Thank wewe everyone for participating! I was inspired kwa BelleAnastasia's makala to make one like this myself. Though it's not the same thing, I don't do creative collages but I hope wewe guys will still like this! I was going to write about the placements but I later didn't see the need of doing so for this, I'll just read your maoni whether wewe agree with this orodha au not. What I like about it is that the animated females don't need to have perfect traits to be included, it is about looks but other attributes can make a character sexy. Some who made the orodha don't usually get a lot of recognition for their looks which is refreshing.


Honorable Mentions: 15. Belle 14. Helga 13. Tzipporah 12. Vanessa 11. Ariel
10. Holli Would
9. Babette
8. Pocahontas
7. Kida
6. Eris
5. Chel
4. Jessica Rabbit
3. Megara
2. jimmy, hunitumia
1. Esmeralda