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"You dont have to be afraid," Rick whispered as he cupped her cheek.

"I'm not afraid!" Kate yelled angrily, shoving him backwards; anywhere that was away from her. She spun around so that he couldn't see her face, and held her hand to her forehead, willing herself not to give in to the impending tears that threatened.


Because she was afraid. Afraid of loving. Afraid of going down that road again, one that had aliyopewa her so much joy, but even zaidi so sadness. Everything good that she had ever recived was always ripped away from her. Her mother. Her father. She didn't know if she could take loosing Rick too. And what he had aliyopewa her; a family. He was the only constant in her life.

"Kate," he whispered, as his arms encircled her waist. She allowed herself to fall against him, trusting him to support her weight.

"You're right," she whipered back. A single rebellious tear slid down her face. "I am afraid."

How had they ended up like this?

Was it because she was weak? No. She was anything but weak.

Was it because he was a devious bastard who only wanted to destroy her? God no. Not kwa a long shot. He was caring. zaidi than anyone, especially her, had ever aliyopewa him credit for.

Was it because, no matter how hard she tried to deny it, he was the missing piece? The playful, nine-year-old-on-a-sugar-rush was what was needed to complete her? The sun to the rain? The yin to the yang?

Yes. He complemented her. Without him...she was nothing. Maybe before when she was incomplete, at least she was independant. Not feeling as though this one other person was the only reason she was still here.

Kate repeated her internal conflict swali again.

How had they ended up like this?


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How did they end up like this?