I've done this on the Tiva spot, and it went down really well. I thought I'd do it here too! :D

Hope ya enjoy!

1. She's "something new".
As soon as he alisema "Where would ya like it?" and she responded in her usual badass way, I think we all knew what epicness we would have in store.

2. Coffee is their thing.
Quoting Andrew Marlowe: "Coffee for these two has always been their subtle expression of affection."

3. He thinks she is extraordinary.
I don't think I really need to explain myself here.

4. She wanted she tell how much she l--.
I don't know about anyone else, but when I watch this scene, I really don't believe that she was going to say anything else but "love".

5. She believes in him.

6. "If wewe don't believe in even the possibility of magic, you'll never, ever find it."
He wants her to believe in these things because maybe, just maybe he thinks that if she doesn't, she won't be open to a relationship with him.

7. She is his inspiration.
No explanation needed.

8. They've changed each other for the better.
ngome isn't as "playboyish" as he used to be, he's grown and is even zaidi responsible. Beckett has learnt to be zaidi open and she trusts ngome with her life.

9. "It's not about the vitabu anymore."
I think we all know what this means.

10. The sekunde kiss was real.
There is no way in hell that it couldn't have been. Their reactions... they were just speechless. Especially Castle. I also think Beckett was surprised with herself for getting so into the kiss and the unexpectedness of it. xDD

11. He'll be there for her. Always.
He'll never let her down and even if she doesn't ask him to, he'll always have her back and be there for her when she needs him. Unlike some people *cough* Josh *cough*

12. They both knew what was at stake.

13. She wants to make little ngome babies!
I upendo the fact that she didn't even deny it, she was just like "He can hear us!" xDD

14. He made her pancakes.
Just an edible way of saying thank wewe so much for last night.

15. "Don't worry Castle, I'd get wewe out."
That makes them true love, right? :D

16. He didn't want Natalie Rhodes, he wants the real Nikki Heat.

17. He didn't peek at her naked when she got out of the bath when her apartment exploded.
This person on YouTube alisema it better than I can; He ran like a madman through the streets to warn her, beat down her door to rescue her, and didn't peek at her naked. The man's in LOVE.

18. "Well, I'm a cop. Night."
I upendo this scene so much because in my opinion it shows how much their opposites, yet they still gel together so well.

19. She's gotten used to him pulling her pigtails.

20. Page 105
I upendo the fact that she went to the bathroom to read it and he still went in there to see her read it. xD

21. He knows they're inevitable.
"You together yet?"
"Absolutely not.
"Not yet.

22. They can still surprise each other.
That scene when she undid an extra button. PRICELESS.

23. They're partners.
He used to be her plucky sidekick. But dying isn't an option.

24. The prediction came true.
She did meet an Alexander. He is extremely important to her. He did save her life.

25. "I'm here to protect you."