destroy Winchesters.

Cass’s original vessel is eventually reassembled into one piece, returns to its original shape (Misha Collins). However the body is conflicted from the inside. The last remaining piece of Cass is bleeding inside out and holding back the dominant, the Head of Leviathans each time when he is about to tear Winchesters at straight fight. That is why the Leviathans army is sent to carry out the unfinished business.

But the Winchesters have found a way to destroy the monsters. One by one they are taken down till the last one standing, the evil twin brother of the Head of Leviathans.

Soon Dean learns from Bobby’s theory that by killing the twin brother will weaken the Head of Leviathans and probably they will stand a chance to prevail the apocalyptic war once again.

But will Cass survive another miraculous recovery too…?'

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 (Fear the wrath- Not. Embrace into this newly profound heavenly bromance, oops! au *_* preferably rom

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