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Here it finally is, my "Getting to know you" makala :D

First some "basic" informations about me..

My jina la mtumiaji here is Safira-09, but feel free to call me Summer!
I´m 25 years old, but don´t look my age..more like 18... Since easter 2011 im a vegetarian, an odd siku to choose that lifestyle, i know XD
I´m studying maktaba and Information Management in Germany, Hamburg.
Most of my hobbies include at least some kind of creativity, like making plushes, dolls, charms out of clay and fabric..
But i´m also a gamer-girl, who loves almost every kind of game she can get her hands on.

I´m very passionate...
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Here is another juu 10 orodha and this time I'm going to orodha my inayopendelewa animated heroine outfits, if wewe thought that coming up with my juu 10 inayopendelewa animated heroine songs was hard I have to tell wewe this was about 10 times harder to come up with so my orodha might change at any moment

10. Rapunzel's Purple Dress

This is the most detailed dress I've ever seen, it's beautiful. I upendo the color and it's pretty on Rapunzel. However there's a dress of hers that I prefer a little bit more

9. Rapunzel's pink Dress

This is my inayopendelewa dress of hers, it's not the same detailed, but it still...
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14) Marina

Marina is a really beautiful woman. She has stunning lips and amazing expresive black eyes. Although her hair is kind plain, it’s really nice. I don’t like her nose. marina has also a feminine body. She is very charming but ordinary.

13) Mulan

I like Mulan’s black silky hair. Her eyes are so beautiful, they are black, mlozi and deep. But I think that her lips are very weird and her body may be athletic but it isn’t curvy enough.

12) Nita

Nita is a mixture of Mulan and Pocahontas. She has lovely fleshy lips. Her eyes are nice but they are very close to each other...
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Clip to the upcoming 2018 film Smallfoot.
non Disney
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