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posted by PwettyPw1ncess
 Me kissing my Fav Teddy lol
Me kissing my Fav Teddy lol
I have loads of fwends and I think im the most maarufu and fittest in my class i will try and find some piixs of myself to onyesha wewe anyway . I have loads of fwends and they are Lola , Deanna-W , Abbie , Amy , Amber , elenor , Ryan , Leslie , Ryan , Craig and Thomas-D ! Im Single at the moment So go for it boys hehe . I fancy this boy called Reay and i have his number but , he's 15 ( my mum dont approve lol ). I just dumped a boy called Danny and he was devastated and we were supposed to go to a school dance together but , now im going wiv Deanna and Amy ( some of my best fwends ) . my Fav Colour...
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