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"Castle, can we go for a walk?" Beckett asked who was still recovering from being shot.

"Sure, let me get my coat."

ngome and Beckett headed out of the precinct and towards the park. The silence hung over them like a storm.

"Can we sit... on the swings?" Beckett asked since all the benches were taken.

They sat on the rusty swings which creaked with their weight.

"Castle." Beckett finally alisema turning towards Castle. "I'm... not sure what to say."

"Don't say anything then." ngome said, and she didn't so they sat in silence.

Finally after what felt like eternity to Castle, Beckett spoke, "Did wewe really mean what wewe alisema when I got shot?"

ngome gave her a small smile. "Of course, Kate. I wouldn't say something like that unless it was absolutely true."

"I am not a guy who is very successful in long term relationships." Beckett looked up confused.

ngome continued rambling. "Usually women like me because I'm rich and famous so it doesn't work out."

"But your different, wewe don't seem to like me at all and I find that unique about you. Something that I like."

"Castle..." Beckett said. "I'm flattered, but I don't think we would work out.

ngome looked into her zumaridi, zamaradi green eyes. "We could make it work."


"No buts." ngome interrupted getting off the swing. "If wewe feel that way I accept it. I may not be happy but I respect what wewe want."

"What I want is for wewe to be happy." Beckett said.

ngome started to walk away leaving Kate to stare sadly after him.

Kate stood up hastily and quickly blocked Castle's path.

ngome blinked. "Kate?" he stammered.

"That's sweet, Castle. So from now on I'm a writer's girl."
Beckett reached up and kissed ngome like she'd never kissed any guy before.

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