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Childhood Animated Movie Heroines Swali

Heroines that are polar opposites of each other?

And please don't use this as an opportunity to bash your least fave as a means of praising your inayopendelewa character. I'm just curious. I tend to take MBTI type into consideration when studying personalities, but wewe don't have to. Also kind of curious because a story I'm slowly uandishi has many characters partially inspired kwa CAMHs and this will help me, especially if wewe describe why.

Elsa and Merida
Anna and Meg
Belle and Pocahontas
cinderella and Ariel
Mulan and Rapunzel
Lottie and Jane (Peter Pan 2)
cinderella and Maria
Aurora and Vanellope

I can agree with Anna and Meg. Disagree with Belle and Pocahontas. Both are quirky, playful, curious, have a strong sense of right and wrong, can be impulsive. I don't consider any Disney Renessaince princesses opposites. Mulan and jimmy, hunitumia are the closest to opposites amongst them in my opinion.
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Childhood Animated Movie Heroines Majibu

scarletunicorn said:
I'm thinking...

Snow White- Elsa
Anna- Amalthea
Mulan- Ariel
Miriam- Thumbelina

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Oooo, definitely Snow White and Elsa!
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UnholyNoise said:
I don't know that any of them are direct polar opposites of each other - they're all heroines so they're all basically good. (Chel comes the closest to being morally gray imo)

I'm gonna take a stab at this and throw in some non-disney ladies, mostly dreamworks because they're the most familiar to me. I don't think any of these are true polar opposites but they're different enough

-- Asenath and marina (patient and romantic and pacifistic vs fiery and knowing how to throw a ngumi, punch and "ugh, men!")
-- Miriam and Meg (opposite ends of the cynicism vs optimism scale for sure)
-- Chel and Rapunzel (cunning, experienced and being "worldly" vs naive and sheltered)
-- Tzipporah and cinderella (hot-tempered and into risk-taking vs passive and calm and patient)
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ajotma said:
- Tiana and Anna
- Aurora and Merida
- Anya and cinderella (or Anya and Snow White)
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