I put this on the ngome club and this is the ngome and Beckett club so I guess it works here too.

"It's getting late, we should sleep on it." ngome alisema looking at his watch.
Beckett looked up from the papers she was reading.
"Separately!" ngome stammered quickly.
Beckett lowered her eyes to the floor.
"Katherine Beckett, I never..." ngome whispered as he headed for the door.
"Well, why not, Castle? Am I not attractive enough for you?"
"No." ngome alisema turning around.
Beckett got up from her chair and walked over to Castle. "Then what is it? Don't wewe sleep with every woman wewe meet?"
"No. Are wewe implying that wewe want to sleep with me?" ngome alisema with a small smile.
"No, but I am going to find out why wewe haven't tried." Beckett threatened before leaving the building.

*Next Day*

"Sleep well last night, Castle?" Beckett asked as ngome entered the precinct.
"Not really. I was thinking about this case..." ngome answered re-examining the murder board.
"Yeas, that's why."
Beckett got up and went to interrogate a suspect. ngome turned to follow her but Esposito stopped him.
"What's going on between wewe and Beckett?" He asked.
"Don't lie to us." Ryan alisema coming up behind Castle.
ngome sighed. "Beckett's wondering why I haven't tried to sleep with her."
"Really? Good luck, bro." Esposito alisema as ngome headed to the observation room.
Esposito joined him. "We need to work on our hand shake."
"Your right. We need to decide who's on juu and who's on bottom." ngome replied.
"I'm on top." ngome and Esposito alisema in unison.
They turned away from to the interrogation and faced each other. "No, I should. I'm a lefty." Esposito argued.
"What does that have to do with a handshake?"
"Lefties feel zaidi comfortable on top."
Beckett walked past them while kusoma some papers. "Maybe wewe are gay, Castle." she alisema glancing up as she continued towards the elevator.
ngome and Esposito exchanged confused looks before ngome followed Beckett to the elevator. "What do wewe mean maybe I'm gay?" ngome asked once the doors closed.
"When Natalie Rhodes was here she may have... suggested it."
"What made her think that?"
"Why do wewe care?"
ngome stayed silent.
"There's only one person's opinion wewe should care about. Mine!" Beckett alisema before storming out of the elevator, her eyes all red.
ngome stared after her.

*That Night*

Beckett opened the door and saw ngome standing there. She went to close it shut but Castle's foot was in the way.
"What, Castle?"
"I don't understand."
"What's not to get?"
ngome entered her apartment, "Tell me something, Kate. Why have wewe waited so long?"
"Same reason wewe have. I'm in upendo with you. I didn't want-"
ngome grabbed Beckett and pulled her close. Then he leaned in and kissed her.
And their sekunde kiss was even better than the first.