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Animated Character Challenge

I thought this would be a fun idea and it will be pretty long so lets go!

heshima if wewe name zaidi than one for every category! Also wewe can use many characters from a franchise as much as wewe want.

Name an animated character that is...

1) A princess that's not Disney (excluding Anastasia and Odette)
2) A male character that looks like a girl
3) An animated series you're currently watching atm
4) An animated movie that always brightens up your mood
5) A Middle Eastern character that's not from Aladin
6) A Scandinavian character that's not from Frozen (btw Ariel isn't Danish just because HCA was)
7) A Japanese character that's not from anime
8) A character you're strangely attracted to (or was)
9) A shrinking violet
10) An animated series wewe want to watch but haven't watched yet
11) A cartoon that isn't American, Canadian, Japanese, British, au Italian (Power girl series like Winx and WITCH are Italian)
12) A character with blue hair
13) An character with red eyes
14) A butterface
15) A character wewe upendo but gets overlooked
16) A character your age
17) An animated character that I myself upendo and hate! (Props to whoever majibu this >:) )

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Childhood Animated Movie Heroines Majibu

AudreyFreak said:
1. Princess Pea.
2. maua, ua (Bambi)
3. Gravity Falls
4. Cinderella
5. Princess Yum-Yumm
6. Tora Olafsdotter
7. Phoebe Hayerdahl (OK, half-Japanese, but still)
8. Nightcrawler :3
9. violet Parr (haha)
10. Uh, I guess nyota Vs the Forces of Evil, though none ATM
11. Felidae (ugh)
12. Sailor Mercury
13. Sailor Mini Moon
14. Lena Hyena
15. Tora again.
16. I don't know any my age but I was Elsa's age when I saw Frozen so I hope she counts.
17. Uh.... Ariel?
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
Ariel is a character I hate. wewe didn't name one I upendo haha but I guess no one really likes me here. Anyway thanks for answering!
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