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Childhood Animated Movie Heroines Swali

Imagine non-Disney heroines in a high school/college setting

Similar to those maarufu "disney princesses in high school" AUs that float around the internet, how do wewe think the non-Disney girls would be in the same setting. What stereotypes would they be?
Don't take this swali too seriously please, this is all for fun.

If I can add my input...

Odette: The daughter of millionaires, she's the rich girl with a moyo of dhahabu in the school. She's maarufu but would always help wewe if wewe ask her no matter if you're a maarufu kid au not. An A-grade student, her skills lie in uandishi and english. She also does ballet and participates in the school play every year.

Amalthea: A very quiet girl, she seems distant at first but she's very close to those who actually get to know her and befriend her. She likes to take care of wanyama and likes taking long walks in places like forests, parks au near the sea. She's a good student but she doesn't give much care to her grades, she prefers doodling in class than paying attention. Always dresses in a hippie-like fashion with long dresses and loose shirts.

 scarletunicorn posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Childhood Animated Movie Heroines Majibu

324anna said:
Megara: She's that sarcastic kinda emo girl who hates everyone because her ex boyfriend hurt her feelings. She smokes and drinks a lot and is rude to everyone.
Marina: She's popular, gorgeous, smart and generally an amazing girl to be around. She dates the hottest guy in school, every boy is in upendo with her but deep inside she's not satisfied with her life and wants to try something new (I'm not sure how the whole "adventures in the seven seas" thing would be in real life). She might also be very athletic.
Esmeralda: She's spunky, fun and very sexy and perhaps she is known as being kind of a slut. She doesn't get along well with most of the teachers. Esme hates injustice and often comes to the defence of students who are being bullied. There are many people who hate her, but also those who admire her.
Jane Porter: She's kind of a dork, a very cute, sweet, funny and quirky girl. She's an excellent student and very talented at drawing.
Anastasia: She's tough, spunky, stubborn and very witty. She's the kind of girl who can always leave wewe speechless with a sarcastic remark. In addition, when she wants something, she is going to get it no matter what. She's not a very good student, because she tends to be quite mischievious and sassy towards the teachers.
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
Cool thing! I can easily see all of them fitting well in those tropes. I can also see Anya in a way at times turning into the "leader" so to say of the class when they're assigned for some group work.
scarletunicorn posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
As for Marina, maybe she's the type of girl who later on in life runs away and spends all her time traveling (but she doesn't like leaving her responsibilities behind, either
scarletunicorn posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
Yeah, you're right about marina and Anya.
324anna posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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